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It is still the night at the movies with Raven and Dexter, and Cerise comes sprinting towards the Multi-hex and goes up to Cedar.
Cerise Hood: Cedar! Have you heard anything from the girls since they left for the party? I was just in the woods...
Fade to Cerise's flashback.
The three bears are standing outside their house in a defensive position.
Child bear: Don't worry, Dad. Blondie Lockes and her friends won't be back here anytime soon! [Throws punches.]
Father bear: That's my boy.
Cerise Hood: [Turns around abruptly.] Blondie? [Fade back to the present.] Why would she be here in the Dark Forest?
Cedar Wood: Weird, because she went to the Enchanted Forest with Ashlynn, Poppy, and Cupid! [Quick gasp and she drops her popcorn bag.]

Back at Ever After High with her friends.
Cedar Wood: They're in the wrong forest! [Everyone around her gasps.]
Raven Queen: They must've taken the wrong path!
Apple White: [She hits a fist on her hand.] I say we pitch in and do something about it, come on!

The students are waiting inside Baba Yaga's hut.
Dexter Charming: How much longer are we gonna wait for Baba Yaga?
Apple White: She's bound to show up soon; we just have to be patient and think positive thoughts.
Raven Queen: [Stands up.] Well, I'm positive I'm done waiting. This is an emergency! [Pulls random levers on the hut.] ...How do you work this thing? [A handle starts spinning and Raven gasps.]

From outside, the hut is activated and it clucks. Wow! Baba Yaga's office, forward! [Randomly pulls lever and it steps out of its nest.] Hey, this is easier than I thought!

Students: [Hysterical screaming.]
The wheel spins uncontrollably and Raven loses balance along with the hut.
Raven Queen: [Grunt.] Whoa! [Raven and everyone else inside is being shaken around crazily by the hut.]
Three billy goats gruff: [Bleating.]
Raven Queen: [The hut kicks open the school's front doors and students start screaming.] Sorry about that! Still learning... Oh—student driver!
The hut breaks a wall and leaps onto several porches.

Slow down, turn right! Go left, go left, go left!

It continues to do so and stops on a high point on top of a roof and starts tethering on one leg. Raven is shocked and aggressively uses her magic, twisting its legs together.

Yay...! [Raven and everyone exclaim in surprise as they fall down the building.]

The hut starts falling and bumping onto the school turrets.
Hunter Huntsman: [Groan.]
Dexter bumps his head on a shelf which knocks down a bottle, which apparently contains Baba Yaga.
Baba Yaga: Released! Haha! Finally! A spell went celled and I was trapped in that bottle all night! Hoho!

Baba Yaga glances around the room and finds it trashed. Raven Queen!

Raven Queen: [Sheepish chuckle.]
Baba Yaga: Have you been driving this room without my permission? [Leans in closer.]
Raven Queen: Er, well... I—
Baba Yaga: I like it! [Brief laughter.] Give in to your dark side; it's an excellent start!
Raven Queen: But I did it because our friends, well, they're lost in the Dark Forest. They need our help!
Baba Yaga: Say no more! [Waves a hand out.] Hold on! Field trip to the Dark Forest!

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