Enchanting Style is a memory and spot-the-difference game themed to Briar Beauty, which was released on the Ever After High website on November 06, 2014. The game comprises 12 levels, of which two for each outfit.


In the game, there is always an outfit to correspond to for each level. Occasionally, there are the four candidates from the Thronecoming court's outfits which are featured in the game to match to (Apple White, Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid and Raven Queen). These levels are known as "Throne Coming Levels". In each and every level, there is a counter (900 seconds are the limit) depending on the time taken to combine the outfit. Hints are provided and are unlimited to the player.

As for the second portion of the game, it is a spot-the-difference part which usually takes at least three differences in order to complete the entire level. If failed there, that level will restart. Hints are also usable there, however it deducts 20 points off each hint. Three wrongly spotted differences will result in a restart of the level as well.

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