Dragon Games - dragon games arena

The dragon arena is a structure planted near the school grounds, under the cliff Ever After High is built upon, which was where the first Dragon Sports took place. It is neighboring the dragon stables.


Back in the days when Raven Queen's and Apple White's mothers were still in high school, it was a center for the much respected Dragon Games were held. The favorite competitions involved the rivalry between Snow White and the Evil Queen, who were both avid players, and fought over victory and for their destiny's sake. Because of this competitiveness, the Headmasters Giles and Milton Grimm thought it was better to abolish the Dragon Games and destroy the arena with it.

As of "Dragon Games", the arena has been brought back to life again, as did the sport. It was reintroduced into Ever After High's routine and it is now a visited place by both students and by-passers.


Once in ruins, it has been restored under the order of Snow White to reintroduce the Dragon Games into Ever After High's school routine. It consists of an open field with marked sport lines in the green grass, with thick all wall around it, with windows and pillars and stone bleachers sculpted in it. In each corner there is a planted tree tower with a base on top and red flags flowing from it, and the equipment needed to play the game, two long golden hoop goals. There is a stage in the opposite side of the big archway door, with a jumbo sized TV, with two dragon statues to each side, one is black and one is white. It is surrounded by trees.

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