The Epic Winter doll series is a winter-themed party line that consists of 8 dolls: Five from regular release: Briar Beauty, Ashlynn Ella, Blondie Lockes, Apple White and Madeline HatterRosabella Beauty and Daring Charming were only available as a 2-pack. Crystal Winter makes her doll debut in this series. There is an exclusive doll assortment that has part of its name is by the title Epic Winter - Snow Pixies, with two character dolls, Foxanne and Veronicub.


Each doll comes with their own diary that tells which fairytale flower they are the guardian of.


There is a TV special of the same name which has aired on August 5, 2016, featuring the Epic Winter looks.


  • The TV special features one more character dressed up, which is Faybelle Thorn.


Doll stockphotography - EW Briar I Doll stockphotography - EW Briar II Doll stockphotography - EW Ashlynn I Dolll stockphotography - EW Ashlynn II
Briar Beauty Briar Beauty Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella
Doll stockphotography - EW Blondie I Doll stockphotography - EW Blondie II Doll stockphotography - EW Apple I Doll stockphotography - EW Apple II
Blondie Lockes Blondie Lockes Apple White Apple White
Doll stockphotography - EW Madeline I Doll stockphotography - EW Crystal I Doll stockphotography - EW Crystal II Epic Winter Sparklizer Playset
Madeline Hatter Crystal Winter Crystal Winter Epic Winter Sparklizer Playset & Crystal Winter
Doll stockphotography - EW Rosabella & Daring I Doll stockphotography - EW Rosabella & Daring II
Rosabella Beauty & Daring Charming Rosabella Beauty & Daring Charming

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