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The EAH Bookmark page is one of the two personalized pages on the Ever After High website. The page contains four components, the first of which is the 'daily' "What's Your Story Today?" bar. Clicking it yields a choice between two lines, one Royal and one Rebel and both clearly marked as such. Selecting a line influences the Royal~Rebel alignment of the user and rewards them with ten gem charms. Though purportedly a daily activity, earning between 1000 and 1500 gold charms (it varies) resets the question.

The second component is "My Page-Turning Tales", which is presented as a book with the first page of each chapter filled out. Users unlock the second page by watching webisodes on the website, and once unlocked they can choose to end the story on either a Royal or a Rebel note. This too influences the Royal~Rebel alignment of the user and rewards them with ten gem charms, but unlike the "What's Your Story Today?" feature, the "My Page-Turning Tales" are permanent and cannot be redone.

Next on the page is "My Adventures", which is a list of activities the user has done and can do to earn charms and level points. And lastly, the EAH Bookmark page contains all the cards already unlocked and those that have yet to be unlocked along with an instruction as to how to unlock them.

Along with the creatable accounts, this portion of the website became discontinued in Late May, 2015.


What's Your Story Today?

Royal Rebel
A velvet cape and a pair of bejeweled slippers always put me in the mood to walk the halls and greet my future subjects with a smile. Bad hair days are a major fairy-fail. But I’ve got an hexcellent cure: My Coat of Infinite Darkness.
Being swept off my feet by my Prince Charming is my Happily Ever After. I have to figure out my Once Upon a Time first before I even think about dating.
Daring Charming is a hextbook prince. I'm so crushing on Hunter Huntsman.
Even though I know I have a Happily Ever After, I still want to live each day like I might fall asleep for 100 years. I want to revel in a mad world of endless possibilities.
Every story needs a villain. Evil cramps my style.
Everyone knows my story, but there's a lot of pressure when you're next in line to be "the fairest of them all." Sometimes I just want to howl to the world, "I'm proud of who I am!" Hopefully, someday I can.
Everything's perfectly spelled out, from beginning to end. I have no idea what's going to happen on the next page, but I can't wait to find out.
Grimmnastics is my least favorite subject. We all have to wear the same ugly uniform. Gross! I love cross-country running. Maybe it's because in my story, I can run like the wind.
Having a ball, literally, is my idea of a storybook evening. There's nothing better than teatime with by best friend forever after.
Heading to Tower Hair Salon for a trim. I've got to keep my royal locks crown-ready! Would it be mad to let Maddie cut my hair? She said I could borrow one of her hats if my new 'do is a fairy-fail.
Hero Training class is so easy. I was born to bring out the hero in everyone. It’s so nice out today, I'm finding it really hard to hocus-focus on my History of Evil Spells and General Villainy thronework.
I don’t need to rewrite destiny. My story already ends with Happily Ever After. If you don’t like how your story ends, why not rewrite it?
I hate it when I'm running behind. I never want to be a minute too late. There's always time for tea. Everything else can wait!
I know falling in love is part of my story. I don't know if true love will be a part of my story. I'm still trying to get through Chapter 1.
I love listening to romantic ballads while I daydream about my Happily Ever After. Playing my guitar and singing along to rock muse-ic is wicked cool.
I may have to kiss a lot of frogs, but I’ll find my prince. I'm more worried about figuring out my story than finding a boyfriend.
I singed my crown in Dragon Slaying class today. Total fairy fail. What did I learn in History of Evil Spells today? Dark Magic + Good Intentions = Castastrophe. That explains a lot.
I think not pledging your destiny is a major fairy fail. I think the only way to leave your Ever After wide open is to not pledge your destiny.
I want to rock the ruler of the kingdom gig. Just because I'm not a damsel in distress doesn't mean I don't deserve a Happily Ever After.
I'll have a date to the Legacy Day Dance if it's a part of my story. I'm going to hext Cupid to see if she can help me find a date to the Legacy Day Dance.
I'm as sweet as sugar on porridge. Evil cramps my style.
I'm baking a cake for the Royal Student Council Bake Sale. I'm making homemade scones to serve at my tea-rific tea party.
I'm decorating my locker with pictures of my boyfriend. He's my Prince Charming and we are going to live Happily Ever After. I keep changing my locker decorations. One day it's pictures of my best friends forever after; another day it's my fave band.
I'm feeling fairest. I'm feeling as mad as a hatter.
I'm going to bungee-jump off the East Turret today. Gotta live every day to the fullest. I'm going to practice playing my guitar today. Muse-ic is an hexcellent way to express yourself.
I'm going to enjoy each and every page of my story, because I know Happily Ever After is how it ends. The End is just the beginning. I'm gonna write a new story just for me.
I'm heading to the Village of Book End to hex out the Book End Boutique's new collection of tiaras. I'm going to stop by the Mad Hatter’s Tea Shoppe to visit Maddie at work.
I'm hexting everyone to tell them about The Glass Slipper Shoe Store sale. I'm hexcited about the 2-for-1 special on tea at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Shoppe.
I'm ready to start living my story. I want to rewrite my story and make it my own.
I'm so looking forward to Legacy Day and pledging my destiny. The thought that Legacy Day is fast approaching... I'm totally throne for a loop.
I'm sticking to the sсript today. There's something comforting about knowing what's supposed to happen. I'm flipping the sсript today. I love doing what feels right and not knowing how it’s going to turn out.
I'm taking the long way to Crownculus today so I can try to run into Dexter Charming. I'm going for a walk in the Enchanted Forest, so I can catch a glimpse of Hunter Huntsman. Sigh!
I've been studying for today’s Princessology quiz and I'm ready to rule. I'd be lying if I said I was ready for my Magicology test today. I need to study just a splinter more.
It's a tiara kind of day. I'm wearing my cricket headband today.
My dorm room might need a little more Royal Red and Imperial Gold. There's no such thing as too much purple.
My fave class is Princessology. I'm hexcited for Magicology.
My favorite indulgence? Shoes! My favorite indulgence? Tea parties!
My future feels secure, because it's written in permanent ink. Get an eraser. I’m ready to rewrite my story.
My Magic Mirror told me I'm the fairest one of all. My Magic Mirror doesn’t speak, but if it could, I'm pretty sure it would say, "Way to rock your inner-Rebel."
Of course Raven Queen is going to pledge her destiny. If she doesn't follow the story, it will cease to exist—and then she will cease to exist. Poof! When I heard Raven Queen wasn't going to pledge her destiny, I thought someone was just spreading fables. But I can't wait to see if that's true.
Royal red lipstick is simply spellbinding. Purple lip gloss is wicked awesome, don’t you think?
Royals rule. Rebels rule.
The great thing about living your destiny is you know your future, because it's already been written in your story. Everyone thinks I'm mad when I tell them I can see into the future. But I can!
Today is one of those days where you just gotta rock the crown. I'm wearing my most tea-riffic hat to school today.
Today's class schedule: Kingdom Management, Crownculus, Grimmnastic, Princessology and Cooking Class-ics. Today's class schedule: General Villainy, Home Evilnomics, Magicology, History of Evil Spells and Witchness Management.
We are all pages in the big book of life, and we have roles to play. It's time to flip the sсript and write my own story. Maybe I can encourage others to do the same.
It's always spellbinding to meet and greet everyone in the Castleteria. I think I'll eat my lunch outside today and enjoy the views of the Enchanted Forest, as well as a little what-ever after time.
Headmaster Grimm is who to go to when you want to discover the truth about fairytales. The most hexcellent teacher at Ever After High is Baba Yaga—especially when she sometimes flips the script.
I've got a beautiful Happily Ever After, but it's hundreds of years away. I love my destiny, but I also love the idea of everyone getting to decide their own.
After school is for studying, socializing, mani-curses and pedi-curses and prepping for my destiny. Trying to rewrite your destiny can be time-consuming. There are a lot of choices to make before you can figure out your Forever After.
I'm going to hex out the latest copy of Once Upon Times to catch up on everyone's stories. I love reading the Broken Mirror. The underground museletter has all the gossip.
I might be opinionated, but that's because I want everything to be just right. I can't tell a lie, so you will always get my true opinion.
Being the president of the Royal Student Council is my destiny. I can't wait for our first fundraiser! Being the president of the Royal Student Council sounds like a tea-riffic way to make sure everyone is included in school spellebrations.
I’m decorating my dorm room to look just like the castle I will someday call home. I went shopping and picked out some totally wicked stuff to decorate my dorm room any way I want.
I’m going to flip my crown if Raven decides to not pledge her destiny. What a fairy fail! I almost flipped my hood with hexcitement when I heard Raven might not pledge her destiny.
A big red apple is the best snack ever! My fave snack: Liver and onions…. Just kidding! It’s tea and crumpets.
I want people to know me as the fairest of them all — on the inside as well as the outside. I just want to be allowed to stay wicked true to myself.
I love it when the birds sing a sweet little song to me in the morning, or help me carry my books. Dragons are the most wicked awesome of the woodland creatures.
Every princess needs a Prince Charming. You don’t need to be a prince for me.

My Page-Turning Tales

Webisode~Title Page 1 Page 2 (Royal~Rebel)
"The World of Ever After High"
"What's Your Story?"
I'm super hexcited to be attending Ever After High, an elite boarding school for the next generation of famous fairytale legends. My class schedule includes such wicked awesome classes as Kingdom Management and Magicology, and I live in the charming dorms and get to hang out in the spellbinding Village of Book End. When I arrived, I thought all of the students were destined to follow their parents' stories. But I soon found out not everyone wanted to stick to their story. I don't want to be a drama queen, but that's not how the story goes. Everyone is supposed to pledge to follow their destinies. That’s how it works. I'm going to have to talk with Headmaster Grimm about this.
This new school year is filled with hexcellent surprises. I love an unhexpected plot twist. I'm totally spellbound to see how the story plays out—not just for me, but for my fellow fairytales.
"Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal"
"Chapter One Begins ..."
The first day of a new school year is royally exciting—and fairy nerve-racking at the same time. As I walked through the hallways past Apple White, Raven Queen and other fairytales destined to be the next generation of storybook legends, I tried to remember to greet all with a smile. Everyone seemed happy to see me—even Headmaster Grimm. But I can't help but wonder, do they know the real me? If they don't know me now, I'm sure the real me will shine through when I follow my destiny and live my Happily Ever After. Oops, that's my MirrorPhone ringing. Must be my Best Friend Forever After. Charm you later!
My story doesn't spell out who I really am. I'm still figuring that out myself, and I'm not so sure I want to follow the script and live out my destiny. It might be time to go off script.
"Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel"
"Rewrite. Ignite. Restart!"
Ever since I was little, I've known my fate, but does that have to be my future? I've never dared to wonder what it would be like if I could choose my own Happily Ever After—until now. The thought of choosing my own destiny is spellbinding. I don't know who I want to be yet. I'm only in high school. My story has already been written for me, though. Nobody has to spell it out for me. And why would I want to flip the script when I have a Happily Ever After?
My story should be up to me. If I decide to rewrite my destiny, that will be my choice. It's wicked awesome to imagine what the future holds. The End is just the beginning for me.
"Stark Raven Mad"
"The Yolks on You"
When Headmaster Grimm called me into his office, he didn't tell me why. I soon found out, he wanted us to encourage Raven to go all Evil Queen on us. But that didn't work out so well for him. Dark magic + good intentions = catastrophe. Look what she did to Headmaster Grimm. Raven may be nice sometimes, but she's obviously evil, too. Who turns the headmaster of their school into part chicken?
Just because Raven accidentally turned Headmaster Grimm into part chicken doesn't mean she's evil. That was a fairy-fail. She just needs to work on her magic.
"True Reflections"
"Mirror, Mirror..."
Apple White is royally fableous from crown to toe. Every day, her first chapter must start with rising with the sun to get fairest and figure out which spellbinding outfit to wear. The story around school is she has a Magic Mirror that gives her advice on everything, from fashion to makeup tips. Maybe that’s why she’s always the fairest one of all. Hmmm... maybe I'll start getting up a little earlier. I pop out of bed and greet the sun with a smile. Each new day brings me one step closer to my Happily Ever After.
It would be wicked awesome if I could cast a get-ready-for-school-fairy-quickly spell. Then I could take my time slowly waking up before I have to head to class.
"Who Will Rule?"
Ever After High has so many spellbinding Royal Student Council events throughout the year—from book-to-school fundraisers to planning the Legacy Day Dance. Being the president of this charming school group is a huge honor. Though Apple White has been ruling the Royal Student Council since kingdergarden, for the first time ever after, someone decided to run against her. Ever After High elections? What a bombspell! Apple has always done a royally awesome job as president of the Royal Student Council. After all, being a ruler is her destiny. Maddie may be able to assist her with her duties, but I think Apple will continue to wear the crown.
If a Royal and a Rebel can share such a big responsibility, who knows what the future holds? This is definitely the start of a new chapter at Ever After High.
"Briar's Study Party"
"Testing, Testing…"
Everyone knows Briar Beauty can throw a page-ripping party, but who knew she’d be the go-to princess for Science & Sorcery. When Professor Rumpelstiltskin announced he was giving one of his wicked hard tests, the class decided we’d have a better chance of passing if we all studied together. Briar said she’d be in charge of the study group, but instead she fell asleep. Why couldn’t her destiny be Wide Awake Beauty? I helped everyone stay hocus-focused by coming up with an hexcellent study plan. Not too much about Sorcery, not too little about Science but the just right amount of both.
I came up with a catchy riddle about Pixie Dust, Leprechuan Gold, Dragon Fire and Cloud Mist at the study party. Even though not everyone could figure it out, they all said it helped them remember those elements on the periodic table.
"Here Comes Cupid"
"Everyone has a Shot at True Love!"
For generations, fairytales always believed that your story either had true love at the end or it didn’t. But when C.A. Cupid arrived at Ever After High, I started to wonder what if I would be able to find my own Prince Charming, even if it wasn’t part of my destiny? Could true love be waiting for me where I least expected it? That all sounds hexcellent, but I already know that my Prince Charming is coming, and I don’t need one of Cupid’s magical arrows to help me discover my Happily Ever After. True love is a part of my story…and I can’t wait to live the fairytale.
It’s pretty hexciting to think that true love could be waiting for me just over the Troll Bridge or in the Enchanting Forest. I kind of like that I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m writing my story one page at a time.
"The Shoe Must Go On"
"Charmed, I’m Sure!"
Ever since I was little, I’ve known my fate, but does that have to be my future? I’ve never dared to wonder what it would be like if I could choose my own Happily Ever After—until now. The thought of choosing my own destiny is spellbinding. I don’t know who I want to be yet. I’m only in high school. TBA

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