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Ever After High is a media franchise from Mattel that was launched in 2013. Its story revolves around the enchanting teenage descendants of the world's most celebrated fairytale figures as they confront the destiny set forth by their story at high school and either embrace it or reject it.

The Ever After High Wiki strives to be an encyclopedic resource for all things Ever After High and all help is welcome. Just click "edit" at the top of any page to add or correct information, but be sure to follow the editing policies and the house rules. If you have suggestions for improvement or complaints, contact an admin.

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Mainpage-box-featuredcharacter-Blondie Lockes Blondie Lockes
Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks, the character from the story of The Three Bears. Blondie is very social and a little bubbly. She tends to be indecisive and nitpick about small details due to wanting everything to be "just right". She runs a school blog called Mirror Cast with her "magic mirror", the Ever After High equivalent of a tablet. Read more >

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Webisodes TV Specials
Chapter 1 - intro logo Chapter 1 - intro logo
The first webisode of the cartoon series premiered on May 30, 2013. The series has since reached the second chapter.

Read about the Ever After High webisodes
The first TV special of the cartoon series premiered on December 15, 2013. One more TV special has since premiered, with another currently announced.

Read about the Ever After High TV specials

Books Websites
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover Website - Home page
A book series was launched on July 16, 2013. It is written by Shannon Hale and it contains at least three books and seven prequel stories.

Read about the Ever After High books
Four websites and social media accounts have been created for Ever After High. The main website contains profiles, games, downloads, videos, and more.

Read about the Ever After High websites

Dolls and Merchandise Mattel
Original Basic Dolls Logo - Mattel
At the core of the Ever After High franchise are the dolls, with the other merchandise taking a close second place.

Read about the Ever After High dolls and merchandise
And then there is information about Mattel specifically relating to Ever After High, such as presentations, press coverage, and partnerships.

Read more about Mattel

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  • "MirrorNet Down" is the latest webisode. The next is scheduled for April 29th.
  • The next TV special will air in November of 2014.
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  • 0

    Lizzie Hearts.

    April 22, 2014 by Ivypan800

    Hi everyone.

    It seem that a lot of you love Lizzie Hearts.

    (I myself like her more now her card is out & I have read it.)

    To me Lizzie seems...

    Sweet, Kind & a lovely girl.

    I like her dress and pet & I am looking forward to buying her doll.

    please tell me…

    Read more >
  • 3

    Views & Thoughts

    April 20, 2014 by Ivypan800


    hear are my Views & Thoughts on...


    I don't have much to say about Humphrey, I find him a bit annoying and I wish he looked like a EGG! But I ship him & Apple.


    SHE IS AWESOME!!! & I love her look. I ship her with Sparrow or 1 of the…

    Read more >

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