Raven takes Baba Yaga’s office for a spin to help save her friends in the Dark Forest.


Cerise arrives at the Multi-hex theater and consults Cedar about her friends who went to the Blue Moon Forest Fest and haven't made it back yet as she explains her flashback to Cedar where she was exploring the Dark Forest and found the three bears complaining about Blondie, which raises the question why Blondie and her friends went to the Dark Forest. Cedar has the proposition that they're actually in the wrong forest. Cedar then makes her way back to school and raises awareness of the situation amongst their friends and they all decide on calling for Baba Yaga's help and wait in her hut.

After a while of waiting, Raven takes charge and decides on maneuvering the hut herself despite Baba Yaga's absence. Although it does turn out well the first few tries, the hut utterly goes out of control and it startles several students as it storms through the halls of Ever After High and trashes things before breaking an entire wall and jumping higher up the structure. Raven is keen on stopping it as she desperately uses her magic to tie its legs together, however the hut's legs untwist and they all topple down together.

Dexter's head accidentally bumps on a shelf which knocks down a bottle containing a type of potion. It soon shatters and Baba Yaga is free, after apparently casting a spell, trapping herself in the bottle the entire night through. As soon as Baba Yaga discovers the place has been disheveled by Raven and her friends, she immediately is proud of how Raven would do such a thing as it is in her story, but Raven tells her the true issue and they all set out to find their friends in the Dark Forest.


  1. Duchess Swan
  2. Lizzie Hearts
  3. Cedar Wood
  4. Cerise Hood
  5. Three bears
  6. Hunter Huntsman
  7. Apple White
  8. Raven Queen
  9. Dexter Charming
  10. Three billy goats gruff
  11. Melody Piper
  12. Kitty Cheshire
  13. Pied Piper
  14. Daring Charming
  15. Humphrey Dumpty
  16. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  17. Lilly-Bo Peep
  18. Milton Grimm
  19. Madeline Hatter
  20. Baba Yaga



  • This webisode aired on a Friday, continuing the events from the last webisode.