Way Too Wonderland - The Spellbook's Magic

The Evil Queen's spell book is a magical artifact that used to belong to the Evil Queen before she was captured and imprisoned in the Mirror Realm for her crimes. It is now inside Raven's body, as she absorbed it in "Way Too Wonderland", gaining therefore all the powers of an Evil Queen.


From the other side of the mirror in Courtly Jester's office, the Evil Queen watches from inside the Mirror Realm, noticing that Courtly has big evil plans, unlike her daughter Raven Queen, and sees the potential in her, and decides to give her a little push on fighting the Cheshire Cat, who Courtly plans to steal from but has no powers to combat her. She materializes the book in her shelf and drops it, Courtly notices and recognizes the book, immediately testing it. She later uses the magic disposed by the book to get into the Queen of Hearts' party, trick her and find the Storybook of Legends that is in the Card Castle's present room. With it, she fights Raven, but looses when Raven is able to steal the spell book from her and absorb into her body, gaining more powers. [[Way Too Wonderland (TV special)|Way Too Wonderland|Way Too Wonderland (TV special)|Way Too Wonderland]]Way Too Wonderland


The spell book is a small handbook with a hard cover and silver designs in it, with circles and swirls, as well as a dragon skull with ruby eyes in the center. Inside, it disposes a series of cards that can do various magic, like disguise one's face, and a list of handy spells, including light blasts and other powerful abilities.


  • Time for you to prove your worth, I curse you now to crawl the earth! - makes individuals smaller in size;
  • Just say the who you want to be, and that's the you that they will see! - creates a magical aura that will make others see your face as someone else's;
  • To find the item which you seek, just say these words and here's a peek! - a magical dust hand reveals the location of anything that is being looked for;
  • With this spell I lay waste the past and seal your fate with a savage blast! - the pages of the books generate energy that can be attracted and molded into balls, and then blasted at people or things;

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