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Story Date
Today's page-ripping chapter on Inspiration & Motivation Day wouldn't be complete without a spellbinding look at our Dragon Games heroes!Gallery January 02, 2016
This Dragon Games competitor is ready to cut straight to the point and reveal her fableous new game-day look. Check back shortly for her full reveal!Gallery January 03, 2016
With this fierce new armor and her dragon by her side, Poppy O'Hair is ready to heat things up on the Dragon Games field!Gallery January 03, 2016
These three petite pixies are ready to step out of the enchanted forest and into your hearts! Their full reveal is up next!Gallery January 04, 2016
It's not every day three cute little pixies come to play! All the way from the furthest depths of the enchanted forest, meet Harelow, Deerla and Featherly!Gallery January 04, 2016
Not to spread fables or anything, but we hear this new fairytale on the block may have a few evil tricks up her sleeve at the next Dragon Games match!Gallery January 05, 2016
Is Apple White's spotless storybook image about to turn rotton thanks to an evil new friend 'til THE END? Find out in Dragon Games coming to Netflix on January 29th!Gallery January 06, 2016
Meet Darling Charming's pet dragon, HeroWing! When she grows up, she'll be ready to end this Dragon Games story with a win!Gallery January 11, 2016

Don't underestimate Holly O'Hair's pet dragon, Prince of Scales. She's just a baby now, but when she grows up, she's a mighty competitor on the Dragon Games field!Gallery

January 12, 2016
Raven and Nevermore may have started as friends forever after, but we have a feeling they're going to make one magical Dragon Games team!Gallery January 13, 2016
We wouldn't dare let ‪#‎AppreciateADragonDay‬ go by without giving a shout out to Ever After High's newest fairytale pets. Their dreams of stepping into the Dragon Games spotlight are about to come true!Gallery January 16, 2016
A spelltacular selfie before the Dragon Games begin!Gallery January 17, 2016
Tip of the croquet hat to Wonderland's most heart-tastic resident, Lizzie Hearts. Happy Birthday, Fairytale!Gallery January 18, 2016
A Dragon Games team photo for the storybooks.Gallery January 19, 2016
Let's all take a minute out of our hectic day to spellebrate this fableous fairytale! Happy Birthday, Bunny Blanc!Gallery January 21, 2016
Dun, dun, dun... major plot twist alert! Watch the drama unfold in Dragon Games premiering January 29th on Netflix!Gallery January 22, 2016
What's the most spellicious way you can spend your day? Wishing Ginger Breadhouse a very Happy Birthday, of course!Gallery January 24, 2016
The Teenage Evil Queen is up to no good! Will Apple White join forces with her? Find out in Ever After High's all-new movie, Dragon Games, premiering Friday on Netflix!Gallery January 24, 2016
The countdown is on for the Dragon Games premiere, but one question remains: Will this be THE END of Ever After High's favorite roommates? Find out on Netflix on Jan 29!Gallery January 26, 2016
Is Apple White's fairytale fate closer than she imagined? See the story unfold when Dragon Games premieres on Netflix this Friday!Gallery January 27, 2016
The fire in their eyes is burning bright thanks to the hexciting return of the Dragon Games to Ever After High!Gallery February 01, 2016
There's never a dull moment when Mira Shards enters the Dragon Games arena!Gallery February 01, 2016
Soaring to hexquisite new Dragon Games heights is a breeze when your friends forever after are cheering you on!Gallery February 03, 2016
The Ever After High stables are heating up with Dragon Games hexcitement thanks to a few new hexquisite friends! Meet the baby dragons now: February 05, 2016
The most hexciting stories start at Once Upon a Time! Catch up on all the fairytale action now at!Gallery February 07, 2016
Every new friend is the start of an enchanting new adventure.Gallery February 08, 2016
A hero's true power is having a loyal friend forever after by your side.Gallery February 09, 2016

Wishing Dexter Charming an enchanted and fairy happy birthday!Gallery

February 11, 2016
Fairytales are throwing some major plot twists in this Team Snow White vs Team Evil Queen sneak peek at the Dragon Games! Watch now: February 12, 2016
To all of our friends forever after who have touched our hearts, Happy Valentine's Day!Gallery February 14, 2016
A mother-daughter selfie a day keeps Evil Queens at bay… at least for a little while.Gallery February 16, 2016
And the crowd goes wild…Gallery February 17, 2016
Finish the Story: After helping a friend forever after at school, Raven decides she wants to continue to use her magic for good. What can she do to make a powerfully positive impact on the fairytale community?

Ever After High's photo.Gallery

February 18, 2016
Take your positions and let the Dragon Games begin! The competition is heating up, fairytales! Watch now: February 19, 2016
Dream big, soar higher!Gallery February 22, 2016
You can conquer anything with a team of best friends forever after by your side!Gallery February 23, 2016
Follow in Darling Charming's enchanted footsteps and be the hero of your own story!Gallery

February 24, 2016

Rise up, Fairytales! The spella cute baby dragons are stepping onto the field! Head over to or click on the link in our profile to get in on the Dragon Games hexcitement!Gallery

February 26, 2016

These fairytales are ready to conquer the month in spelltacular style... are you?Gallery

March 1, 2016

It's on, Fairytales! Step on the Dragon Games field and vote for your fairy favorite baby dragon! Run over to or click on the link in our bio & make your voice heard today!Gallery

March 3, 2016

Are you totally Team Nevermore? Not only she spella cute, she can magically go from small to big and back again to keep the competition guessing! Vote now at to show her some Dragon Games love (link in bio)!Gallery

March 4, 2016

A wicked-cute Dragon Games duo to rule them all.Gallery

March 5, 2016

Give Darling's baby dragon hero status when you join Team HeroWing! Watch as she learns to freeze the competition in their tracks and make your voice heard by voting for HeroWing at (link in bio!).Gallery

March 6, 2016

This powerful Dragon Games competitor has the heart of a hero!Gallery

March 7, 2016

A vote for Holly O'Hair's baby dragon is a vote for spella cool hair style! Campaign for Team Prince of Scales today and make your voice heard at or click on the link in our bio!Gallery

March 8, 2016

Birds of a fableous feather flock together.Gallery

March 9, 2016

If a sweet party partner is more your cup of tea, then join Team Crumpets & cast your vote for Madeline Hatter's baby dragon today! Click on the link in our bio to make your voice heard!Gallery

March 10, 2016

We're flipping the script in this month's Dragon Games tournament! Now YOU can choose your favorite baby dragon when you vote at (link in bio!)Gallery

March 11, 2016

You can't cheat your stories. But you can write it again! These brave princess knows best about that! March 12, 2016
Take a walk on the wicked side when you join #TeamJinx! The Evil Queen's baby dragon curses other dragons with bad luck - spella yikes! Make your witchin' vote here! (link to March 14, 2016
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Fairytales! No one wears green quite like Ever After High's charming frog prince! 🍀💋Gallery March 17, 2016
Do you know something we don't, Fairytales? #AwkwardMomentsDay March 18, 2016
That powerful moment you realize that nothing will stop you from making your own happily ever after! 💪Gallery March 22, 2016
Because after her daring performance in Dragon Games how could Darling Charming not be your #WomanCrushWednesday? March 23, 2016
Dreaming of caring for your own baby dragon? Now you can live the Dragon Games tale in this hexciting Baby Dragons app from Ever After High! Download and play now! (links out to App Stores) March 24, 2016
Make sure you're rocking your most enchanted dancing shoes when you cast your vote for Melody's dragon, Deejay! Campaign for #TeamDeejay and vote now. (link to March 25, 2016
From the smallest pixie to the tallest giant, Happy Easter to all of our fableous Fairytales! 🐇✨Gallery March 27, 2016
Thanks for casting those spellbinding Dragon Games votes, Fairytales! Fly back on Thursday to find out our Dragon Games competition winners! March 28, 2016
And the winners of our spellbinding Dragon Games baby dragon competition are… (#8 Poppy, #7 Evil Queen, #6 Holly, #5 Melody, #4 Maddie, #3 Apple, #2 Darling, #1 Raven!) March 31, 2016
Have you started training for the Dragon Games in our spellbinding Baby Dragons app yet? Get started today & download now to care for a Baby Dragon of your very own. (links out to appstores)Gallery April 2, 2016
Hunter holds the arrow to our hearts every day, but it's especially true on #ManCrushMonday! 💘Gallery April 4, 2016
Another Ever After High collection for the storybooks! Thanks for the spelltacular #ShelfieSaturday submission, Michaela V.! (links out to instagram) April 9, 2016
There is no stronger friend forever after than a sibling who always has your back. Happy Sibling Day, Fairytales! 👭💕Gallery Apriil 10, 2016
Style your baby dragon in fableous fashions when you download Ever After High's Baby Dragon App! Get it today & show us your amazing designs in the comments below! (links out to appstores) April 10, 2016
This spellbinding Justine Dancer photo from Eric O. is absolute perfection! ✨📷 (links out to instagram) April 13, 2016
Hats off to all of our curious, wonder-filled Fairytales out there! 💖💫 April 14, 2016
Dragon Games, Thronecoming and Legacy Day... oh my! We love seeing so many spelltacular fairytales in one #ShelfieSaturday photo, Leo R.! (links out to instagram) April 16, 2016
Ballet lessons from the hexquisite Justine Dancer of the Twelve Dancing Princesses? Yes, please!🙋Gallery April 19, 2016
This spelltacular photo of Justine Dancer is brought to you by our fableous fan, Cori V.! We love it, fairytale! ( 😍😻 April 20, 2016
Can Farrah Goodfairy's friends-forever-after conjure up her biggest dream come true before the clock strikes noon? Find out in tomorrow's all-new webisode! 🎬✨Gallery April 21, 2016
Amelia L. has so many friends 'til THE END that a single shelf just wouldn't do! Congrats on such a hexquisite #ShelfieSaturday, Fairytale! ( April 23, 2016
Now Farrah's dreams can come true again and again! Rewatch her fableous first webisode at!Gallery April 24, 2016
Magic is in each - need only to believe in it. April 25, 2016
We couldn't have wished for a more enchanting look at Farrah Goodfairy in action! Fairy cute, Ava C.! ( 🌟 April 28, 2016
Faybelle's gonna flip when she learns about the magical mischief happening on her big night! Watch what happens, now:! ✨🎬Gallery May 6, 2016
We love this sneak peek into Robin M.'s enchanting Ever After High collection! Fableous #ShelfieSaturday, Fairytale! 💓🎀( May 7, 2016
Happy Mother's Day to all the wicked cool moms out there! 💝👑Gallery May 8, 2016
Leave it to Faybelle to always bring the drama! 💥Gallery May 9, 2016
The enchanting Lizzie Hearts is totally crushing it as our Woman Crush Wednesday! 💖👸Gallery May 11, 2016
Hurry over to the Tea Party Dash app for an hexclusive 50% off sale on in-app purchases! These hat-tastic prices are only good thru Friday!(links to appstores)Gallery May 11, 2016
We couldn't have wished for a better Ever After High #ShelfieSaturday, Scott F.! Hexquisite work, Fairytale! 😍💖💫 ( May 14, 2016
Want to catch up on all of Ever After High's most talked about plot twists & turns? Then is your wish come true! 🌟🎬✨Gallery May 15, 2016
Follow in Justine's hexquisite footsteps and always dance to the beat of your biggest dreams! ✨👣💘 Shop the Justine Dancer doll now: May 16, 2016
If you had to choose one wish that would meet daughter good fairy, how would it be? Type in the comments! May 20, 2016
Mirror, Mirror on the wall... is there a monstrous side to Cerise's fate after all? 🙀🔮Gallery May 22, 2016
Uncover more on today's big bad mystery when you watch Monster High's The Lost Movie, featuring characters from both Monster High and Ever After High! Watch now: May 22, 2016
Is anyone else still feeling totally enchanted by Melody's magical beats? Dance on over to and get into the groove again and again! 🎵🔊💓Gallery May 23, 2016
Be among the first to sample (and keep) fableous new Ever After High toys! It's free to join, so sign up now for Play, Rate & Review: May 23, 2016
The most enchanting things come to those who believe! 👑💖Gallery May 27, 2016
We're head over glass slipper for this fantastic Ever After High #ShelfieSaturday, Marie-Mattea N.! Great work, fairytale! 🌸✨💕( May 28, 2016
No Fairytale can kick off a spella cool dance party like DJ Piper! 🎉💓🔊🎶Gallery May 30, 2016
Did the Evil Queen pull strings in order to orchestrate this flash forward into Cedar's future Pinocchio story? Only time, and Cedar's hexclusive San Diego Comic-Con marionette doll, will tell! 🎭🔮💫Gallery June 1, 2016
Spellebrate Say Something Nice Day with Ever After High! Tag a friend forever after in the comments below and tell them how fableous they are! 👭💌Gallery June 1, 2016
Get ready to see the world of Ever After High through the eyes of Nina Thumbell! 👀🙋 Watch today's all-new webisode now: June 3, 2016
It doesn't get much more magical than a behind-the-scenes tour of Ever After High with Nina Thumbell! 👜✨👣Take the trip again & watch now: June 5, 2016
Happy Birthday to the topsy-turviest wonderlandian we know! We love you, Maddie! 🎉💘🎊Gallery June 8, 2016
These fairytales are sitting pretty thanks to an enchanting #ShelfieSaturday share from Hayah C.! 👸👱 Fableous collection, fairytale! June 11, 2016
Skydive into an all-new adventure with the hexquisite Jillian Beanstalk and Humphrey Dumpty! 🎬✨ The action starts now: June 17, 2016
You never know what spellbinding new story is around the corner when you follow in Jillian's fableous footsteps! ✨👣Gallery June 27, 2016
Is fairytale friendship enough to save Ever After High from its most wicked winter yet? Find out when our all-new movie Epic Winter storms Netflix on Friday, August 5th! July 1, 2016
Is fairytale friendship enough to save Ever After High from its most wicked winter yet? Find out when our all-new movie Epic Winter storms Netflix on Friday, August 5th! July 2, 2016
Mirror, mirror in my hand… are you ready to spellebrate the best day in all the land? #ComplimentYourMirrorDay July 3, 2016
Here's wishing all of our Fairytales out there a hexquisite Fourth of July filled with fableous food, fireworks and friends 'til THE END! 🎉🇺🇸🎉Gallery July 4, 2016
Take a page from Nina Thumbell's book and remember that you can learn a lot by paying attention to the little details! 🌸🐞Gallery July 6, 2016
We cannot tell a lie, Fairytales, especially on #TellTheTruthDay! This Cedar Wood photography from Jessica M. is beyond hexquisite! 😍💖😘 ( July 7, 2016
Jillian Beanstalk's adventurous spirit is fableously contagious! 💚🌷Gallery July 8, 2016
We love this colorful birthday ball collection from the hexcellent Angel L.! Thanks for the #ShelfieSaturday share, Fairytale! 😍🎂 ( July 9, 2016
This Epic Winter, watch as this charming duo discovers that true beauty is on the inside! 👫😻Gallery July 13, 2016
When Epic Winter is looming, Foxanne and Veronicub are the fableous pixie friends you want by your side! 👭Gallery July 18, 2016
Apple may be the fairest one in the snow flurry thanks to this enchanting Epic Winter shot from Ricardo G.! 😍💗 ( July 25, 2016
These three friends 'til THE END are ready to take on an Epic Winter adventure! 👭👑Gallery July 27, 2016
Because no princess should have to take on an Epic Winter without a few fableous friends by her side! 👑💙Gallery July 28, 2016
Rosabella is determined to help Daring become his most spellbinding self in this all-new Epic Winter clip! Watch the charming story unfold here: July 29, 2016
Happy Birthday to the fableous Melody Piper! We can't wait to spellebrate on the dance floor! 🎉🔊✨Gallery July 31, 2016
Unpack that winter wardrobe, Fairytales! An Epic Winter is coming to Ever After High tomorrow! 😁✨👑Gallery August 4, 2016
We love seeing Epic Winter sparkle like this, Angel L.! Thanks for showing off your hexquisite #ShelfieSaturday collection! ✨👏❄️ ( August 6, 2016
Happy Birthday to Briar! May all of your fairytale wishes come true! 💝🎉🎂Gallery August 9, 2016
Fairytales are stronger together! 💪👑💪Gallery August 11, 2016
Run after your dreams, Fairytales! 🏆🌎✨Gallery August 12, 2016
#BrookesSundaySecrets: One of the most beautiful things about Ever After High is getting to learn the fairytale family tree! Did you know Briar and Rosabella are cousins on their mothers' sides? 💞👭 August 16, 2016
You never need an excuse to make an epic entrance! 💕👯Gallery August 16, 2016
Get snow inspired by this powerful group of friends forever after! 👭👭Gallery August 22, 2016
She's snow hat-tastic, we wouldn't dare let #WomanCrushWednesday go by without giving Madeline Hatter a shout out! 👒💜Gallery August 24, 2016
#SundayFunday is all about new adventures with your friends 'til THE END! 💖🔮Gallery August 28, 2016
Dare to step into this beastly week with adventure on your mind and courage in your heart! 👀😻Gallery August 29, 2016
Rosabella Beauty is the first to spring into action and help her friends forever after! This fableous quality makes her the perfect guardian of the Rose of Spring! 🌹❤️Gallery August 31, 2016
Her special connection to nature makes Ashlynn Ella the storybook-perfect princess to keep the Rose of Summer safe this Epic Winter! 💙🌹Gallery September 1, 2016
Crystal is looking fairy fableous in this enchanting photo from Alberto G.! 💙✨ September 7, 2016
Amy R. is rocking it with this enchanting #ShelfieSaturday! We love it, Fairytale! ( 😍🏆 September 10, 2016
Ready for a new adventure princesses? Guess who with a big splash will appear in the next episode! September 11, 2016
An enchanting look at the underwater life of Meeshell Mermaid by the spellbinding Mike M.! ( 💦💦 September 13, 2016
Make it a charming day, Fairytales! 💜💗Gallery September 16, 2016
What a wonderlandiful look at our Wonderland fairytales! Hat-tastic #ShelfieSaturday, Olaf B.! ( 🌀✨ September 17, 2016
We're hexcited to see so many fableous faces in this epic #ShelfieSaturday from Shaira C.! 😍💖 ( September 24, 2016
Happy Love Note Day to Ever After High's spella cute new couple! 💌💕Gallery September 26, 2016
There's snow doubt about it! is the place to be for the inside scoop on all things Ever After High! 🎬Gallery September 28, 2016
Who will take the cape in this big, bad showdown? Watch the story unfold in today's all-new websiode: 🎬✨Gallery October 7, 2016
A snowy Sunday Funday adventure is calling, will you answer? 🌨❄️Gallery October 9, 2016
Fairy sassy, Ramona! 🖐😼Gallery October 10, 2016
Lots of beauty for a tiny fairytale! Fableous photo, Ricky L. 😍💖 ( October 11, 2016
Which fairytale Halloween costume is your Happily Ever After? 👸🎃Gallery October 14, 2016
Shout out to Daring Charming on Transformation Tuesday for embracing the true meaning of inner beauty! 👦👑Gallery October 18, 2016
Spellebrating #AppleDay with the fairest Apple in the Ever After High halls! ❤️🍎Gallery October 21, 2016
We're head-over-glass-slipper for GlitterGirlC's enchanting makeup inspired by Ashlynn Ella! 💘🌺 ( October 27, 2016
We heart the fairytale sparkle in your Ever After High #ShelfieSaturday, Alex B.! 💞✨ ( October 29
Download the wicked-cool Halloween update of our Baby Dragons app to dress up your dragons in fableous costumes and take them trick-or-treating! (links to appstores) October 30, 2016
Happy Halloween, Fairytales! Have lots of wicked fun! 🎃👑Gallery October 31, 2016
New month, same fairytale sparkle! 🗓✨Gallery November 1, 2016
Snow hexcited to name Rosabella Beauty this week's Woman Crush Wednesday! 💘Gallery November 2, 2016
An enchanting weekend starts with besties and ends with stories that last forever after! 👯✨Gallery November 4, 2016
…And they were the happiest fairytales in all the land! 💑Gallery November 6, 2016
Adventure called... Jillian and Kaden S. answered! Fabelous photo, Fairytale! 🌱☀️ ( November 8, 2016
Once upon a time two fairytales became best friends 'til THE END. 👯Gallery November 11,2016
Spella cute hair flare, courtesy of Ivan R.'s fableous #ShelfieSaturday! 💁 ( November 12, 2016
Don't wait another tick of the clock to catch up on your fairy favorite stories from Ever After High! Head to and watch now! 🎬❄️Gallery November 13, 2016
Here's wishing Faybelle a wicked-cool birthday! 💙🎂Gallery November 16, 2016
Throwback to when DJ Piper had all of Ever After High rockin' out to her spella-cool beats! 🎧🎧 November 17, 2016
Another #ShelfieSaturday for the storybooks! Hexquisite group shot, Dendra A.! 💝💖 ( November 19, 2016
You have the power to make your most hexquisite dreams come true! 🐲👑Gallery November 20, 2016
Strike a pose, Fairytale! Fableous photo, Kelsey, K. 😍💛 ( November 22, 2016
Wishing the one-and-only Raven Queen a witchin-cool birthday! 🎊👑🎉Gallery November 25, 2016
Leave it to Maddie to plan a topsy-turvy Sunday Funday around her fairy favorite afternoon activi-tea! 👒☕️Gallery November 27, 2016
This legendary trio of friends forever after is here to welcome us into an epic new month! ❄️🌨Gallery December 1, 2016
Be careful what you wish for this holiday when the Fairy Mobsters are around! 😈🌀Gallery December 2, 2016
Such a spellbindingly creative way to play! We love your Epic Winter paper doll #ShelfieSaturday, Harwin E.! 👭❄️( December 3, 2016
Fableously fierce and wickedly charming, Cerise's spellbinding destiny is all her own! Thanks to Olaf B. for capturing her story! 🐺❤️ ( December 4, 2016
It's your day, rule it your way! 👑🌟Gallery December 5, 2016
A fableous snapshot of life inside the castle by Alberto G.! 👑🏰 ( December 6, 2016
Take a page from Meeshell's book and let your talent shine today! 🐚🎶Gallery December 7, 2016
All this winter needs is a pinch more sparkle and an epic adventure! 🌨🌲Gallery December 8, 2016
Today we’re throwing a birthday spellebration Jillian won't soon forget! Happy Birthday, Fairytale! 🎈🎊Gallery December 9, 2016
My, Charlene J., what an impressive #ShelfieSaturday collection you have! Keep up the fableous work, Fairytale! 🏆🏅( December 10, 2016
Fabulous shot straight from the Royal Collection Alberto G.! ( December 10, 2016
Think you know everything about your favorite fairytales? Think again! They're flipping the script at 🎬✨Gallery December 11, 2016
Their epic friendship knows snow bounds! ❄️👭Gallery December 12, 2016
Talk about a magical trio! Fableous photo, Jessica M.! 🔮💜 ( December 13, 2016
Use your power to make a spellbinding difference today! 💥💫Gallery December 14, 2016
Inspire greatness in yourself and in other fairytales! 👑🌟Gallery December 15, 2016
A deal this fableous won't last long! Save up to 60% on select Ever After High toys, today on! December 15, 2016
🎶Twelve Apples posing... and a #ShelfieSaturday for the storybooks by Audrey C.!🎶 ( December 17, 2016
Justine's holiday performances are the fairest of them all! 😍👑Gallery December 18, 2016
It's beginning to look a lot like Snow Business! 🌨❄️Gallery December 19, 2016
Rock out to your fave holiday tunes with DJ Piper and her handbag of epic holiday beats! 🎄🎶Gallery December 20, 2016
Happy First Day of Winter, Fairytales! Spellebrate with your own touch of sparkle! ⛷✨⛸Gallery December 21, 2016
Throwback Thursday to the time Crystal received her fairy favorite present of all: the rose that helped bring her family back together! 💛Gallery December 22, 2016
'Tis the season for some fun in the snow with your friends 'til the END! Thanks for sharing, Wendy A.! ☃️💞 ( December 23, 2016
What fun it is to laugh and sing a fairest song with Fairytales tonight! 💝🎄Gallery December 24, 2016
Wishing every Fairytale a fableous holiday filled with enchantment, family, and friends 'til THE END. 🎄✨ December 25, 2016
Ever After High is a dream come true thanks to each and every one of you! Happy Thank You Note Day, Fairytales! 💫💗Gallery December 26, 2016
Happy Birthday, Justine! Thanks for showing all the Fairytales that you can dance to your own beat! 🎊🎂Gallery December 27, 2016
Spreading the royal cheer! Crowns off to Joice A. for capturing this fableous holiday moment! 🍎👑 ( December 28, 2016
Attention Fairytales! Now through January 3, get 50% off in-app purchases in Ever After High's fableous Baby Dragons App! (links out to appstore) December 28, 2016
Tick tock, Fairytales! There's only so much time to spellebrate Tick Tock Day with the one-and-only, Ashlynn Ella. ⏱✨Gallery December 29, 2016
Who's dreaming of a spellbinding 2017? 🌟Gallery December 30, 2016
May the countdown to the final spellebration of the year begin, Fairytales! 🎊🎉Gallery December 31, 2016


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