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Book - Next Top Villain cover

Written by Suzanne Selfors and published by Little, Brown and Company, the Ever After High book series is the second of the two book series attached to Ever After High. The series was announced on May 11, 2014 and debuted on December 02, 2014.

On October 11, 2014, it was annouced that the series is a tetralogy, aside from the companion booklets. With the additions of Truth or Hair and A Fairy Tail Ending in 2016, the series is no longer a tetralogy, bringing the current total up to six confirmed books (plus one collection of stories.)

The following books and chapters make up the series:

  1. January 06, 2015 - Next Top Villain
    1. January 06, 2015 - General Villainy: A Destiny Do-Over Diary
    2. December 02, 2014 - Duchess Swan and the Next Top Bird: A Little Pirouette Story
    3. February 03, 2015 - Lizzie Hearts and the Hedgehog's Hexcellent Adventure: A Little Shuffle Story
  2. April 07, 2015 - Kiss and Spell
    1. April 07, 2015 - Science and Sorcery: A Destiny Do-Over Diary
    2. March 03, 2015 - Ginger Breadhouse and the Candy Fish Wish: A Little Jelly Story
    3. May 05, 2015 - Hopper Croakington II and the Princely Present: A Little Drake Story
  3. July 07, 2015 - A Semi-Charming Kind of Life
    1. July 07, 2015 - Hero Training: A Destiny Do-Over Diary
    2. June 02, 2015 - Dexter Charming and the Trouble with Jackalopes: A Little Mr. Cottonhorn Story
    3. August 04, 2015 - Darling Charming and the Horse of a Different Color: A Little Sir Gallopad Story
  4. October 27 2015 - Once Upon A Pet: A Collection of Little Pet Stories
  5. December 15, 2015 - Fairy's Got Talent
  6. May 03, 2016 - Truth or Hair
  7. October 04, 2016 - Fairy Tail Ending

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