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Duchess is dancing on top of her lake and leaps in. She dances and does spins, until she slips.
Duchess Swan: Whoo...whoo...AH! [Falls inside the lake and sputters.] EW! The lake is covered in slime! [Wipes off slime on her nose.] Where is this coming from?! [She swims over to an open pipe spewing out slime. Tracing it back, it comes from a restaurant.] Time to go black swan on this place...

Confirmed that the Marsh Pit is the joint polluting Duchess's lake, Duchess plans on confronting the owner.
Marsh King: Enchanting deals at the Marsh Pit! Marsh meat like mom used to make!
Duchess Swan: Excuse me, but what is this? [Points down to slime on a nearby pipe.]
Marsh King: This? Why, it's the most hextacular marsh-only restaurant in the Village! [He hands her a flyer.]
Duchess Swan: [Angrily.] Well, you're draining your waste [She crumples up his flyer.] into my lake!
Marsh King: Waste! Well, that's the price of doing business, [Duchess is appalled and she gasps.] little swan!
Duchess is determined to shut his joint down. She goes back to Ever After High and decides on calling for help.

Duchess is in the dorms and she approaches Raven.
Duchess Swan: [Knocking.] Raven! Something terrible has happened. And I need you to cast one of your evil spells―
Raven Queen: [She holds a hand out.] Duchess. You want me to help you after you made that unicorn poke us all in Beast Training and Care class?
Duchess Swan: [Teasingly.] Sparkles doesn't poke that hard!
Raven slams her door on Duchess.

Next, Duchess goes to Dexter.
Duchess Swan: So...Dex! [Chuckling.] I really need your help!
Dexter Charming: After you two [He points to Duchess and her "double".] threw my glasses into a seeing-double potion?
Duchess Swan: [Jokingly.] Whatever after! That was funny!
Dexter, too, shuts her out.

Ashlynn Ella: Duchess... [She tries closing her door but Duchess holds it open.]
Duchess Swan: The lake is in trouble.
Ashlynn Ella: [Shrug.] I'll get Hunter.
Duchess Swan: Great. 'Cause at first, I was like: why would I even ask Ashlynn?
Ashlynn shuts her door but decides on helping Duchess anyway.

From the back door of his restaurant, the Marsh King dumps his waste into the pipe on purpose.
Marsh King: Hahahahaha!
Pesky: [Taunting as he throws an acorn at the Marsh King.]
Marsh King: Agh! Come here! [Starts chasing Pesky.] That's the last acorn you'll ever throw!
Ashlynn Ella: [She holds out her MirrorPad.] Recording!
Lance Charming: After the video of the unsanitary conditions of the Marsh Pit kitchen surfaced, Book End officials discovered that the Marsh King was illegally dumping his grease in the nearby Enchanted Lake. And who do we have to thank for all this?
Duchess is being broadcasted on television.
Duchess Swan: It was me! I saved the lake. All by myself! Duchess Swan! [Points.] Remember that name, people!
Ashlynn and Hunter: Seriously?
Duchess Swan: Like you didn't see that coming! [She giggles and switches the television off.]

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