True Hearts Day Part 1 - vigilant evil step-librarians

The evil step-librarians are the mean and wicked librarians of Ever After High. They are from the story of Cinderella as the evil stepsisters. One of they is named Auntie Step, according to Ashlynn Ella's Story, and according to When the Clock Strikes Cupid, the other is the future Ashlynn Ella's Stepmother, and mother of Charlotte Step and Prudence Step.


In English, the librarian in red is voiced by Valerie Arem.



Their cranky attitude and need to have their own way make them great librarians for Ever After High.


One step-librarian wears a red dress with black fur, accompanied with a patterned purple belt with a thin crescent moon on it that is facing left. She also wears a gold necklace with green and red beads on the sides, and wears red pointy glasses. Her hair is in the shape of two large round buns.

The other step-librarian wears red spectacles, a blue dress with purple fur tips on her sleeves, a ruby necklace that are both accompanied with a pink stripy belt with a crescent moon, this time facing right. She also wears gold bangles and a green worm ring. Her hair is also in the form of skinnier, smaller bun-points.

Fairy tale

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They are Ashlynn's step-aunts[1] and Cinderella's step-sisters. The one with lighter hair is the future Ashlynn's Stepmother.


Chapter 2


The evil step-librarians reprimand C.A. Cupid and Dexter Charming for making too much noise. True Hearts Day Part 1

TV specials

The evil step-librarians reprimand C.A. Cupid and Dexter Charming for making too much noise. True Hearts Day In a vision, they are in pursuit of the girls, scaring Raven. Thronecoming

Chapter 3

TV specials

The evil step-librarians reprimand Bunny, Alistair, and Dexter. Way Too Wonderland

Chapter 4

TV specials

They reprimand Raven when she states something about her mother. The evil step-librarians are turned into snails by Faybelle Thorn. Even in animal form, they do not fail to reprimand other people. Dragon Games


Ever After High (I)

Auntie Step was visiting Cinderella's castle. Ashlynn prepared a vegan porridge topped with wild blueberries and took a bowl upstairs.“Breakfast, Auntie Step!” Ashlynn said, knocking before entering her aunt’s room. Auntie Step was brushing her hair at her vanity. She looked Ashlynn over and sniffed. “A proper porridge is made with milk.” “I suppose so,” Ashlynn said, though she never cooked with animal products. As usual, Auntie Step didn’t say thank you, but Ashlynn didn’t mind. The stepsister had to be mean and nasty in Cinderella’s story, and Ashlynn supposed that kind of meanness and nastiness didn’t wear off, even after The End. Ashlynn Ella's Story C. A. Cupid went to the wrong storybook, Cinderella, and so she meets the blonde-haired Stepmother and her daughters, Charlotte and Prudence. When the Clock Strikes Cupid


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