Edith Broomswood was once a member of witchy community, but now is a high powered literary agent to stars who might get her published.She's publishing agent for Yarns and Nobles. She appears in the book Truth or Hair.



She likes to help new authors with talent and creativity to achieve success.


She has greenish face and a long nose.

Fairy Tale

As her name suggests, she is a kind of witch who ride brooms and terrorize villagers.



She was once a member of witchy community. She is also the Shanon Tale, and Holly O'Hair literary agent, and helps Holly to publish her stories.


Ever After High (II)

Holly O'Hair, daughter of the famously tressed Rapunzel, stood in front of her favorite Book End store, Yarns and Noble. Her MirrorPhone chimed.  Was Ms. Broomswood. Holly'd sent her twelve stories to Ms. Broomswood five weeks ago. In order to get her story collection published and then sold in a store like Yarns and Noble. Ms. Broomswood tell to Holly that she just finished reading her stories and adore them. She wanted to make Holly her client, making her rich and famous. She says to Holly that she must sign a contract of agreement with her first. A piece of paper appeared on the MirrorPhone screen, and she says that Holly no need to read it, be cause is the same contract that she use for all her clients. Holly signed the contract, and it desappeared. So, Ms . Broomswood talks about being ready for failure and the call ended. Truth or Hair

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