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Happy New Year, Ever After High! Here's wishing your 2015 is a total fairytale come true! ‪#‎HappyNewYear‬Gallery January 01, 2015
Never miss a chance to dance! ‪#‎SundayFunday‬ ‪#‎DuchessSwan‬‬Gallery January 04, 2015
Oh, do we have a sweet treat for you! Follow the breadcrumbs back tomorrow for a look at a deliciously cute new fairytale in an all-new webisode on!Gallery January 05, 2015
Is the cookie about to crumble for Ginger Breadhouse's sweet new business? Find out in today's all-new webisode!Gallery January 06, 2015
Today's #WomanCrushWednesday is leaving us grinning from ear-to-ear! #WCW #KittyCheshireGallery January 15, 2015
Happy Birthday to Ever After's favorite card carrying member of the royal Heart family!

Add Lizzie Hearts to your Ever After High collection on her big day!Gallery

January 18, 2015
Before springing too fast into Spring Unsprung, fall in love with the epic backstory! See what's already gone down behind Ever After High's fairy famous castle doors!Gallery January 21, 2015
Pops of hexquisite pink and purple help play up Kitty Cheshire's ever-grinning personality! #TGIF #SoCuteGallery January 23, 2015
You've waited patiently for the chapter to close on winter…and finally spring is here! Check out for Spring Unsprung’s official trailer!Gallery January 27, 2015
She may play each day totally by ear, but Kitty's always dressed for a little devious fun!Gallery January 28, 2015
Are you ready to fall head-over-rabbit's foot for the newest fairytales at Ever After High? #SpringUnsprungGallery January 30, 2015
A new month means a blank page to write your next Happily Ever After! #HappyFebruaryGallery February 01, 2015
In this fableous fairytale, accessories always taste as spellicious as they look! Skip back soon to see more of today's hexciting reveal!Gallery February 02, 2015
Fairy fresh and always in style! Follow the breadcrumbs back tomorrow for her full spelltacular reveal!Gallery February 02, 2015
Meet Ginger Breadhouse, a strong cookie who's not about to let her future crumble!Gallery February 03, 2015
Sneak a devious first peek at the wonderlandiful new Ever After High movie, Spring Unsprung, coming to Netflix TOMORROW!Gallery February 05, 2015
The Fairest Five fashion show is bound to flip some major scripts during Spring Unsprung, now available on Netflix!Gallery February 06, 2015
Cupid's not waiting in the wings this Valentine's Day! It's time to take her heart into her own hands!Gallery February 08, 2015
Could the tall tales we've been hearing actually be true? Are Raven and Dexter finally the crowning couple at Ever After High?!Gallery February 09, 2015
Choose your own ever after with the storybook-perfect shoes! #TuesdayShoesdayGallery February 10, 2015
Calling all fairytales! It's time to spellebrate Dexter Charming's Birthday! #HappyBirthdayDexterGallery Febrary 11, 2015
Dexter's so over keeping his feelings under lock and key! He's crafting a secret admirer's note to give to a fairy special someone!Gallery February 13, 2015
Oh. My. Crown. We've been daydreaming of this moment since Once Upon A Time! ‪#‎ValentinesDay‬Gallery February 14, 2015
Wait just a tick! Things are getting riddle-iculous in this Spring Unsprung clip.

Watch the entire Spring Unsprung movie now available on Netflix!‬Gallery

February 15, 2015
Here's hoping Bo Peep can corral a little more luck with her flock this year! ‪#‎HappyChineseNewYear‬ ‪#‎YearOfTheGoat‬‬Gallery February 19, 2015
Spella cool adventure is always just around the bend with this fableous threesome!‬‬Gallery February 20, 2015
Make your opinion heard! Cast your vote in our fairy fun ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬ poll at now!‬‬Gallery February 22, 2015
Kitty's bright Spring Unsprung accessories have her looking straight up spellbinding!Gallery February 23, 2015
Watch out, Daring! This rotten Apple looks like she's ready to flip her crown. ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery February 24, 2015
The key to a totally sweet day? Start and end it delivering homemade treats to a few friends forever after!Gallery February 25, 2015
Turn any frown upside down when you embark on a prank-filled Spring Unsprung carnival journey in's Spring Fairest game!Gallery February 26, 2015
Spellbinding author, Suzanne Selfors went to crown answering your ‪#‎EAHBookClubFriday‬ questions, including this fableous one from Kambrey M.!Gallery February 27, 2015
This page-ripping ‪#‎EAHBookClubFriday‬ question from Trisha L. and the script-flipping answer from Suzanne Selfors is all any fairytale can talk about today!Gallery February 27, 2015
We're madder than a hatter over Lizzie Hearts too, Bianca R.! Thanks for asking Suzanne Selfors this hexcellent ‪#‎EAHBookClubFriday‬ question!Gallery February 27, 2015
We've fallen down the Suzanne Selfors rabbit hole and we need to know more! Let's keep this story action-packed with a tea-riffic question from Philip N.! ‪#‎EAHBookClubFriday‬Gallery February 27, 2015
Thanks to a hexquisite ‪#‎EAHBookClubFriday‬ question from Ashley S., new author Suzanne Selfors is ready to SPELL out a few secrets from her upcoming Ever After High books!Gallery February 27, 2015
It's your turn to speak volumes with Mattel's hexciting Play, Rate & Review program! Join now for a chance to sample fableous toys in exchange for posting honest reviews. (Open to residents of the contiguous United States.)Gallery February 28, 2015
Happy March, fairytales! #SpringUnsprungGallery March 01, 2015
Ever After High seems to be losing its wonder faster than you can say, "Oh curses!" Only our fableous fans can help bring back the color with 30,000 likes, comments and spellbinding shares! ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery March 02, 2015
Spring Fairest is just one big bad mess with no color to brighten the mood! Help us get into the Spring Unsprung spirit and ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ with likes, comments and shares, oh my! Once we get 30,000, the color will return to Ever After High! ‪#‎ReadySetGo‬Gallery March 03, 2015
A spella cool finishing touch for your Spring Fairest finest! Keep liking, commenting and sharing to see So Hot Right Nail's designs come to life in vibrant Spring Unsprung color! We're so close to 30,000! #ShareYourWonderGallery March 04, 2015
Does a drab Ever After feel like a total thorn in your side? Only you can help it bloom… Like, comment and share to help recover the missing colors! Every day we get closer to 30,000! #ShareYourWonderGallery March 05, 2015
Dreaming of having your fableous art featured on Head over to our official website to learn more about our hexcellent Spring Unsprung contest, Color Me Fairest! But first, remember to like, comment and ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ to help us return the color to Ever After High!Gallery March 06, 2015
It's not too late to ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ and bring back Ever After High's colorful spirit! Like, comment and share now before the color disappears forever after!Gallery March 07, 2015
A fresh spring is blooming and thanks to all of our fableous fans, color has returned to Ever After High! ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬ ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬Gallery March 08, 2015
You worked your crowns off to ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ and you deserve a royally rebellious reward! Which of last week's photos do you want to see bloom to life in hexquisite color? Tell us in the comments below!Gallery March 09, 2015
We're uncovering a whole new side of So Hot Right Nail's story now that we're seeing her Spring Unsprung nails in full blooming color! We love these wonderlandiful nails inspired by Briar, Holly, Cedar and Cerise!Gallery March 09, 2015
Everything's coming up roses now that the color is back at Ever After High! Thanks for sharing your wonder! ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery March 09, 2015
This shot of Briar plays out beautifully on the page now that wonder has been restored to Ever After High! ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery March 09, 2015
Sorry to get all up in your hood, Cerise, but you're looking absolutely hexquisite now that wonderland's wonder is back in bloom! ‪#‎ShareYourWonder‬ ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery March 10, 2015
Not caught up on every script-flipping Ever After High chapter? No problem what-so-ever-after! Watch the story unfold at!Gallery March 10, 2015
Have you submitted your Spring Unsprung art in the Color Me Fairest contest at Whether it's storybook perfect or you colored outside the lines, remember to share it here for a chance to be featured on the Ever After High social pages!Gallery March 11, 2015
Can Ashlynn's friends forever after help take back her fairest fashion show from two of the evilest stepsisters around? Find out in tomorrow’s all-new webisode on!Gallery March 12, 2015
Looks like this birthday is already turning out to be Hunter's best chapter yet! Ashlynn has organized the most ever after awesome enchanted forest picnic a huntsman could ever ask for! ‪#‎HappyBirthdayHunter‬ ‪#‎AshlynnElla‬ ‪#‎Cinderella‬Gallery March 13, 2015
It's about to get all non-fiction up in here thanks to today's wickedly exciting secret party invite!Gallery March 13, 2015
This is one princess who gives new meaning to the phrase, "Live like there's no midnight"! #AshlynnElla #DaughterofCinderella #CinderellaGallery March 15, 2015
She's charming, mysterious and never afraid to go off book! The elusive Brooke Page is ready to meet you, Ever After High, but not before she keeps you guessing for just a chapter longer.Gallery March 16, 2015
The students of Ever After High are opening their stories to you in hexciting new ways! Watch wonderlandiful webisodes and puzzle out new puzzles when you download the Ever After High app in just two short days!Gallery March 17, 2015
If this enchanting look at Kitty doesn't have you grinning from ear to ear, you must be mad! ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery March 18, 2015
The chapter has barely closed on the week and some fableous fairytales are already hard at work cooking up spellicious plans for the weekend! ‪#‎TGIF‬‬Gallery March 20, 2015
We've got total Spring Fairest fever and the only cure is more Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire!‬‬Gallery March 23, 2015
Don't forget to color these spellbinding Spring Unsprung scenes with colorful wonder for a chance to have your artwork featured on! Enter the Color Me Fairest contest now:

(Open to fableous fans ages 5 to 12)Gallery

March 30, 2015
Mondays were made for spellicious coffee breaks!Gallery March 31, 2015
Don't trip fairytales, but we've got a maddening puzzle to solve! Our favorite feline has gone POOF! Have you seen her?Gallery April 01, 2015
Scale a tower wall, slay a dragon and save the kingdom? No sweat! It's all in a day's work for this charming birthday hero! Happy Birthday Daring!Gallery April 02, 2015
Here's hoping your holiday is beyond wonderlandiful! Happy Easter, fairytales!Gallery April 05, 2015
Brighten up your week with the spellbinding story of Spring Unsprung! Once Upon a Time is waiting for you on Netflix!Gallery April 06, 2015
So Hot Right Nail is rocking the Rebel cause with this stunning nail art!Gallery April 07, 2015
May your fairy special dreams come true today!Gallery April 08, 2015
Ashlynn's friends are waiting for the other shoe to drop in this Blue Moon Forest Fest mystery! Find out who she takes with her in tomorrow's all-new webisode!Gallery April 09, 2015
Ashlynn has finally made two fairy important decisions: her date to the Blue Moon Forest Fest and the spellbinding shoes she'll rock along the way!Gallery April 10, 2015
No one steps out in style quite like this forest-friendly princess!Gallery April 12, 2015
Our page-ripping Color Me Fairest contest is almost over, but the storybook-perfect fan art still needs to be chosen! Head over to now to vote:

(Open to ages 5 through 12)Gallery

April 13, 2015
This is a riddle that’s begging to be solved! All of Ever After High is wondering what mysterious things are being kept in this curious new adventurer's satchel!Gallery April 14, 2015
We think this new Wonderlandian just might be Ever After High's next hexcellent mind!Gallery April 14, 2015
Meet Alistair Wonderland! The best gift to give him? Well, it isn't actually a thing at all, but rather a truly wonderlandiful new adventure!Gallery April 15, 2015
You don’t need a map to find your way back to more of today’s wonderlicious reveal! We'll fall even further down the rabbit hole in just another tick of the clock!Gallery April 16, 2015
No matter what rabbit holes life takes her down, this Wonderlandian always makes time for her friends forever after!Gallery April 16, 2015
You’ve arrived just in time to get the final scoop on Wonderland’s newest transplant, Bunny Blanc! She may have no sense of direction, but Bunny's never late for an important date!Gallery April 17, 2015
Don't close the chapter on this weekend without a spellbinding look back at your fairy favorite Ever After High stories! Rewind, Ignite, Restart at!Gallery April 19, 2015
Happy Monday, Fairytales! Let's flip the script and live legendary!Gallery April 20, 2015
Always believe that something wonderlandiful is just a step away! ‪#‎TuesdayShoesday‬ ‪#‎KittyCheshire‬ ‪#‎SpringUnsprung‬Gallery April 21, 2015
Royal or Rebel, everyone has a heroic role to play when it comes to spellebrating our planet! Happy Earth Day, Fairytales!Gallery April 22, 2015
With her date night with Dexter just a page away, Raven's searching for a little advice from her friends forever after! Catch the whole story tomorrow at!Gallery April 23, 2015
Trust a fairytale when she tells you that the new Spring Unsprung activities in the Ever After High app defies all hexpectations! Download free for magical fashions, games and more:

(Coming soon to Google Play!)Gallery

April 23, 2015
Will Raven finally get the Dexter advice she's been searching for? Find out in today's all new webisode!Gallery April 23, 2015
Sweet cupcakes! Thanks to Raven's spellicious magic, Blondie's been crazy busy making her latest culinary creations just right!Gallery April 26, 2015
Nothing soothes date night jitters like girl talk with a friend forever after!Gallery April 27, 2015
Sugar is sweet, and porridge is, too, but nothing is sweeter than Blondie's fableous cupcake shoes! ‪#‎TuesdayShoesday‬ ‪#‎JustSweetBlondieLockes‬Gallery April 28, 2015
So Hot Right Nail has charmed her way into our hearts again with these classic Royal nails!Gallery April 29, 2015
Happy Birthday to Ever After High's resident ballerina, Duchess Swan!Gallery April 30, 2015
May the happiest of ever afters be yours this month, fairytales! ‪#‎HappyMay‬Gallery May 01, 2015
Brooke Page here and fairytale do I have a secret for you! Don't be fooled by Duchess. If you could see what I see, you'd notice she secretly admires Apple and Raven. In fact, she's constantly trying to embrace the most charming parts of their personalities. ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬Gallery May 03, 2015
Blondie is showing off just the right amount of oh-so-sweet treats to make her the total talk of the crown today!Gallery May 04, 2015
Daydreaming of the storybook-perfect after school activity? Catch up with your favorite fairytales at!Gallery May 05, 2015
The girls are finally setting out for the Blue Moon Forest Fest! See what adventures await them tomorrow in an all-new webisode at!Gallery May 07, 2015
It's finally time to begin their adventure through the woods! Follow along on the journey to the Blue Moon Forest Fest in today's all-new webisode!Gallery May 08, 2015
Cerise brings her own unique big, bad twist to this Ever After High fairytale! #ThroughTheWoodsGallery May 11, 2015

Once upon a time, four friends set out on an hexciting new adventure Through The Woods! Send them on a journey in your home, shop now:

May 12, 2015
Let's make today extra special and spellabrate the apple of our eye! Happy Birthday, Apple White!Gallery May 13, 2015
Get ready to peek behind the magic mirror at the most jaw dropping Ever After High reveal this year! #SDCC2015Gallery May 14, 2015
We’ve got our eye on the prize today and that means an hexclusive San Diego Comic-Con reveal for all of our fableous fairytales! Come back soon for more!Gallery May 14, 2015
Something witchin’ this way comes! Head over to Matty Collector to learn more about the San Diego Comic-Con hexclusive that’s sending a wicked ripple through the halls of Ever After High: May 14, 2015

And so she fell ears-over-tail for the adventurer who had won her heart!Gallery

May 15, 2015
All of Ever After High is wondering: will Dexter and Raven find Happily Ever After or will their upcoming date mean THE END of their fairytale romance? Keep watching to find out!Gallery May 18, 2015

Never stop wandering, wondering and looking for an adventure that's Just Right for you! #ThroughTheWoodsGallery

May 19, 2015
Choice is all the page right now, Fairytales! Crown your confidence and make this week a fableous one!Gallery May 20, 2015
Dark forest survival is no problem what-so-ever-after for this trailblazer! Watch her tap into her rebellious side in tomorrow's all-new Through the Woods webisode on!Gallery May 21, 2015
Ready for the next shocking chapter in our epic Through the Woods tale? See what's in store for our fearless foursome in today's all-new webisode!Gallery May 22, 2015
Today's spellabratory shout out is sure to give you an ear-to-ear grin! Happy Birthday to the always devious and oh-so-mischevious, Kitty Cheshire!Gallery May 24, 2015

When it comes to the dark forest, Blondie's got mad food finding skills! #ThroughTheWoodsGallery

May 25, 2015

Friends 'til THE END will be by your side when the forest gets dark and the road divides. #ThroughTheWoodsGallery

May 26, 2015
For Blondie Lockes, the sweetness is in the details! #JustSweetBlondieGallery May 27, 2015
Uncovering more about your favorite fairytales is no problem what-so-ever-after now that the Ever After High app is available on Google Play! Download now:

(Also available on iTunes!)Gallery

May 29, 2015
No need for us to SPELL it out again and again. This candid Date Night picture is worth 1,000 Happily Ever Afters!Gallery May 29, 2015
On the lookout for Cupid? Cross my heart you'll find her in the Vault of Lost Tales searching for her mysterious parentage. I can't reveal much, but let's just say her search among the Fairy Godmothers may not be too far off. ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬Gallery May 31, 2015
Happy June, Fairytales! Start the month off on the right slipper by grabbing your friends forever after and spellebrating in a major way!‬Gallery June 01, 2015
There's a new fairytale in town and she's got some major girl power! Check back soon for another sneak peek!‬Gallery June 02, 2015
She's no damsel-in-destress! She's a hero! Tomorrow we reveal the full story behind Ever After High's newest power princess!‬Gallery June 02, 2015
Introducing Darling Charming, daughter of King Charming and sister to Daring and Dexter Charming! This Ever After High heroine isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes! Learn more in her full bio: June 03, 2015
What first date disasters await Raven and Dexter at the Cinehex? Find out in tomorrow's wicked cool new webisode on!Gallery June 04, 2015
And they're off… on the most awkward Date Night of the school year! Get the full Raven and Dexter deets in today's all-new webisode! Watch now: June 05, 2015

I'm not pulling your strings with this one fairytales! While Cedar Wood can't tell a lie, she can make up any story she wants when she’s writing or painting. It’s one of the reasons she’s such a dedicated artist. #BrookesSundaySecretsGallery

June 07, 2015
You're just in time to spellebrate the most tea-riffic girl at Ever After High! Happy Birthday, Maddie!Gallery June 08, 2015
She's a spella cool fairy with a wicked fashion sense! Turn the page on her story when we return in just a bit!Gallery June 09, 2015
You don't need to fly into the enchanted forest to find out more about this playful trickster! Her full reveal is just a day away!Gallery June 09, 2015
Meet Faybelle Thorn, the daughter of the Dark Fairy! Her fairy-favorite past-time? Creating chaos wherever she goes!Gallery June 10, 2015
Mirror Phone Alert! Crazy cute candids of Raven and Dexter's most recent #DateNight just emerged on Just Right! Hex it out for yourselves!Gallery June 11, 2015
Storybook-perfect advice for a fableous first date!Gallery June 12, 2015
Today you are destined to get your fairytale on at! Subscribe now: June 14, 2015
Will our fableous fairytales make it to the Blue Moon Forest Fest? Stay tuned to watch as the spellbinding story unfolds! ‪#‎ThroughTheWoods‬Gallery June 15, 2015

Darling's best advice? Always be the hero of your own story!‬Gallery

June 16, 2015
No need for us to SPELL it out again and again. This candid Date Night picture is worth 1,000 Happily Ever Afters.‬Gallery June 17, 2015
How do you save your friends til THE END from the dark forest? Hijack Babba Yabba's hut and take it for a joy ride, of course! Watch the plot thicken in tomorrow's all new webisode!Gallery June 18, 2015
You don't need to be a riddle master to puzzle out plans for ‪#‎InternationalPicnicDay‬! Just grab a blanket, a basket and a crush-worthy friend forever after.Gallery June 18, 2015
Raven takes the wheel in an effort to save her friends forever after in today's all new webisode!Gallery June 19, 2015
Holly and Poppy are a hair above the rest! They're offering half off trims at the Tower Salon to spellebrate their birthday!Gallery June 19, 2015
#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬: Our girl Ashlynn is quite the shoe enthusiast, but she always makes sure to reserve a few pairs for her best friends til THE END!Gallery June 21, 2015
Take a page from Raven's book and rule the open road today!Gallery June 22, 2015
Who needs breadcrumbs when you have your friends til THE END by your side! #ThroughTheWoodsGallery June 24, 2015
Turn that poisonous day upside down and fly into some wicked-awesome fun with Faybelle Thorn!Gallery June 25, 2015
#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ to when we were first getting to know the fairytales of Ever After High! Watch the tale unfold again, starting from Chapter One: June 25, 2015
Their legendary date to the cinehex may have reached THE END, but something tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of this wicked-cute new couple in chapters to come!Gallery June 27, 2015
Cheers to a day of sun, sand and fableous friends forever after!Gallery June 28, 2015
Today's legendary Mirror Beach motto? Live like there's no midnight!Gallery June 30, 2015
Choice is all the craze this month! Happy July, Fairytales!Gallery July 01, 2015
Faybelle's tricks just might mean THE END for the Blue Moon Forest Fest adventures! See the story unfold in tomorrow's all-new webisode at!Gallery July 02, 2015
Grab those paint brushes, Fairytales! Art Class takes a spellbinding new turn in the Ever After High App update, available now on iTunes! Download here: July 02, 2015
The girls are in for a major plot twist after Faybelle leads them down the wrong path in today's all new webisode!Gallery July 03, 2015
#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬: Raven's witchin' wish is that Apple find her happily ever after! So much so, she's kept detailed notes on possible replacements for her Evil Queen legacy. Want to know the full story? Watch now: July 05, 2015
This beautiful bookworm loves to take her accessories from geek to fairy chic! Check back soon to uncover more on our newest Ever After High student!Gallery July 06, 2015
Her cousin may be an Ever After "it girl," but that doesn't mean this beauty feels she has to follow the princess path! Come back tomorrow for her full reveal!Gallery July 06, 2015
Introducing Rosabella Beauty, daughter of Beauty and the Beast! She's the storybook-perfect mix of intellect and beauty!Gallery July 07, 2015
She's accepted her mother's powers and now no one can bewitch the San Diego Comic-Con floor quite like Raven Queen! ‪#‎SDCC2015‬Gallery July 08, 2015
Following her mother's destiny means trusting her dark instincts! Raven Queen is finally ready to conquer San Diego Comic-Con! ‪#‎SDCC2015‬Gallery July 09, 2015
Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, THE END is just the beginning for Raven and the Monster High villains!‬Gallery July 09, 2015
You're going to need to break out your dancing shoes for tomorrow's toe-tapping new character reveal, Fairytales!Gallery July 09, 2015

Introducing Justine Dancer, a Royal princess who loves to dance through the night like nobody's watching! As the daughter of the youngest of the 12 Dancing Princesses, this fairytale has some spellbinding dance moves!Gallery

July 10, 2015
Love Apple White's colorful new look? Watch her go from fairest in the halls to puzzle solving princess in the all-new ‪#‎WayTooWonderland‬, coming to @Netflix this August!Gallery July 11, 2015
Maddie looks positively wonderlandiful after the topsy-turvey turns her wardrobe took during a recent trip down the rabbit hole! Don't miss her in the new Ever After High movie, Way Too Wonderland!Gallery July 11, 2015
Lizzie Hearts is right at home in this spellbinding new look! See her magical transformation in Way Too Wonderland available on @Netflix this August!Gallery July 11, 2015
Kitty Cheshire may be a mystery at Ever After High, but her fashion choices will make more sense when you see her at home in Way Too Wonderland!Gallery July 11, 2015
This August all roads lead to Wonderland... and that means fableous new fashions you can't find anywhere else!Gallery July 11, 2015
Tag the friend forever after in your group who truly embodies Apple's most fableous qualities!Gallery July 13, 2015
For Faybelle Thorn, a little chaos brings a touch of charm to an otherwise dull day! We wouldn't expect anything less from the daughter of the Dark Fairy!Gallery July 14, 2015
Don't let another tick of the clock go by without recognizing your friend who's most like Maddie Hatter! Tag friends below to show them how tea-riffic you think they are!Gallery July 15, 2015
The chaos finally comes to THE END in tomorrow's hexciting ‪#‎ThroughTheWoods‬ conclusion at! You DO NOT want to miss it!Gallery July 16, 2015
Will Faybelle finally choose the right path? Find out in the epic Through the Woods finale now playing at! Watch now: July 17, 2015
Don't forget to wish Cedar Wood a fairy Happy Birthday today!Gallery July 17, 2015
My, what secrets Cerise Hood has! The Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf can use her riding hood to disappear into shadows! So. Wicked. Awesome. ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬ ‪#‎ANewGenerationOfFairytales‬Gallery July 19, 2015
Does Raven Queen remind you of someone spellbinding? Tag your friends to let them know you appreciate their Royally Rebellious spirit!Gallery July 20, 2015
Exploring the world of Ever After High just got even more awesome now that you can find the app on!Gallery July 23, 2015
Do you remember when Raven first rebelled against her destiny? Celebrate ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ and watch the whole story unfold again in Legacy Day! Click here now: July 23, 2015
Do you have any friends as honest and helpful as Cedar Wood? Tag them below and let them know how much you appreciate them!Gallery July 24, 2015
One may have royal blood while the other hails from a rebellious background, but Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire still make the best of friends forever after! ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬Gallery July 26, 2015
Your eyes aren't going wonderlandifully wacky… Raven really has gone to Way Too Wonderland!Gallery July 27, 2015
We've got a riddle for you, Fairytales! Once upon a time Maddie Hatter ran out of jam just before her friends forever after arrived for a tea party…oh no! What will Maddie do next? Finish the story your way in the comments below!Gallery July 28, 2015
If your social butterfly bestie reminds you of Briar Beauty, tag her below and remind her how ever after awesome she is!Gallery July 29, 2015
We promise that if you hang around tomorrow, you'll catch a truly wonderlandiful new webisode at!Gallery July 30, 2015
It's time for your fairy favorite fairytale friends to create their own legendary yearbook! Don't wait another tick of the clock, watch NOW: July 31, 2015
Happy August, Fairytales! We're kicking off the month in spellbinding style with a POP QUIZ! Can you name all of our Ever After High movie titles? Tell us below & you just might get a special surprise!Gallery August 01, 2015
Congrats, Fairytales! You passed the quiz and now we're super hexcited to reveal the official poster for Way Too Wonderland, coming to Netflix on August 14th!Gallery August 01, 2015
Oh no, Fairytales, the Way Too Wonderland trailer has fallen to pieces & we need your help to put it back together! Help us rescue the trailer by answering our ‪#‎InternationalFriendshipDay‬ question: Who is Cedar's best friend? HINT: they're roomies too!Gallery August 03, 2015
Attention, Fairytales! We still need your help to rescue the Way Too Wonderland trailer! Do you know Ginger Breadhouse's favorite dessert? HINT: It's not gingerbread!Gallery August 04, 2015
This final ‪#‎RescueTheTrailer‬ challenge could unlock the full ‪#‎WayTooWonderland‬ trailer! Do you know which fairytale story the mean Ever After High librarians come from?Gallery August 06, 2015
#‎HappyBookLoversDay‬ to all of our Fairytales out there! Spellebrate the occasion by snuggling up with your favorite Ever After High story!Gallery August 09, 2015
What would you do if you were Kitty Cheshire and you couldn't fall asleep during your daily scheduled cat-nap? Finish the story by commenting below! ‪#‎FinishTheStory‬Gallery August 10, 2015
Happy #TuesdayShoesday, Fairytales! We'd happily fall feet first down the rabbit hole in these spella cute Way Too Wonderland shoes!Gallery August 11, 2015
Any moment with your best friends forever after is always time well spent!Gallery August 12, 2015
Tomorrow is the day we can finally turn the page and see Way Too Wonderland on Netflix! Remember, if you're not a subscriber you can join now for a free trial month!Gallery August 13, 2015
It's finally time, Fairytales! Don't miss Ever After High's new movie, Way Too Wonderland, available NOW, only on Netflix!Gallery August 14, 2015
Just the right amount of wonderlandiful magic!Gallery August 15, 2015
He doesn’t shout this from the castle, but Hopper Croakington sometimes changes into a frog on purpose to steal a kiss from a damsel he's crushing on! ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬Gallery August 16, 2015
Tag the friend you would want to have on a Way Too Wonderland adventure of your own!Gallery August 17, 2015
Start the week off on the right slipper! Tag a friend forever after that reminds you of Ashlynn Ella!Gallery August 19, 2015
With her heart on her sleeve and a spring in her step, Apple’s ready to celebrate ‪#‎WayTooWonderland‬ with her friends ’til THE END!Gallery August 20, 2015
Think you know Darling Charming? Think again! Her spellbinding story unfolds in Way Too Wonderland, available now on Netflix! August 21, 2015
Faybelle's favorite part about Ever After High? No matter where her dark fairy roots take her, she knows her friends forever after will always see her good side! Watch her story unfold at!Gallery August 23, 2015
Is your best friend redefining destiny like the spellbinding Darling Charming? If so, tag them in the comments below!Gallery August 25, 2015
These wonderlandiful best friends ’til THE END will always make time for each other!Gallery August 26, 2015
‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ to the enchanting Muse-ic Class that taught Duchess how to put her best feather forward! Re-watch the webisode from the beginning: August 27, 2015
Looks like you've arrived just in time for another topsy-turvy Ever After High viewing party! Put on your most wonderlandiful party dress, watch and rewatch your favorite Way Too Wonderland clips now: August 28, 2015
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August 28, 2015
A spellbinding school year starts with the right tools!Gallery August 29, 2015
Rosabella's dad used to be a monstrous Beast and that doesn't always sit well with Briar's classic hero father! In fact, it sometimes makes for quite the awkward family dinner for these two fableous Beauty cousins! ‪#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬Gallery August 30, 2015
Here's to script-flipping adventures and a lifetime filled with wonder! ‪#‎WayTooWonderland‬‬Gallery August 31, 2015
Happy September, Fairytales! Are you ready to show off your school spirit with fableous new fashions?‬‬Gallery September 01, 2015
We loved Taylor Swift's script-flipping message of empowerment at the ‪#‎VMAs‬! At Ever After High, our soldiers are knights and we’re proud to have our powerful princesses play them!Gallery September 02, 2015
Don't be late for this very important date! It's a very special tea party for the Queen of Hearts! #WayTooWonderlandGallery September 02, 2015
Did Ever After High's bake sale team bite off more than they could chew? Find out in tomorrow's all-new webisode on!Gallery September 03, 2015
This is one smart princess who knows the power of kindness! Happy Birthday, Rosabella Beauty!Gallery September 04, 2015
The only thing sweeter than these spellicious treats are the Sugar Coated fairytales who made them from scratch!Gallery September 06, 2015
We love a Fairytale who shows her power through passion and no one is more passionate about baking than the sweet, Ginger Breadhouse!Gallery September 07, 2015
Apple is one of the fairy best students at Ever After High, but what would she do if her bestie Briar was doing badly in school? Finish the story by putting your answer in the comments below!Gallery September 08, 2015
Happy Birthday to Blondie Lockes, the Fairytale who holds the most powerful pen at Ever After High!Gallery September 09, 2015
We’re feeling romantic with today's ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬! Do you remember when Huntlynn was just a whisper in the wind? Relive the memories and rewatch their legendary secret date now: September 10, 2015
The wonderland madness continues in this tea-riffic Way Too Wonderland clip on! Watch now: September 11, 2015
Cerise's grandparents may come from different sides of the dark forest, but they're all proud to know they’ve helped raise such a strong and independent granddaughter! ‪#‎GrandParentsDay‬Gallery September 13, 2015
Looks like Cedar is cooking up a few new sweet ideas in the kitchen today! ‪#‎SugarCoated‬Gallery September 14, 2015
Take a page from Daring in Way Too Wonderland… get out there and do something truly brave today!Gallery September 15, 2015
Raven's mother passed on her magical powers to Raven, but how do you think she should use them? Finish the story by writing your spellbinding answers in the comments below!Gallery September 16, 2015
Are the Ever After High fairytales dancing on thin ice? Check it out on tomorrow to see the story unfold!Gallery September 17, 2015
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Take a piece of Wonderland everywhere you go when you re-create these riddle-culously cute Way Too Wonderland inspired nails by So Hot Right Nail!Gallery September 20, 2015
If Lilly Bo Peep loses her sheep, would you be able to help her find them? Take today's Ever After High Challenge and tell us how many sheep she has in the comments below!Gallery September 21, 2015
We're gliding through #TuesdayShoesday with these spella cute Fairest on Ice skates!Gallery September 22, 2015
Happy ‪#‎FirstDayOfFall‬, Fairytales! Remember to take a splinter out of your day to enjoy the magic of the outdoors!Gallery September 23, 2015
#ThrowbackThursday to the most hexquisite party of the year! Have you watched Thronecoming recently?Gallery September 24, 2015
Are you ready for today's ‪#‎EAHChallenge‬? Name the number of gingerbread houses on the table at the beginning of the Sugar Coated webisode on! HINT: Watch here to count: September 25, 2015
Surprise! It's rewatch Way Too Wonderland Day! Spellebrate with your friends forever after and throw a wonderlicious viewing party! Find it on Netflix now! September 26, 2015
#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬: You may not think of the Evil Queen as loving and generous, but Raven does! She actually has many happy childhood memories of her mother, despite what some may think.Gallery September 27, 2015
Happily Ever After is the moment you conquer your most chilling fears!Gallery September 28, 2015
Find the power within you, Fairytales!Gallery September 29, 2015
Today is a storybook-perfect day to take on the adventures of Hero Training one more time!Gallery September 30, 2015
Find out what happens when the power of love falls into a pair of misguided hands in tomorrow's all-new webisode on!Gallery October 01, 2015
Hunter finds out that Cupid's job is not all hearts and kisses in today's love-fever filled webisode! Watch now: October 02, 2015
It may take Alistair and Bunny a while to solve the riddle of this romance, but thanks to Cupid's arrow, we think they'll find their happily ever after!Gallery October 04, 2015
Cupid won't be waiting in the wings long before she unveils her new love inspired look! Check back soon for another spellbinding sneak peek!Gallery October 05, 2015
No one wears her heart on her wings quite like the talented C.A. Cupid! Fly back tomorrow for a look at her full reveal!Gallery October 05, 2015
Fall head-over-heels in love with Heartstruck Cupid! This is one fairytale who's ready to bring the power of love to those in need!Gallery October 06, 2015
A hexcellent Halloween story begins and ends with the perfect costume! Have you started putting yours together yet?Gallery October 07, 2015
#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ to the moment we first met both sides of Cerise's wicked cool family tree! Watch their very first webisode appearance now: October 08, 2015
She makes a wish, blows a kiss and helps her friends 'til the END find their happily ever after!Gallery October 09, 2015
#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬: Did you know that Apple and Maddie's co-presidency of the Royal Student Council has been the most successful to date? Their friendship has led to an era of great balance and prosperity among the Ever After High student body.Gallery October 11, 2015
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When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for walking on air, Cupid always knows best! Happy #TuesdayShoesday, Fairytales!Gallery October 13, 2015
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Don't forget to wish the happiest of Happy Birthdays today to our powerfully kind princess, Ashylnn Ella!Gallery October 15, 2015
Use your power of compassion to help #SaveCourtly from detention forever after! Vote now to set her free: October 16, 2015
Maddie's all-in for voting to #SaveCourtly! She can't wait to have another quirky, Wonderlandian free spirit to invite to tea! Click here to vote free Courtly too: October 17, 2015
What does Kitty love most about Courtly Jester? Her mischievous personality which always keeps things hexciting, of course! Kitty is ready to ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬ and you can too! Click here to set her free from detention forever after today: October 18, 2015
Make your voice heard to help ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬! Vote now and then share your news using this wonderlandiful "I VOTED" badge: October 19, 2015
Raven knows a thing or two about being misunderstood. She's voting to ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬ because there's something so spellbinding about getting a second chance. Follow Raven's powerful example and vote now to free Courtly from detention forever after: October 20, 2015
Briar is all about living life to the fullest and that doesn't involve spending forever after in detention! Her vote is to ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬ and she's reminding everyone...You Only Live Once Upon A Time! Click here to vote to free Courtly too: October 21, 2015
Make sure your friends forever after know that you voted to ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬! Share this hexquisite badge as soon as you've made your voice heard! Vote now: October 22, 2015
Remember to get those fableous costumes ready, Fairytales! Only one short week remains between you and your Halloween Happily Ever After!Gallery October, 24, 2015
Don't wait until the stroke of midnight to decide on a storybook-perfect costume for Halloween! Shop your favorite Ever After High looks now: October 24, 2015
#‎BrookesSundaySecrets‬: Raven's heart is always in the right place, but often times her magic backfires and she wonders if life would be easier without her magic powers.Gallery October 25, 2015
Lizzie can sometimes be a drama queen, but she definitely has a heart of gold. She believes every student - even Courtly Jester - deserves the chance to right their wrongs! Help Lizzie ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬ and vote to set her free today: October 26, 2015
Today's sneak-peek at an all-new Ever After High fairytale is no joke! Stay tuned for more from this wonderlandinful new friend!Gallery October 27, 2015
She's a card carrying Wonderlandian, which means she's not afraid to keep this riddle going a little longer! Check back tomorrow to see her full hat-to-toe look!Gallery October 27, 2015
She may hail from a line of jokesters, but she's no fool. Introducing the riddle-tastic Courtly Jester in all her wonderlandiful glory.Gallery October 28, 2015
Bunny and Alistair may have finally turned the page in their epic love story! Watch what happens in today's all-new webisode: October 30, 2015
Happy Halloween, Fairytales! Here's wishing you an enchanting night filled with the sweetest of treats!Gallery October 31, 2015
Cerise can't pull the hood over our eyes! She may not want to make a big deal out of her big day, but we couldn’t let another moment go by without wishing her a very Happy Birthday!Gallery October 31, 2015
Happy November, Fairytales! Last month you came together to ‪#‎SaveCourtly‬, but she still needs your help! Vote now to help SPELL out her bio: November 01, 2015
What makes a princess truly powerful? Having her friends forever after always by her side!Gallery November 02, 2015
Thanks to each of you, Courtly Jester has stepped out of detention forever after and into the ‪#‎TuesdayShoesday‬ spotlight!Gallery November 03, 2015
Happy ‪#‎CandyDay‬, Fairytales! There's no better way to spend the yummiest day of the year than with spellicious sweet treats with your very best friends forever after!Gallery November 04, 2015
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Courtly may be free from detention forever after, but now she needs your help completing her deck of cards! Vote on her bio now: November 06, 2015
#BrookesSundaySecrets: Think you know Kitty Cheshire? Think again! She's wicked loyal and highly protective of her friends, even if helping them gets her into chapters of trouble.Gallery November 08, 2015
The possibilities are endless, when you open the door to a new chapter. Go ahead and begin your new Once Upon a Time today!Gallery November 09, 2015
It's never too early to get a head start on the spelltacular holiday season! Holly's already sugar coating her gingerbread house, are you?Gallery November 10, 2015
What is Courtly Jester's fave class? Help her decide when you vote on her bio at! Click here now: November 11, 2015
Ready, set… croquet! Watch Apple and Raven settle things tournament style in tomorrow's all-new webisode on!Gallery November 12, 2015
Will Apple and Raven be able to set aside their differences long enough to settle on a storybook perfect layout for the yearbook? Find out in today's all-new webisode: November 13, 2015
It's the most wonderlandiful time of the year and that means Saturdays spent holiday shopping with besties!Gallery November 14, 2015
We see a royally rebellious and awesome yearbook in Ever After High's future thanks to these two besties!Gallery November 15, 2015
Here's to spellebrating Ever After High's most powerful party-crasher on her big day! Happy Birthday, Faybelle!Gallery November 16, 2015
Help stack the cards in Courtly's favor! Vote now to help decide her crush, her fave hangout and other important bio deets: November 17, 2015
The sweetest moments are always best when they're shared with a friend 'til THE END. Give the gift of a sweet treat to your friends this holiday season!Gallery November 18, 2015
Which Ever After High princess is rocking a powerful new look and has an enchanting new friend 'til THE END? Find out more in a quick tick of the clock!Gallery November 19, 2015
This Dragon Games warrior is almost ready to reveal her crown to toe look! Fly back tomorrow to see the full story unfold!Gallery November 19, 2015
Apple White and her dragon will be the total talk of the crown when they officially take flight in the Dragon Games coming spring 2016!Gallery November 20, 2015
Whenever Duchess Swan tries to sing, it isn't a charming voice but deaf tone honks that people hear. That's why she spends her days perfecting her wicked cool dance moves. #BrookesSundaySecretsGallery November 22, 2015
How will Courtly Jester's stack of cards shuffle out? You can help decide by voting on some of her most important bio details: November 23, 2015
Hugs and kisses to Cupid on her birthday! Here's hoping the day is totally hexquisite!Gallery November 24, 2015
Happy Birthday to the one-and-only Raven Queen! We can't wait to see what this powerful princess will do next year!Gallery November 25, 2015
She's a powerful princess with a daring secret. Find out how Darling Charming uses it to save her friends 'til THE END tomorrow at!Gallery November 26, 2015
We're spellebrating Friday with a brave rescue from one of Ever After High's most powerful princesses! Watch Darling's daring new webiode now: November 27, 2015
Can't get enough of Ever After High's newest powerful princess? Head to to catch this darling hero in action!Gallery November 29, 2015
And they're off… on a ‪#‎CyberMonday‬ shopping adventure!Gallery November 30, 2015
December is here and wonderlandiful things are happening as we step into the holidays!Gallery December 01, 2015
What's a powerful princess to do when she discovers all of Ever After High's beloved beasts have gone missing? Find out tomorrow in an all-new webisode on!Gallery December 03, 2015
Can this powerful princess solve the mystery of the missing woodland beasts? Find out in today's all-new webisode! Watch now: December 04, 2015
She's dreaming of the day when she's the fairest of them all, but what will she wear? Check back soon to see this powerful princess's fableous new look!Gallery December 06, 2015
Crown-to-toe perfection! Apple White's over-the-top dream dress is positively hexquisite!Gallery December 06, 2015
May you enjoy the holidays with a few spellicious treats inspired by your favorite Ever After High princesses! All you need is a pinch of magic and a whole lot of love.Gallery December 08, 2015
Rosabella Beauty has what it takes to keep Ever After High friendly, compassionate and beautiful! Watch now & get to know this powerful princess even better: December 09, 2015
May your holidays be the fairest of them all…and just a little bit over-the-top!Gallery December 11, 2015
Some sweets are too spella cute to eat! Get creative with your friends forever after with DIY tea party treats for the holidays!Gallery December 17, 2015
Never stop believing in the magic of a holiday dream come true!Gallery December 20, 2015
Show off your creative power this holiday by putting your own fableous fairytale spin on a classic gingerbread treat!Gallery December 21, 2015
Will this year's Tri-Castle-On spell THE END for all of Raven and Apple's yearbook efforts? Race back to tomorrow to find out!Gallery December 24, 2015
A dramatic plot twist is about to unfold in this year's yearbook story! Find out what happens in today's all-new webisode! Watch now: December 25, 2015
Think this new fairytale's look is edgy? Just wait until you find out who's rocking this wicked cool look!Gallery December 27, 2015
Introducing the Teenage Evil Queen, an eternal thorn in Raven's side and the legendary fairytale who's bringing back the Dragon Games!Gallery December 27, 2015
Purple has always been this fairytale's power color and now she's taking it to the next level! Find out who's rocking this spella awesome Dragon Games look in just a bit!Gallery December 28, 2015
When it comes to Dragon Games, Raven Queen's fearless choice of armor has proven that she's ready to take on the competition!Gallery December 28, 2015
This fairytale isn't about to wait around in a tower and miss out on the hexciting return of Dragon Games! Check back later to see who's letting her hair down and taking up armor!Gallery December 29, 2015
Holly O'Hair is sure to win the crowd over with this bold new armor and her unmatched Dragon Games skills!Gallery December 29, 2015
This adventure seeking princess is ready to show off her Dragon Game skills with a daring new armored look! Her full reveal is up next!Gallery December 30, 2015
Introducing Darling Charming's winning new Dragon Games look! Don't miss her in Ever After High's all-new epic adventure premiering this January!Gallery December 30, 2015
The countdown to the new year has begun and now it's time to make a wish to Farrah Goodfairy! Tell us, fairytales, what fableous things do you want for the world in 2016? ‪#‎HappyNewYearsEve‬Gallery December 31, 2015


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