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Male narrator: This was no ordinary day for Raven Queen.
Female narrator: Raven was finally mastering her magic, [Raven shows up by the steps and is horded with students on campus. She sheepishly smiles and runs off.] only she wasn't using her powers in a way that would please her evil mother.
Brooke Page: Well, you know what they say, you can't judge a book by its mother.
Cedar Wood: [Cedar enters.] Raven, I broke a nail and gave myself a splinter!
Raven Queen: No problem, Cedar. [She uses her magic to fix Cedar's finger.]
Cedar Wood: [Gasp.]
Daring Charming: [Daring enters.] Um, I toasted marshmallows with dragon fire, and the soot stained my teeth! [Raven fixes his problem and he flashes a confident smile.]
Blondie Lockes: [Blondie enters.] I dropped my MirrorPad and I can't fill my MirrorCast this afternoon! [Shows Raven MirrorPad, who fixes it instantly. Raven immediately runs down the steps.]
Students: Raven, Raven, Raven! Help me! I'm next!
Raven Queen: Okay you guys, as much as I would love to, I can't do spells all day. [She glances away.] Apple!
Apple White: Hi, Raven!
Raven Queen: I'm so late, you-know-who is gonna have an epic meltdown.
Apple White: [Giggling.] Go, go, go, go! [Playfully ushers Raven away.] I've got this.
Raven Queen: I owe you one, Apple. [She waves goodbye.]
Apple White: That's what friends forever after are for.
Tiny: [Tiny enters and shoves his jar full of billy goats at Apple's face.] The billy goats are in a jam, and it's my jam!
Apple White: I'd be happy to help!
Little Billy Goat: We want Raven, not you!
Apple leaves it with a pout. Meanwhile, Raven is walking past Lizzie, Darling, and Maddie, who are playing cards.
Lizzie Hearts: Good luck today!
Darling Charming: And keep away from the glass!
Raven Queen: Thanks, guys.
Male narrator: Visiting day - the day Raven gets to see her mother in her mirror prison, and Raven was nervous.
Brooke Page: I'd be nervous too if my mom were the Evil Queen.
Milton Grimm: Ms. Queen. [Stands up from his seat.] Sign here. Now remember, keep away from⎯
Raven Queen: The glass. [Holds a hand up.] I know, I know.
Milton presses a button which opens a sliding shelf door directing her elsewhere. Raven calms herself and walks up the stairs, leading to a tower. After opening a pair of double-doors, an angry purple dragon breathes out a wave of fire. Surprisingly, Raven is happy to see it.
Raven Queen: Nevermore! [Opens her arms up for a hug.] Who's a good dragon?
Nevermore: [Whimpering.]
Raven Queen: Don't worry, I can handle Mom!
Raven and Nevermore make their way up a spiral staircase. On the top floor, a mirror projecting swirling smoke is centered in the middle of the floor. As Raven approaches, her mother's figure fades in.
Evil Queen: [She is exercising using a training bike.] Raven!
Raven Queen: [Casually.] Hi, Mom.
Evil Queen: I've been waiting forever after. [She magically reverts back to her normal self.] How do I look?
Raven Queen: You look great, Mom.
Evil Queen: How's school?
Raven Queen: School's great, actually.
Evil Queen: [Excitedly.] Have you been a bad girl?
Raven Queen: Well, I...
Evil Queen: I know you've been using your powers for good - helping others! [Dramatically.] Where did I go wrong?
Raven Queen: Things have changed, Mom. It's not like back when you went to school here. We can choose our own destiny!
Evil Queen: I know one thing hasn't's better to be feared than forgotten.
Raven Queen: It's true, everybody fears you...
Evil Queen: Thank you! Get me out of here, and I'll show you the way. We'll rule side-by-side. We'll take over Ever After High together! It'll be a great bonding experience, like shopping, only, world domination.
Raven Queen: Take over the school? Why would I want to hurt my friends? [Piqued.] Don't you get it? I never wanna be like you! I wanna choose my own happily ever after! [She loses control of her magic and the air around her turns into a purple, flaring flame, hitting everything around her.]
Evil Queen: [Encouragingly.] Let out that aggression. Go on! Hit the glass, Raven!
Nevermore is alarmed by Raven's impulsiveness and stands in front of the Evil Queen's mirror, implying that she's gone too far.
Evil Queen: [Groaning.] Nevermore!
Nevermore is startled by her acknowledgement and shrinks a size smaller, then crashes into a pile of broken paint.
Nevermore: [Whimpering.]
Raven Queen: [She picks up Nevermore and speaks sourly.] Nice try, Mom. You want me to break the mirror. You're not getting out that easily.
Evil Queen: [Chuckling.] Can't blame an Evil Queen for trying.
Milton Grimm: [From behind, he clears his throat.] Visiting hours are over!
Raven and Nevermore leave.
Evil Queen: [Fades back.] Oh, I'll find a way to break this mirror. And then Ever After will be facing a lot worse than seven years of bad luck... Count on it.

Raven is at her locker and the bell rings.
Raven Queen: [To Nevermore.] Yeah, Mom can be pretty intense. [She strokes Nevermore on the head, who purrs.]
Poppy O'Hair: [Poppy enters with Holly.] Hey, Raven!
Raven Queen: Hi guys.
Poppy O'Hair: How was visiting day?
Holly O'Hair: [Distracted, looking at Nevermore who is covered in paint.] Aw, what happened to you, girl?
Raven Queen: Don't ask.
Poppy O'Hair: Huh, someone sure needs a bath! [Pets Nevermore.]
Raven Queen: My mom really spooked Nevermore. She wound up with a bit of a messy makeover.
Poppy and Holly: [Laughing.]
Holly O'Hair: We could groom Nevermore for you!
Poppy O'Hair: Sounds like a job for Holly and Poppy! [She points to herself.]
Holly O'Hair: The O'Hair twins. [The two pose and smile at Raven together.]

An expensive car zooms past a small forest and reaches several commercial buildings.
Female narrator: There she is, Queen of the land, the fairest of them all, the mother of Apple White...
Male narrator: She's also a very powerful royal executive. She employs over 7 HUNDRED dwarves! The one and only, the Snow White. [A dwarf butler helps open her car door.]
Snow initially looks very nonchalant. As soon as birds fly to her, she smiles widely. As soon as they leave her arms, she reverts back to her reserved self.
Snow White: How's my enchanted tape collection selling? [Her chart dings in response.] Hexcellent. My daughter will love comfortably ever after. By the way, how is Apple doing in school? [Another MirrorPad dings in response.] Straight A's, perfect. [She enters an elevator.] What about socially, how are her ratings? [An emergency response is let out from the MirrorPad. Snow White is alarmed.] Apple's popularity is down? And who is⎯[She gets her spectacles.] Raven is up? This is fairy, fairy bad news. Set up a video call to my daughter. [She exits the elevator.]
Apple receives a call on her MirrorPad.
Apple White: Once upon a hi, Mom.
Snow White: Apple, I am fairy concerned about you. There's no easy way to say this, Apple pie, but your popularity is down thirteen percent.
Apple White: [Triggered.] It's Raven! Everyone loves her now that she's using her powers for-for good. Mom, it's terrible!
Snow White: You need to be proactive, my little dove; remind the world of our fairytale. Perhaps there's some way you could nudge Raven toward evil?
Apple White: [Shakes her head and inches back.] I-I wouldn't do that.
Snow White: Remember, she's still her mother's daughter, and so are you. So ask yourself, [Sternly.] how badly do you want our happily ever after?
Apple White: Mom, you know how much I heart our family tradition!
Snow White: Sometimes destiny needs a push, [Does a "push" gesture.] my sweet. I'll see what I can do from here to give you a boost.
Apple White: I'll think about it, Mom. [Ends call.]
Snow White: [Stands up.] Gather all business, dwarves, put a task force together. It's time to make this Apple shine!
In her room, Apple is still stunned by what she'd just heard from the call.
Apple White: [Sigh.]
Raven Queen: [Raven enters.]
Apple White: Hi, Raven.
Raven Queen: Hi Apple.
Apple White: So, how was seeing your mom? [The two walk over to the windowsill.] Are you feeling any, eviller?
Raven Queen: What? No! Erm, maybe. I don't know! Ah, my mom makes me wanna scream sometimes.
Apple White: That's good! That's good, maybe scream, and then... mmm, explode something with dark magic! [Apple notices what she'd just said and keeps quiet.]
Raven Queen: [Coolly.] Sounds like I'm not the only princess who got an earful from her mom today... [Apple slumps down in defeat.] So, how's she doing?
Apple White: She's worried that I'm not following in her fairytale footsteps.
Raven Queen: Hm, that's the one thing your mom and my mom can agree on. [Apple dully nods.]
It's nighttime, and Raven is fast asleep in her room. On the other side of the room, Apple is having trouble sleeping and is playing a game on her MirrorPad.
Apple White: [She sighs and gets off her bed. She talks to her magic mirror, where the Evil Queen is watching.] Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is life so unfairest after all?
Evil Queen: [The Evil Queen enters.] I spy doubt, and doubt makes room for the worm to get into the apple. [She conjures up a magic apple and passes it through the mirror.]
Eerie voice: Follow me; follow me.
Apple White: [Shakes head.] What? [Apple follows the magic apple.]
The apple floats to a tree growing at the end of the room, opening up a portal which Apple goes into. There, she finds herself in a new room with one mirror. She grabs the apple with her hands and it immediately loses its magic.
Evil Queen: [The Evil Queen appears from smoke in the mirror.] You poor thing. [Apple abruptly gasps.] Tell me your troubles.
Apple White: [Inches back.] I can't talk to you!
Evil Queen: Oh, Apple. We have so much more in common than you know.
Apple White: W-what do you want?
Evil Queen: The same thing you want - I could help you, you know. I can restore things to the good old ways, steer Raven on her course of evil, so you get your Happily Ever After. But, I can't do it from inside the mirror.
Apple White: Even if I trusted you, I can't let you out of the mirror, that would be wrong! [She turns her back to the mirror.]
Evil Queen: Oh I'm sorry, I thought maybe you were like your mother. When her time came, your mother embraced her fairytale destiny! She did whatever it took!
Apple White: [Angered.] I am not afraid! I will do whatever it takes! And I am like my mother, and my destiny is mine!! [She throws the apple in her hands to the mirror, shattering it.]
The Evil Queen proudly steps out of the mirror, leaving a shaky Apple standing in awe of what she'd just done.
Evil Queen: [Cackling.]
Brooke Page: The Evil Queen is free!
Female narrator: Yes, after years of banishment, the Evil Queen escaped!
Male narrator: And, at Apple White's hand, no less!
Evil Queen: Years in a mirror prison without a single reflective surface to gaze at myself upon? [Reaches for the apple on the ground.] Now, that's torture. [Her eyes narrow.]
Apple White: [Awkwardly.] I'm sorry, I need to go. I-I⎯you're good, right? Bad? I-I can't help you.
Evil Queen: Too late. [Chuckling.] You want your friends or your mother to know you released the Evil Queen?
Apple White: You can't just walk into school and talk to Raven! What happens when somebody recognizes you? I'll get in trouble, and⎯
Evil Queen: Good point. [She pulls out a shard embedded in the apple. It shatters on the ground.] I'll need to reinvent my look to blend in with today's teens. [In a whispering voice.] Let's make some magic. [She absorbs the life from the apple, leaving it shriveled.] From old to young, a journey back to fit in would be prudent; erase what time's cruel hands have done, make me a high school student!
With a blinding flash, the Evil Queen has transformed.
Mira Shards: I'll need a name. How about Mira? Mira Shards.
Apple White: [Speechless.] You're...a teenager.
Mira Shards: [Hugs Apple close.] Ready, my new best friend forever after? Time to go back to high school. Let's do this!
The next day, Holly and Poppy are grooming Nevermore.
Holly O'Hair: Wow, Poppy, this paint is hard to get off.
Poppy O'Hair: Tell me about it, Holly. And we're almost out of scale polish!
The water bucket gets knocked over and Nevermore is instantly alarmed.
Poppy O'Hair: Ahhh!
Nevermore: [She lets out a roar and starts trashing the room.]
Holly O'Hair: [Holly's hair gets ruined.] My hair!
Poppy O'Hair: Bad dragon! Sit!
Nevermore obediently sits, but a hay fork lands right next to her tail and she starts roaring again. A bucket falls and hits Nevermore on the head, causing her to breathe fire at random. Poppy shields herself with a bucket and the flames bounce off and incinerate a wall.
Holly O'Hair: [Hiding under a horse saddle.] Poppy, we're gonna need some kind of armor if we're gonna stay in the dragon grooming biz.
Poppy O'Hair: Uh huh.

Students are chatting in the castleteria. Apple and Mira walk over to Cerise and Darling.
Apple White: Everyone, I want you to meet the new girl - my old friend, Mira!
Mira Shards: What's down?
Apple White: [Whispering.] Up! "What's up?"!
Mira Shards: [Defeated.] Agh. What's up, new friends?
Darling Charming: I'm Darling. Darling Charming. How do you guys know each other?
Apple White: Neighbors.
Mira Shards: Camp. Yeah, we went to neighboring camps.
Cerise Hood: Hi! I'm Cerise Hood. What school did you⎯
Mira Shards: I was home-schooled.
Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn, along with Lizzie and Raven, enter.] Oh, hello. Welcome to Ever After High. I'm Ashlynn, that's Lizzie, [Gestures to Lizzie.] and Raven. [Gestures to Raven.] Love your outfit!
Raven Queen: You look wicked!
Mira Shards: [Shocked.] You're Raven Queen?! You're like a spellebrity! Daughter of the greatest villain in fairytale history?!
Raven Queen: Who, my mom? Yeah, she's a queen...a drama queen.
Apple White: Oohh...
Poppy O'Hair: [Poppy, Holly, and Nevermore enter.] Well, what do you think? All cleaned up.
Raven Queen: [Runs over.] Nevermore! Oh, she looks very⎯
Holly O'Hair: Bow-dacious! [Giggling.]
Mira Shards: Wow Raven, your dragon is so cute!
Nevermore: [She screeches and turns into a giant size dragon.]
Faybelle Thorn: [Screaming.]
Nevermore breathes fire after getting atop a vantage point.
Briar, Cupid, and Hopper: [Screaming.]
Milton Grimm: Raven Queen. What is your animal doing in the castleteria!
Raven Queen: I'm sorry, Headmaster Grimm! It won't happen again. [Hangs her head low.]
Holly O'Hair: [Chases after Nevermore.] Nevermore! Get back here!
The students' screams outside are audible.
Mira Shards: [Chuckling.]

Raven walks out of the castleteria, while Mira follows.
Mira Shards: Hey Raven, are you okay?
Raven Queen: Yeah, I don't know what's gotten into Nevermore. She doesn't normally spook like that!
Mira Shards: That was unfairest of Grimm to bust you like that. [Slyly.] Why didn't you blame Holly and Poppy? They brought a dragon into the castlteria!
Raven Queen: Uh, that's not what friends do.
The bell rings.
Raven Queen: Well, I'd better get to Science and Sorcery class.
Mira Shards: Actually, I'm in that class. Maybe you could show me the ropes?
Raven Queen: Sure. Let's go.
Mira and Raven are attending General Villainy together as well.
Badwolf: Here are your General Villainy exam results. [He walks over to Raven's desk and grumpily hands her paper back.] Room for improvement, Miss Queen. [Snarling.]
Raven Queen: [Sigh.]
Mira Shards: Cast a spell on the teacher and get straight A's. [Grins.] That's what I did in school.
Raven Queen: [Suspiciously.] Wait, I thought you were home-schooled.
Badwolf appears by them.
Badwolf: Talking in class, huh? Encouraging cheating? [Leans over to Raven.] Raven, stick with this new girl, you could learn a thing or two. [Mira smirks in response.]

Raven and her friends have Grimmnastics.
Gingerbreadman: Candy cane pole vault! This old Gingerbreadman is about to show you how to take the cake. [Exuberant grunt.]
Mira nudges Raven and casts a spell on Gingerbreadman's pole, elongating it at least three times its original length. Its momentum flings Gingerbreadman square-into a basketball hoop.
Mira Shards: [Carefree laughing.]
Eventually, Raven joins in and they both start laughing loudly.
Gingerbreadman: Raven Queen! Was that you?
Raven Queen: [Lightheartedly.] No, sir! [Quietly, to Mira.] Oh, but I kinda wish it was!
Apple is shocked at Raven's sudden change of heart. Mira smiles over to Raven.
The lunch bell rings, and Mira, Raven, and Apple are already seated. Darling and Cerise join them.
Mira Shards: ...That's what I did in school. [She slams her hand down onto the bench, prohibiting Cerise and Darling from joining them.] We were saving these seats. Sorry.
Cerise and Darling exchange glances. They both groan and find someplace else to sit.
Raven Queen: That wasn't fairy nice. Darling and Cerise are my friends!
Mira Shards: Nice will only get you so far. To be really popular, you need a little fear factor. Right, Apple?
Apple White: [Darts eyes around.] Um, I suppose there's truth in that.
Poppy O'Hair: [Poppy and Holly enter, this time fully-covered in protective armor, but some soot is on their faces.] Um. Raven, don't freak out, but we were trying this new scale polish on Nevermore, and well... she took off!
Holly O'Hair: We set up a grooming station in the old dragon stables behind the school. That's the last place we saw her. We thought, maybe if you call her...
Poppy O'Hair: Maybe she's just hiding somewhere and would come out! We're sorry.
Raven Queen: Thanks for getting me. Let's go! [Raven, Apple, and Mira stand up and proceed.]
Raven and her friends call for Nevermore.
Raven Queen: Nevermore! Nevermore, where are you?
Apple White: Wow, the old dragon games arena.
Mira Shards: Dragon games sound wicked! Have you ever played, Raven? You have a dragon.
Raven Queen: I know, but dragon games was my mom's thing and I really don't wanna be like her.
Apple White: Why did Headmaster Grimm close the dragon center down?
Holly O'Hair: You mean, you don't know? [She opens up her MirrorPad.] Dragon games can be very dangerous. They say Snow White and the Evil Queen were the greatest dragon games captains ever after.
Poppy O'Hair: They were wicked competitive, with their destinies and all.
Holly O'Hair: Did you know Legend is the last dragon from that original brood? [Everyone gasps as they hear a loud emanating noise.]
Mira Shards: [Points to the sound's direction.] That's a dragon cry.
Raven Queen: Nevermore! [She runs towards the dragon stables, with everyone behind her.]
Nevermore's head peeks out from inside a bale of hay. She instantly runs to Raven.
Raven Queen: Oh, there you are!
Daring Charming: [Petting Legend's head.] Something is wrong with Legend.
Holly O'Hair: Body temperature seems really high!
Daring Charming: Does that mean he's really sick?
Mira Shards: News flash, Daring. Your trusty steed isn't a he. She's a she. And she's not sick...
Holly O'Hair: [Gleefully.] I think it's time...
Apple White: Aww...
Girls: [Giggling.]
Daring Charming: [Obliviously.] What time?
Mira Shards: Ahem. [She rocks her folded arms up and down, referring to a baby.]
Daring Charming: Oh! That time! [Faints.]
Holly O'Hair: Dragonpedia says, in the wild, mothers lay their eggs near active volcanoes to warm them until they hatch. Apparently, it takes years.
Poppy O'Hair: Dragon babies must be so cute!
Apple White: Oh, I can't wait that long!
Raven Queen: I could cast a spell to keep the eggs warm!
Holly O'Hair: Hot idea.
Raven Queen: [Chanting.] Incubation incantation, warm with lava imitation!
Mira Shards: [Quietly.] This spell could use a power-up. [She touches the floor with her hand, which spreads her flame and adds it to Raven's.]
Raven Queen: [Frantic.] I must have overdone it! [She runs over and grabs a fire extinguisher, and sprays it over the flames.] Phew. [The flames light again, so Raven extinguishes the eggs a second time.]
Apple White: [Points.] Raven look, those lighter eggs are hatching.
Poppy O'Hair: I want the cutest one!
Holly O'Hair: This is magical!
Poppy O'Hair: [Picks up a dragon.] Oh my fairy godmother, this is hexciting!
Apple White: So cute!
Poppy O'Hair: Oh, this one's mine.
A dragon licks Daring back awake.
Daring Charming: Whoa!
Girls: [Giggling.]
Just then, the other eggs start cracking open, but the dragons look identical and start giving off an evil aura.
Holly O'Hair: This is bad. It got too hot. That can make them turn⎯
Apple White: Evil! Raven, are you trying to make evil dragons?
Raven Queen: What have I done?
Blondie Lockes: This is Blondie Lockes reporting live from the dragon stables at Ever After High, where dragons once again roam the hallowed halls. [A dragon catches Holly by surprise by stealing a carrot from her hand. She gasps in response.] It would seem that the students of Ever After would be eager to adopt these pesky pets. [Herowing lets out a wave of ice and freezes Darling's hand holding a toy in place. Darling tries shaking it off.] Though, the trend seems to be that a dragon chooses you.
A baby dragon flies over to Madeline Hatter and changes her hair to candy.
Madeline Hatter: Ooh, cotton candy! Mm, yum-di-dum!
Apple witnesses her friends acquire their dragons. She walks over to another direction, to where the evil dragons are located. She tries befriending them, but they still behave hostile. Meanwhile, a few of the baby dragons are playing with Legend. Using their fire breath, they blow Dexter, Daring, and Hopper out of the stables. Raven is standing outside the stables, witnessing Mira ride Nevermore, who seems quite frightened.
Mira Shards: Raven! You have to try this! Nevermore is a natural, woohoo!
Blondie Lockes: Who will be the next champion of dragon sports? [Chuckling.] Only time will tell!
Snow White is watching Blondie's MirrorCast.
Snow White: [Referring to Mira, the Evil Queen.] Why, you wicked old thing! Welcome back. Summon the architects! I've just had the fairest idea of all! This should get Apple back on top, and freshen my pure-as-snow image, too! [She lightly smirks.]
Several students are gathered in the charmitorium.
Mira Shards: What is with the sudden assembly?
Raven Queen: Hm-hm, it's top-secret - no one knows.
Blondie Lockes: I heard there's a special guest.
Apple White: Ooh, this is hexciting!
Milton Grimm: It is my honor to welcome back our most successful graduate, our beloved queen, Snow White.
Cheers erupt from the audience.
Apple White: What is she up to?
Snow White: [Chuckling.] A little bird told me that dragons have returned to my beloved alma mater. So it's time we restored the good old ways. Today, the dragon games are reinstated at Ever After High!
The dragon games are tough, yet elegant. And I want my Ever After riders dressed accordingly. I've hired the creative team of Lizzie Hearts and Ashlynn Ella to design all-new dragon wear.
On queue, the O'Hair twins appear onstage dressed up in new styles.
Lizzie Hearts: These looks are lightweight, flexible, and fashion-forward.
Ashlynn Ella: Not to mention fireproof, ice-proof, and explosion resistant.
To demonstrate, Holly's baby dragon blows a puff of fire at Holly, but her wear deflects it from affecting her. Poppy's baby dragon tries breathing ice. Poppy's wristcuffs take the hit, but the ice disperses quickly. The crowd oohs and ahhs at them.
Snow White: Adorable! Now, I can't very well bring back dragon riding in an old dilapidated arena! If you'll all follow me outside... [They walk outside.] Allow me to present the new Ever After High dragon center!
Snow White makes her way up to the center stage and everyone claps for her.
Snow White: Hold your applause, please. I must admit, this was not my idea. My daughter Apple thought bringing back dragon games would unite everyone with school spirit! [In response, everyone claps for Apple.]
Daring Charming: Way to go, Apple.
Apple White: [Blandly.] Wow, mom, why didn't you tell me about all this? Why did you say it was my idea when it wasn't?
Snow White: Oh, you're welcome, my little Apple dumpling.
Apple White: But mom, it's a lie!
Snow White: We discussed this! Sometimes you've gotta pull out all the stops and use your resources to get your fairytale back on track.
Apple White: Whoa. Mira was right. We are different.
Snow White: Who?
Mira Shards: ME! [The crowd gasps at her rudeness.] And you can't always just buy popularity, Snow.
Milton Grimm: Miss Shards! Mind your manners!
Snow White: "Mira Shards". Oh, [Chuckling.] very clever. Rumor has it you're an excellent dragon rider, for a new kid on the block.
Mira Shards: The rumor's true.
Snow White: Only you're not a student. [Apple gasps.] You might have been once, back when we were in school. [Mira makes a face at Snow.] I'd know that arched brow anywhere.
Apple White: [She tugs at her collar and gulps.]
Mira Shards: I just wanted to be closer to my daughter! You can understand that.
Raven Queen: Daughter?
Snow White: And to be young again, maybe? [Giggling.]
Mira Shards: You'd have done it too if you could. So I suppose now you're gonna send me back to that awful mirror prison?
Raven Queen: Mom! [Everyone gasps at Raven.]
Mira Shards: Sorry, birdie. [She transforms back into the Evil Queen.]
Evil Queen: Guilty as charged.
Madeline Hatter: Yay! The Evil Queen's here! Said no one ever! [Folds arms.]

Raven Queen: [Gasp.] Stand back, mother. I don't know how you escaped your prison, but I will not let you hurt my friends!
Evil Queen: Raven. I love that you're willing to fight with your magic powers, but you judge me too harshly. I don't wish harm.
Raven Queen: [Coldly.] Nice try, mom. I know your tricks.
Evil Queen: [Chuckling.] No tricks. It is not so hard to change. [With a flick of her wrist, she transforms Rumpelstiltskin into a frog.] See? He just changed.
Hopper Croakington II: [Catches Rumpelstiltskin.] Welcome to my world.
Poppy's dragon snaps at Rumpelstiltskin, who jumps out of Hopper's hands.
Evil Queen: Snow White, I am reformed. Ah! And now you have dragons. Why, what fun we could have had together.
Raven Queen: [Scoff.] No more games, mother.
Evil Queen: You remember, Snow.
Snow White: We did have an epic rivalry, you versus me - it hexcited the whole school!
Evil Queen: Say, I could coach a team. Oh, if I wasn't sent back into the mirror. What do you say, Snow White? Or is the fairest of them all afraid of a little competition?
Snow White: If I recall, the crowds were cheering for me. Okay, you're on. [Everyone gasps at her remark.]
Snow White: You won't snow what hit you!
Raven Queen: [Gasp.]
Snow White: I hereby grant the Evil Queen a temporary pardon. [People gasp again.]
Raven Queen: What?! How can you trust my mom not to be evil when she just turned a teacher into a frog!
Evil Queen: "Evil"? Okay, I'm changing him back. [Her magic reverts Rumpelstiltskin back to normal.]
On the contrary, the real Rumpelstiltskin is a frog because the Evil Queen reverts the wrong frog.
Evil Queen: There. You happy?
Raven Queen: Happy? I'll be happy when you do something good that's not part of some bargain! Find me when you do.
Raven leaves, while Darling sends a signal to the Evil Queen that she's watching her. Darling follows Raven.
Male narrator: The Evil Queen sure knows how to manipulate Snow White.
Female narrator: Her one weakness always has been dragon games.
Snow White: [To the Evil Queen.] I'm sure your daughter will come around. [To everyone.] We two queens will be your coaches! Tomorrow, we will choose our captains and teams! Let us begin a new era of dragon games!
Students: [Cheering.]
Blondie Lockes:' And there you have it, subscrollers! Dragon games are back!
Giles Grimm: Pardon for the Evil Queen? But⎯I⎯why?
Milton Grimm: [Unsure of.] If our good queen Snow White vouches for the pardon, then who are we to argue?
The frog in Rumpelstiltskin's form catches a fly.
Students are returning to the school premises, while Apple is called back by her mother.
Snow White: Come, Apple my dear. I'll give you a ride up to school.
Apple White: A pardon? Why?!
Snow White: Don't fret, applesauce! I have a secret weapon, behold the booking glass! [Holds out a hand mirror.] This has magic that can return the Evil Queen to prison forever after! All I have to do is input the sequence code and say the command words. Capture walnuts! [She presses a few buttons and the mirror sucks in the bowl of walnuts in front of them.]
Booking glass: Walnuts captured.
Snow White: Technology is so hexciting these days.
Apple looks at herself in the booking glass. The scene fades and opens to Daring looking at himself in the mirror. An evil dragon knocks down his mirror.
Daring Charming: [Gasp.] My mirror! [Pulls out bag full of mirrors.] Lucky for me, mirrors are cheap, and I buy in bulk.
Poppy O'Hair: [Poppy enters.] Daring! If you're done looking in that mirror, we could use a little help!
Holly is shown chasing the evil dragons in the background.
Daring Charming: But I'm-I'm not done.
The evil dragons are carrying Sparrow around and chasing Holly.
Poppy O'Hair: Daring!
Daring Charming: Okay! [To himself.] I'll see you later.

Students are signing their names up for dragon games in school.
Ashlynn Ella: Raven, are you gonna join the team tomorrow?
Raven Queen: Uh, no! My mother is up to something, Ashlynn! I can't believe that this isn't part of some evil plan. I just don't want to get involved.
Having heard everything, Faybelle flits away with a smile on her face.

Faybelle flies over to the dragon games arena and enters a room in a small building. She inspects the Rumpelstiltskin frog.
Evil Queen: Faybelle Thorn.
Faybelle Thorn: [Gasp.]
Evil Queen: To what do I owe a visit from the Dark Fairy's daughter?
Faybelle Thorn: A girl could learn a lot from someone who's as intelligent, beautiful, smart, powerful...
Evil Queen: What do you want? The truth.
Faybelle Thorn: I wanna be like you! Make me your dragonriding captain because I was listening to Raven and she said that there's no way she's gonna be on your team.
Evil Queen: My Raven said that?
Faybelle Thorn: I would do anything. Anything, to be like you.
Evil Queen: Anything? Hmm, okay. You may be of use to me. There are many teachers here who do not trust me. Let me share a bit of my dark magic with you. [She conjures up a bag, which Faybelle catches.] Here is what you need to do... [She whispers in Faybelle's ear.]

In the dragon stables, most of the people are asleep.
Raven Queen: [To Nevermore.] Haha, a lot of hexcitement around here, huh girl? [She strokes Nevermore's chin.] It might be pretty strange for a while; you know, while my mom's here.
An eerie pink magic intoxicates their space, making them woozy.
Raven Queen: [Yawning.] Maybe I'll just sleep out here with you tonight.
The Evil Queen menacingly walks over to Raven and Nevermore. She flashes an evil smile. Back in the dorms, Apple is brushing her hair while looking over to a picture with Raven on her desk.
Apple White: [Sigh.]
The door creaks open.
Apple White: Hey roomie, you're out late. Oh, it's you.
Evil Queen: Hello, Apple.
Apple White: you want?
Evil Queen: Why, to see you!
Apple White: I... I mean, what do you want for Raven? Your plan to get her on your side, it's not working. How will I get my⎯
Evil Queen: Your happily ever after. Yes my dear, I've not forgotten you.
Apple White: Also, my mom has the booking glass and she's just looking for an excuse to use it.
Evil Queen: Well, we'll have to do something about that, won't we? But first, Raven must become a dragon rider.
Apple White: But the dragons are too young to ride.
Evil Queen: Not for long, my dear. It will give her a thirst for competition. The joy for defeating others is a key step on a path of evil.
Apple White: Haven't I done enough?
Evil Queen: Hardly. You have just begun to serve me. If anyone learned that it was Apple White who freed me - why, you can kiss your Prince Charming and the rest of your tale goodbye! [She leaves.]
Apple White: [Apple's lip quivers and she starts crying.]
The next day at the dragon stables, a baby dragon licks Raven in the face to wake her up.
Raven Queen: Good morning! Wait, you're not Nevermore. Nevermore? Nevermore, where are you?
Poppy O'Hair: [Is being licked awake.] Ew! Dragon breath!
Holly O'Hair: [Giggling.]
Raven Queen: Nevermore?

Raven Queen: Nevermore?

Raven Queen: Here, dragon, dragon, dragon! I bet she has you!
Evil step-librarians: Shh!
Faybelle Thorn: [Lowers the book covering her face.] Hmm?
Faybelle flutters over to the counter of the library. With the evil step-librarian's backs turned, she takes out some powder and blows it on them, turning them into snails.
Faybelle Thorn: Cool. And I thought you guys were slimy before!

Faybelle places the evil step-librarians snail jar next to Rumpelstiltskin.
Rumpelstiltskin: [Unintelligible protesting.]
Evil step-librarians: Shh!

Students are gathered in the dragon games arena.
Milton Grimm: First will be the choosing of the two teams and captains! Following that, since your dragons are not fledged, today, you will merely walk your dragons through their paces.
Crowd: [Groaning.]
Giles Grimm: But no fear! The Evil Queen will today offer a masterclass demonstration of dragon riding.
Crowd: [Happy cheering.]
Snow White stands with the Evil Queen while Giles performs a coin toss. The Evil Queen's eyes glow, controlling the coin to land in her favor.
Giles Grimm: Dark wins, you may choose first.
Evil Queen: I choose...Apple White.
Apple White: [Gasp.] But no, I should be on my mom's team!
Evil Queen: Let me tell you a little story: when I was released from my mirror prison⎯
Apple White: No! [Chuckling.] I mean, yes! I'll be on your team. [To her mother.] It's just a game, right? Let's mix it up. Your turn, mom.
Snow White: I choose Darling Charming as captain of "light".
Darling Charming: Yes!
Crowd: [Cheering.]
Darling winks at Apple.
Milton Grimm: Captains, choose your teams.
Once the teams are selected, the girls are playfully chatting.
Giles Grimm: Well done, captains. Now that you've chosen your teams, it's time to⎯
Raven Queen: [Angrily walking up the steps.] Mom!!
Darling Charming: Raven! You changed your mind!
Raven Queen: Uh, no. Mom, did you take Nevermore?
Evil Queen: She is fine.
Raven Queen: Mom, where is Nevermore?
Evil Queen: Mummy has taken care of everything. [She gestures to her tower room balcony, where Nevermore is in chains.]
Nevermore: [Alarmed screeching.]
Crowd: [Gasp.]
Raven Queen: [Gasp.]
Evil Queen: Dragons are meant to be ridden.
On the balcony, Faybelle uses her magic to disintegrate Nevermore's chains. She flies off holding onto Nevermore's chains, but she is unable to ride her.
Faybelle Thorn: Whoa! Whoa! Whoaaaaa! Ahhh! [Screaming.]
The Evil Queen casts a spell on Nevermore, hypnotizing her to land.
Faybelle Thorn: Whoaa! Oof. Ughhhhh...
The Evil Queen redesigns her skirt to pants and mounts Nevermore.
Evil Queen: [Quietly, to Faybelle.] This is all a distraction. Find me Snow's magical mirror - I need that booking glass! Hya! [She and Nevermore rigorously take off.]
Nevermore: [Roaring.]
Evil Queen: [To Snow White.] Perhaps the students would benefit to a more in-depth demonstration. Care to join me, Snow?
Snow White: Oh, I couldn't. It's been ages.
Students: [Cheering for Snow White.]
Snow White: Well, if you insist. Got to give the people what they want! [She giggles and whistles.]
Snow rips off her dress, revealing herself to be already fully-clothed in dragon armor. She mounts Legend and the two start flying together.
Blondie Lockes: Oh, this is very hexciting! The Evil Queen and Snow White are giving one spelltacular crash course in dragonsport. So stop dragon your heels and come watch!
The people in Book End come rushing to Ever After High.

People have shown up at the arena to come watch. The Evil Queen and Snow White are flying together. A referee blows his whistle, then a small disc is released from the ground.
Blondie Lockes: Wow. See the floating jewels above the stadium? They determine the number of points a goal is worth once a rider flies through them. [Snow White flies through a red ruby in the shape of a raindrop. The Evil Queen looms above her.]
Evil Queen: [Cackling as she steals her disc.]
While the crowd is focused on their match, Faybelle flies to the stands and finds a magic mirror in Snow's purse. Before she can reach it, Daring sits next to her.
Daring Charming: I haven't seen a vision this spellbinding since [Gasp.] I last checked my hair. Speaking of which, [He reaches inside his mirror bag.] still perfect.
Faybelle blankly stares forward and reaches into Daring's mirror bag, replacing the magic mirror from Snow's bag with one of his.
Faybelle Thorn: Sorry Daring, gotta go. The uh, glare from your smile is blinding my view! [Wind gushes over Faybelle and she falls over.] Whoa!
Daring Charming: Oh, um, hey! You dropped this! Nice taste in mirrors, by the way.
Faybelle Thorn: Phew. [Flies away.]
Daring Charming: Or was this her mirror? Oh well, I have plenty.
The Evil Queen and Snow White are still at it. The Evil Queen takes a dive and lands squarely on the ground, holding up the disc.
Raven Queen: [Gasp.] Nevermore! [Nevermore shrinks in size.] Come on, let's get you out of here.
Blondie Lockes: And that's how it's done! What a great demonstration from the old guard. And now it's time for the next generation! The teams will now take the field.
The double doors open, revealing the girls. Three from each team make their way onto the fields. Some of the dragons are less than enthusiastic on playing, however. Holly's dragon, taken care of by Lizzie, is disobedient when Lizzie urges it to move. Lizzie ends up falling backwards and sent to the infirmary, but she gives Holly a high-five while being towed away. Others attempt passing through the low jewels.
Raven and Nevermore enter the dragon stables. Raven punches a button which spews out lunch for Nevermore.
Faybelle Thorn: I don't get you, Raven Queen. If my mom was as wicked cool as yours, I would do anything to be ruling at her side.
Raven Queen: [Rolls eyes.] Oh, gag. That's how we're different, Faybelle. [Faybelle sprinkles magic powder while she is walking into the trough, unbeknownst to Raven. Nevermore runs away.] I won't do anything to please her. Especially if it means that my friends could get hurt!
Back at the arena, the time is up for the teams.
Blondie Lockes: That's it for the first half. Dragon riders, please take your steeds to the stables for refreshment!

The baby dragons return to the stables. Faybelle is watching from aback as the dragons eat from the trough.
Faybelle Thorn: [To the Evil Queen.] It's done!
Evil Queen: Did you feed them the growth formula?
Holly's dragon enlarges in size and starts roaring menacingly.
Faybelle Thorn: [Grins.] Yes.
Evil Queen: [At the dragon games arena.] Hexcellent. [Evil chuckling.]
Snow White: Are you ready for more dragon games? Let's begin round⎯[Everyone enters on enlarged dragons.] two?!
Snow White shoots the Evil Queen a glare.
Evil Queen: What? Don't look at me! I was right here the whole time!
Male narrator: What an unhexpected development! For the first time in a generation, full-sized dragons have taken the field!
Blondie Lockes: Coming to you live from the grandstands - not too hot, not too cold...
Justine Dancer: Yay! Dragon games! [Farrah takes a selfie with Justine and Blondie.]
Farrah Goodfairy: My wish has come true!
Blondie Lockes: And there you have it! This day has turned out to be just right!
Snow White: [To her team.] Have fun and play safe - remember, this is just a game.
Evil Queen: [To her team.] This isn't just a game! You're here to win by any means necessary.
Ashlynn Ella: Huh?
Evil Queen: Victory is all that matters! Take your positions.
The referee blows his whistle. The disc shoots out from the ground and Melody retrieves the disc first before Poppy, who scowls. Flying near the jewels, Darling tries cornering Melody by blocking her. Melody decides on letting the disc fly off behind her. To Melody's luck, Apple catches it.
Melody Piper: Great catch. Go for the ruby!
Apple White: [Apple and her dragon fly through the ruby.] That's worth fifty points if I can get it in the goal!
Apple flies straight and rotates a bit to her right, throwing the disc perfectly through the goal. Down at the stands, Raven is spectating the match.
Evil Queen: All the pieces are coming together.
Poppy is the one with the disc this time. She throws it back to Darling, who avoids Apple's tackle.
Raven Queen: Hoho! Go Darling!
Apple is irked, so she flies after Darling.
Poppy O'Hair: Woohoo! [Holding out arms.]
Darling Charming: Haha! [Throws the disc to Poppy.]
Poppy flies through three sapphire jems in a row, then passes the disc back to Darling.
Evil Queen: [To Apple.] Remember, any means necessary!
After hearing the Evil Queen's words, Apple cuts off Darling's path mid-air by bashing her dragon into Darling's. Darling herself is airborne, and she falls onto the ground with a thud. The crowd is perplexed and the referee blows his whistle.
Gingerbread referee: Timeout!
Apple White: [To the Evil Queen.] I hope you know what you're doing. My friends are getting hurt!
Evil Queen: [Scoffs.] A necessary evil. Remember, we must get Raven to take the field for the plan to work!
Apple White: You mean, I get my happily ever after? You promised.
Evil Queen: [Dazed.] What? Oh yes. Yes, certainly.
Down in the fields, Darling is being tended to by a nurse.
Darling Charming: I'm good coach, [Whimpers.] put me back in.
Snow White: No, it's over. We must forfeit.
Male narrator: Well, that's that. Good surrenders.
Female narrator: And evil wins.
Raven Queen: She always wins. Somebody has got to be able to stop her!
Madeline Hatter: Oh, I know this one. [Points to Raven.] You.
Snow White: Since we do not have enough players to take the field, we surrender.
Crowd: [Gasps and low murmuring.]
Raven Queen: Not so fast! Light will have to play with a new rider.
Lilly-Bo Peep: Yeahh!
Evil Queen: [Taps fingers together.] Hmm. All according to plan.
Daring Charming: [To himself.] Ooh! These faux gems look so real! They could use a polish though. Rapture! A delicious meal.
Booking glass: Delicious meal captured.
Daring Charming: Oh, come on! Who took my cotton candy?
High up on the arena tower, Baba Yaga and the Grimm Brothers are watching the match intently. Faybelle sneaks up from behind and gets out powder.
Faybelle Thorn: Hey, esteemed faculty! Say cheese! [Blows the powder at them.]
Crowd: [Cheering.]
Raven Queen: [To Apple on her dragon.] Apple. It's just us.
Apple White: It's our destiny, you against me. Doesn't this feel right?
The referee blows his whistle and the disc shoots out of the ground. Raven catches it.
Raven Queen: Right? Uh, my mom is free, and Darling is hurt, Apple.
Apple White: I know. It wasn't supposed to happen, for real.
Raven rolls her eyes at Apple's words. She swoops under Apple and her dragon, flying off with the disc in her hands.
Apple White: Don't you want vengeance? Doesn't your heart desire victory over me? Aren't you angry?!
Raven Queen: Am I angry? Yeah, I am angry, Apple!
Apple White: Good. Follow your destiny!
Raven Queen: I am angry that you don't listen. I'm angry that you say you're my friend but are so selfish! [Her grips tighten around Nevermore's reigns.] It's all about what you want! What kind of friend refuses to listen?!
Apple White: I just want our happily ever after.
Raven Queen: Have it. [Throws the disc to Apple.] I'm not playing any games anymore.
Apple White: At least my mom will be proud of me.
Poppy O'Hair: Raven, where are you going?
Nevermore: [Roaring in the distance.]
Apple angrily charges back to the game, whooshing past Poppy and avoiding Holly's intercept. Apple throws the puck and receives a hundred and ten points, counting the jewels that Poppy flew through earlier.
Though the crowd is happy for Apple, she feels the exact opposite. She wipes away her tears and flies to the Evil Queen.
Apple White: It won't work. Raven won't turn evil.
Evil Queen: She doesn't have to. It is enough that others think she has. Now head back in, I've got this. [Casting a spell, turning to Raven's flying direction.] A smouldering fire, to a dragon flier, I summon forth uncontrollable fire! [Her spell reaches Nevermore.]
Nevermore: [Breathes purple flames, which hit several buildings.]
Raven Queen: Whoa! Ohh!!
Her mishap is being recorded.
Faybelle Thorn: Look, it's Raven, burning down the school!
Crowd: [Shocked gasping.]
Raven Queen: Watch out!
Nevermore starts flying over to the arena, burning the stands. When Nevermore is out of flames, Raven tends to her dragon.
Raven Queen: Oh, you poor thing. Come on, we need to get out of here. Let's go! [Flies off.]
Snow White: [Storms up to the Evil Queen.] You, up to your wicked ways again!
Evil Queen: Me?! She's on your team!
Snow White: This ends now. [She reaches from her bag and pulls out the mirror that Faybelle swapped. She gasps in shock.]
Evil Queen: [Smugly.] Looking for this? [With one motion, she flicks the mirror and it shatters. She drops it to the ground and walks on it.]
Daring Charming: Hey, I have one of those mirrors too! If it's good enough for the queen, then it's certainly good enough to capture Daring Charming's⎯
Booking glass: Daring Charming captured.
In the Mirror Realm.
Daring Charming: Cool, a world of mirrors! [Looks over to one mirror.] Hey! Why can't I see myself? I'm on the flip side of the mirrors? NOOO!!!!⎯Ooh, my cotton candy!
Evil Queen: The games, at last, are over. Take her! [She points a finger to Snow White, and the Grimm Brothers, zombified, attend to her wishes.]
The Grimm Brothers tread over to Snow White, who is guarded by her dwarfs. The Evil Queen turns her back and glances upon pure chaos, to her delight. Raven is watching from above, sitting on a chink on a cliff with Nevermore.
Raven Queen: She did it. She took control of the entire school, what's next?
Nevermore: [Whimpering.]

With the arena in flames, people are panicking.
Blondie Lockes: Book End, breaking news. Blondie Lockes reporting live at what's left of the new dragon center. Ever After: a devastating blaze! Headmaster Grimm just handed the Evil Queen the keys to the school. She vows to catch whoever started the fire, even if that's her own daughter Raven. The question remains: will this new headmistress restore order to Ever After High, her being the Evil Queen and all? Let's go live for her statement.
Evil Queen: Students, don't get overhexcited. I am but a temporary substitute. Milton Grimm will resume leadership as headmaster, as soon as this crisis is over.
Milton Grimm: [Groaning.] Ribbit.
Evil Queen: He has a frog in his throat.
Darling Charming: I have a bad feeling about this.
Evil Queen: I will personally see to it that the fire damage is repaired spelltacularly quick! [With a wave of her hand, the arena tower on fire is instantly extinguished, along with everywhere else.] See? Trust Headmistress Queenie. Everything's under control. Citizens, students, as you were! Nothing to see here.
Darling Charming: [Walks over.] Hmm, Daring forgot his stuff. That's odd. He never goes anywhere without a mirror. [She puts the booking glass in her bag.]
In the Mirror Realm.
Daring Charming: [With disheveled hair and a worn-out appearance.] Let me out of here!!!

In the dragon stables, Raven is sweeping the floor.
Nevermore: [Distressed whimpering.]
Raven Queen: Oh, it's okay, Nevermore. I know you didn't start that fire. You're just another victim of my mom's evil magic.
Apple White: They're saying you set the fire, on purpose.
Raven Queen: Wha⎯I didn't do it on purpose! My dragon got spontaneous fire hiccups! [Groan.] This has Evil Queen written all over it!
Apple White: Well, don't worry, your mom has promised to restore order. And she's so powerful, I know she can!
Raven Queen: Oh, come on! Do you really believe she would? I mean really, really? [She grips Apple's arm tight.]
Apple White: [Gasp.] You should give your mom another chance! You're all about changing your story, Raven. Your-your mom broke out of that mirror prison and literally walked across broken glass just to be with you!
Raven Queen: Wait, how could you know that?
Apple becomes nervous and conscious of the situation. She decides to keep quiet.
Raven Queen: It was you? You released my mother?
Apple White: [Smiles widely.] She promised⎯she promised me my happily ever after, and not just for me - for you too! For all of us! You gotta admit, she has been a great dragon coach; she's fixed the fire damage... She's changed, Raven!
Raven Queen: No, Apple. [Points an accusing finger.] You've changed. We are so not on the same page anymore. In fact, I don't even think we're in the same fairytale. I hope you find your happily ever after, Apple, I really do. But first, you better find a new roommate. [Walks away angrily.]
Apple White: But, we were supposed to be friends forever after!
Raven Queen: That's not how the story goes, Apple. Not this chapter, anyway. You can't be on both sides. Good or evil. Pick one. [Raven leaves.]
Apple White: [Sits on a pile of hay and pulls out her MirrorPhone, then begins dialling.]

In the school tower, Snow White's phone starts ringing.
Snow White: [She gasps but is being pushed back by a restraining borderline.] Let me free! Let me speak to my daughter!
Evil Queen: You've said plenty, snowball.
Snow White: The magical binding is a bit overkill, even for you.
Evil Queen: Would you be more comfortable in mirror prison, your majesty? Or perhaps you'd rather join your beloved school staff in here? [She gestures to the jars in which the staff-turned-animals are.]
Giles Grimm: Return us to our human forms at once!
Milton Grimm: You've no right to hold us here and take over our school! I won't stand for it. [Stands up.]
Evil Queen: I can see you're "hopping mad", Milton. But this is my school now.
Snow White: They were right, I was a fool to give you a second chance.
Evil Queen: Oh, I know your game. Bringing back the dragon center? You were going to wait til I made the slightest misstep, then lock me up again to remind everyone that you're such a perfect queen. Well, you'll have to think quick, Slow White, because I have the upper hand now.
Snow White: Release me! My subjects won't rest until they find their true queen.
Evil Queen: Not if no one knows you're gone... [She uses magic to turn Snow White into a snake.]
Snow White: You'll never get away with thissssss!
Evil Queen: Hold your tongue, Your Majesty! [Cackling.]

Raven is at her locker.
Violet-haired girl: Well, if it isn't the fire starter.
Girl with a high ponytail: Just like her mother!
Raven Queen: But I didn't⎯[Scowls and slams her locker shut. She finds Darling walking past.] Hey, Darling, let's say a...particular student needed to hide out for a while. Where would she go?
Darling Charming: If that particular student wanted to find a place where, let's say, the Evil Queen couldn't reach them? I know a perfect place in the Enchanted Forest. We are talking about you, right?
Raven Queen: Yes.
Darling Charming: I'll take you there on one condition: you count me in on whatever you're up to.
Raven Queen: Deal. Meet me in the stables early tomorrow morning. Come alone. [The two disperse.]
Faybelle Thorn: [Is listening from her locker.] So Raven is trying to go rogue? [Gasp.] If I catch her trying to bail, the Evil Queen will have to take me seriously as future villain! [She leaves with a gasp and shuts her locker door.]
Outside the dragon stables the next day, the grown evil dragons are sleeping outside. Raven enters with precaution.
Raven Queen: Are you ready, Nevermore? Darling should be here any minute.
Darling peeks her head through the door, but is followed by Holly, Poppy, and Maddie.
Raven Queen: What part of "come alone" didn't you get?
Holly O'Hair: Well, it might be dangerous. So we thought you could use some backup.
Madeline Hatter: Danger is my middle name! Well, actually, it's Xylophone.
Raven Queen: Thanks, you guys.
Darling Charming: We'd better get a move on. Everyone, grab a dragon.
Ashlynn Ella: [Peeking outside.] Um, you guys? These dragons are pretty angry.
Poppy O'Hair: [Carries a sack of dragon food.] This ought to buy is some lead time. [Grunts and throws it out the door.]
The dragons get a whiff of the scent of food and start drooling. They begin devouring their food. Faybelle flies in with her magic satchel but notices that everyone has already taken off.
Faybelle Thorn: [Gasp.] I'm too late! Bad dragons!
One of the dragons belch in front of her face. Faybelle exclaims in surprise.

Evil Queen: She did what?! [Crows around the school start flying away in fear.]
Faybelle Thorn: I just said, she ran off to the Enchanted Forest, right before you yelled "She did what?".
Evil Queen: And you call yourself a minion. [Outside, the sky rumbles and turns gray.] I've restrained myself because my daughter goes to this school of fools. [She generates a staff for herself and walks outside.] If Raven is gone, I declare school is out, for evil! [She slams the staff into the floor and out of it erupts a magical ball which explodes over the school. The ground then begins to rumble.]
Ginger Breadhouse: [Gasp.]
The school is under attack as thorns begin impaling the windows and walls.
Sparrow Hood: Ahhh!
Ramona Wolf and Badwolf are being chased by thorns. Badwolf gets caught by one.
Ramona Wolf: Dad!
Badwolf: Ramona, save yourself!
Cerise comes to their rescue, running and ducking under the looming branches.
Cerise Hood: Come on, help me get him free!
Ramona runs over and slices the thorns with her claws.
Badwolf: Haha, I love my daughters. [Hugs Ramona and Cerise.]
Evil Queen: Attention staff and students, I have heard Raven has abandoned Ever After High. So, I don't see the point in continuing this charade. I've decided to make a few changes around here, starting now! [Using her magic, she lifts Ever After High from its ground and the school begins floating in mid-air. The Evil Queen starts cackling.]
Lizzie Hearts: [To Duchess.] Oh my cards! We're trapped!
Evil Queen: Due to our recent remodel, all classes will be cancelled and replaced with evil servitude.
Duchess Swan: But I was going ice skating later!
Kitty Cheshire: Evil moms. Can't live with 'em, can't cross 'em.
Dexter Charming: Look on the bright side, you cannot beat this view!

Raven and her friends find land in the Enchanted Forest. Darling gets off her dragon and walks over to a rustling bush.
Raven Queen: This is no time to stop and smell the flowers, Darling. I thought you knew a secret spot where we could hide.
Darling Charming: I don't, but she does. [She gasps as Featherly emerges out of the bushes.]
Ashlynn Ella: A woodland pixie, how hexciting! How do you do? The pixies protect the Enchanted Forest; they're very magical.
Featherly: [Chirping and tweeting.]
Ashlynn Ella: She says her name is Featherly.
Deerla pokes her head down, reappearing in new locations.
Ashlynn Ella: And that's Deerla.
Deerla: [Chattering.]
Ashlynn Ella: She knows you're hurt, Darling. [Deerla heals Darling, who gasps.] Deerla says, that should heal you.
Darling Charming: Wow! Good as new! [Holds arms out open, catching Harelow who falls from a tree.]
Ashlynn Ella: And this is...Harelow.
Harelow: [Chattering.]
Poppy O'Hair: We better move somewhere less out in the open.
Raven Queen: Yeah. Please help us, pixies. We need a place to hide from the Evil Queen.
Forest pixies: [Chattering and nodding.]
The forest pixies lead the girls someplace else.
Ashlynn Ella: I sure hope everyone's okay back at Ever After.
Poppy O'Hair: Well, with the Evil Queen in charge, who can say?
Darling Charming: Has anyone seen my brother Daring lately?
Madeline Hatter: I saw him at school lots of times, and at the dragon center, and once in a dream, but he was a goat.
Holly O'Hair: Why, Darling? Are you worried?
Darling Charming: I don't like it. It's not like him to misplace his hand mirror.
In the Mirror Realm.
Daring Charming: [Alert.] Yes! I wouldn't misplace it, dear sister! I'm misplaced in it! It's torture! [Heaves.] AH! Let me out! This face was meant to be seen! [Sobbing.] Huh? [He finds a piece of chalk on the ground and begins drawing on the mirror with it. He admires his work.] Hello, gorgeous. Ooh! [Strokes the mirror.]

Back at school.
Evil Queen: Faybelle, I need you to place dark dragons to guard every possible escape. Nobody leaves! [Alistair shuts himself in a locker.] Then come back to me.
Faybelle Thorn: Yes, your horribleness!
Humphrey Dumpty: [Shuddering.]
Jillian Beanstalk: [Grabs Humphrey's arm.] Come on! [She throws beanstalk seeds to the ground below and a giant beanstalk sprouts immediately.] As my dad Jack always says, the trick is, don't look down!
Humphrey Dumpty: [Groaning.]
Faybelle Thorn: [Faybelle enters on a dragon.] Halt! This is restricted airspace! Please return to the floating evil school. [The evil dragon breathes fire at them as a warning.]

Apple is in her dorm.
Apple White: [Sobbing.]
Evil Queen: Why the waterworks? Upset my Raven flew the coop? We'll get her back.
Apple White: Everything went wrong! This is not how I thought high school would be!
Evil Queen: Chin up, apple-cheeks. Any idea where your roomie went? Perhaps she's hiding in the Enchanted Forest?
Apple White: If I knew, I would tell her she was right about you and beg her to forgive me. You've ruined everything! I was a fool to believe you'd changed, or that you cared about anyone's happily ever after but your own! Now the future of Ever After High is literally up in the air, and it's all my fault!
Evil Queen: Oh, poor, pathetic Apple White. I think our deal is done. Tell you what, since you helped me so very much, here's an apple from the teacher. [Conjures up a rotten apple.]
Apple White: [Gags.] Gross! I'm not touching that! It looks poison!
Evil Queen: Of course it's poison! One bite out of this, and you'll enter the next phase of your fairytale.
Apple White: But I can't choose my enchanted sleep, can I?
Evil Queen: Take it or leave it... But you are leaving my school.
Apple White: I'm not going anywhere.
Evil Queen: Your usefulness has ended. Consider yourself hexpelled! [She uses her magic to blow Apple out of the window.]
Apple White: [Screaming.]
Faybelle Thorn: Whoa! You hexpelled Apple right out the window?
Evil Queen: Nothing happens by accident in my domain. Apple just needed a push to find my daughter in the Enchanted Forest.
Apple is still falling and the beanstalk breaks her fall.
Apple White: Ahhhhhhh! Oof! Whew! Okay! I'm okay!
Faybelle Thorn: Oh! Very impressive, your rotten-ness. How can I help?
Evil Queen: You follow her, you foolish fairy! Report back to me. She will lead us to Raven's hideout and then we will capture her.
Faybelle Thorn: Ah. And what about Apple?
Evil Queen: Well, I did promise her her happily ever after. [Makes the poison apple reappear.] Here, take this. [Throws the apple to Faybelle.]

Apple enters the dragon stables and finds her dragon.
Apple White: [Happy gasp.] You are a dragon for sore eyes! Time to turn the page! I've got to find Raven, apologize, then get her to help me re-imprison the Evil Queen!
Faybelle opens the stable doors but Apple and her dragon burst the doors open.
Faybelle Thorn: [Screaming.]
Apple White: Hya!
Faybelle Thorn: [Drowsily.] Note to self: get dragonproof armor. [Faints.]
Apple and her dragon fly up high in the sky, with Faybelle following closely from behind.
Faybelle Thorn: [Panting.] I knew I should have taken a dragon!
Braebyrn: [Chattering.]
Apple White: What is it, girl? [She and her dragon land.] Do you smell something?
Apple's dragon sniffs in the bushes and the forest pixies pop out.
Apple White: They could be anywhere. Oh, that's the trouble with enchanted stuff. What you're looking for could be right in front of you.
Forest pixies: [Chattering.]
Braebyrn: [Squawking.]
Apple White: [Turns around, to see forest pixies.] Oh! Well, that seems like a sign.
Faybelle Thorn: [On a tree.] Ugh, pixies. Wannabe fairies.

Apple and her dragon are led to a waterfall by Harelow and Deerla. The two pixies jump off at the sides of a tree bridge
Apple White: Hello? This is no time for games, little pixies. I still need you.
Faybelle Thorn: [Gasps as phone is buzzing.]
Evil Queen: So, what's the bad word? Has Apple led you to my daughter, or am I going to have to turn you into a slug?
Faybelle Thorn: Shh! You almost got me caught! [Fumbles around for her phone, but it drops.] Zap it! Well, this is just great. First I drop my phone, and then Apple disappears with those pixies.
Apple and her dragon go through a cave and find a clearing.
Apple White: Whoa!
The small pixie village in the clearing is full of pixies and fairies. Apple hears laughter coming from the girls at the fireplace and finds Raven fetching firewood. Apple walks closer
Girls: [Gasp.]
Raven Queen: [Throws firewood down, then turns to Darling.] I thought you said this place was a secret.
Apple White: Raven!
Raven Queen: [Bitterly.] Apple...
Apple White: I'm sorry, I was selfish.
Raven Queen: Go on.
Apple White: Your mom hasn't changed, I had. And now I want to change again - for the better, for good. I know I can't turn back the pages, but I believe-I believe we can all have our happily ever afters, but not until we stop your mom.
Raven Queen: [Puts a hand on Apple's shoulder.] And we will, my friend.
Girls: Awww.
Faybelle Thorn: [On her phone.] The Raven has landed. I repeat, the Raven has landed. Initiate operation: roasted marshmallow.
Evil Queen: Faybelle, no need to speak in code. Plant the poison apple. I'll send in the dark dragons. [Evil chuckling.]
Faybelle ends the call. Hours later, the dragons are asleep and the girls are offered food.
Ashlynn Ella: Why, thank you, Featherly. The pixies say if we plan to face the Evil Queen, we need to nourish ourselves.
Apple White: This is going to be fairy, fairy dangerous. The Evil Queen has turned half our friends and all of the staff into creatures! The place is like a mile high off the ground, and surrounded by dark, dark dragons.
Raven Queen: Then we need our strength. [Is offered fruit.] Oh, thanks.
Apple takes a bite out of the poison apple Faybelle plants in the fruit basket. She starts coughing and walks away.
Raven Queen: Apple?
Holly O'Hair: Are you okay?
Raven Queen: [Runs over to Apple, who is unconscious.] Apple! [She takes the apple and gasps as it disintegrates in her hand.] Where did that come from?!
Holly O'Hair: What kind of apple turns black?
Madeline Hatter: Is she okay?
Ashlynn picks Apple up and Apple says something unintelligible to her. Apple's speech turns into whispering echoes.
Holly O'Hair: Can you understand what she's saying?
Ashlynn Ella: [With tears in her eyes.] She says how this fairytale ends is up to you now, Raven.
Raven Queen: [Sniffling.]
Darling Charming: We'd better check if she's breathing. [She lowers her head to Apple's chest.]
Holly O'Hair: Is she...
Apple White: [Loud snoring.]
Poppy, Maddie, and Holly all take a sigh of relief.
Poppy O'Hair: She's breathing, all right.
The evil dragons surround the skies above the girls.
Girls: [Frightened gasps.]
Faybelle Thorn: [On a dragon.] Get Raven Queen!
Raven steps forward and blasts magic at the dragons, but they are unaffected. Raven dodges their swoop.
Raven Queen: [Gasp.]
Evil dragon: [Screeching.]
The forest pixies lend their magic to Raven.
Raven Queen: Dark dragons that attack by night, I cast you back til morning light!
An impenetrable force field begins to form and an evil dragon tries breathing fire at it but instead it injures another dragon.
Evil dragon: [Whimpering and flies off.]
Faybelle Thorn: No! Heel! What are you, dragons or chickens?
The evil dragon that Faybelle is riding starts squawking and knocks Faybelle off it, but she manages to grab its tail.
Faybelle Thorn: [Screaming.] We're coming for you, Raveeeennn!
The next day, Apple is being put in a flower coffin and her friends are gathered around with flowers in their hands.
Apple White: [Light snoring.]
Madeline Hatter: Do you think she'll snore for years and years and years and years? [Her eyes start welling up, but she receives a nudge from Darling.]
Ashlynn Ella: I can't bear to see Apple like this.
Darling Charming: She's not gone, she's just waiting for her happily ever after.
Holly O'Hair: But-but it could be hundreds of years before she wakes up!
Ashlynn Ella: Where is Daring when we need him?
Darling Charming: Yeah, where is Daring?
In the Mirror Realm.
Daring Charming: Hello? Is someone there? Can you hear me? What's happening? All I can see is blonde hair! Darling! Oh, it's-it's Apple. Apple!
Raven Queen: [Places her rose on Apple.] You apologized to me, but I never got a chance to apologize to you. I brought all this evil to Ever After High! As soon as I realized I didn't wanna play my part, I should have run far away! To a place where nobody has even heard of the Evil Queen! Or Snow White! Or even fairytales, at all. [Starts sobbing.]
Madeline Hatter: I don't think there is such a place, unless maybe where monsters come from or something. But who ever heard of a Monster High? [Laughing then clears throat.] Sorry.
Darling Charming: Raven, you didn't turn the school into a dark fortress of evil.
Ashlynn Ella: We understand, Raven. We all know you don't wanna follow your mom's story. And we support your choice.
Raven Queen: I should have given into my mother from chapter 1! Maybe I-I could have led her to a land far, far, away! [Gasp.] Maybe...maybe it's not too late! [She stands up and walks out.]
Darling Charming: No! Don't do it, Raven! There has to be a better way! Giving in to your mother won't wake Apple. That's what you want, isn't it? To save our friend? [Darling takes out the booking glass.] Only the right kiss will set her free: Daring.
The mirror responds by flashing a green light and Darling drops it in surprise.
Booking glass: Free Daring. [Daring appears.]
Darling Charming: Daring. That's where you've been!
Daring Charming: Don't look at me! I'm hideous! I was trapped in there without a hair brush!
Raven Queen: The mirror. That's it! The way to capture my mother!
Girls: [Happy gasping.]
Darling Charming: Someone should have told the Evil Queen shattering a mirror brings bad luck!
Brooke Page: And so, Raven and her friends set out to battle the biggest drama queen ever after. Will they be able to take back the school? Will Daring follow his destiny and wake Apple? Oh, so much pressure! At least they won't have to study for hexams, too! I for one, can't wait to see what happens next chapter.

Male narrator: Things were looking awfully grim for the students of Ever After High.
Brooke Page: The Evil Queen had taken over the school and given it one wicked makeover. [The Evil Queen blasts a hole in the wall.]
Female narrator: And the darkest chapter in Apple's story was being written. A cursed apple from the Evil Queen had poisoned her into a forever after sleep.
Brooke Page: And Daring Charming had just jumped out of the booking glass!
Daring Charming: Now please, please - I understand it's been quite some time since you've seen this face and you must be going through withdrawal, but take caution! Too much handsome at once can be a shock to the system. Sips, not gulps, people.
Dexter Charming: Hey, guys!
Melody Piper: Aha!
Rosabella Beauty: Woohoo!
Briar Beauty: Yeah, we made it!
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter! [Runs over to Hunter, who picks her up.] How did you...
Hunter Huntsman: It was Jillian's beanstalk.
Jillian Beanstalk: A few of us were able to sneak away from school while Faybelle was out with the dragons.
Dexter Charming: [To Raven.] Wow, Daring let you borrow his mirror? That's a first.
Raven Queen: This is no ordinary mirror - the booking glass. We can use it to send my mother back to the Mirror Realm. How did we make this thing work before?
Darling Charming: I don't know. It just started talking and the Daring popped out.
Madeline Hatter: [Grabs the booking glass out of Raven's hand.] Hello? Mirror lady? [Pokes it.] Start doing mirror stuff! [She gets zapped.]
Booking glass: Passcode incorrect.
Holly O'Hair: We don't have a passcode! Raven, can't you do something?
Poppy O'Hair: Yeah! Unlock it with magic!
Raven Queen: In History of Evil Spells, Baba Yaga said the booking glass is shielded by Dark Fairy magic. I can't crack it!
Ashlynn Ella: We have to send the Evil Queen back to where she belongs from poisoning Apple.
Nina Thumbell: Wait, Apple's been poisoned?
Raven Queen: It's true. Forever after sleep.
Daring Charming: [Pacing.] This is it, Charming. You have to wake your sleeping damsel with a kiss, [Stretching.] and it's happily ever after from here on out! Ohhh, this is happening so fast! [To Darling.] How do I look, how's my hair?
Darling Charming: Come on, drama prince. [Straightens his crown and puts a hand on his shoulder.] Let's go save Apple.

Faybelle flies over to the Evil Queen who is resting on her throne.
Faybelle Thorn: I did it! I found Raven and her friends in the Enchanted Forest! I poisoned Apple White, I am on a wicked roll! I am...being completely ignored. Ahem?
Evil Queen: Faybelle. Which of these nail polish colors gives off more of a "be scared of me because I'm your evil ruler" vibe?
Faybelle Thorn: Did you hear what I said? I took care of everything. How about a little evil credit over here?
Evil Queen: Need I remind you who wears the crown in this evil takeover? None of this would be happening without my brilliant planning. Those idealistic damsels are still out there and this isn't over yet. But I've come too far not to see my ultimate plan to completion. Are you sure about this color?
Faybelle Thorn: [Sadly.] You look spelltacular.

A horse whinnies in the distance and everyone looks over.
All: [Hopeful gasps.]
After a wink and a flash of his smile, Daring gets off his horse and walks over to Apple's coffin. The forest pixies take off the glass case and Daring proceeds.
Daring Charming: Apple White, you are my damsel. And I am your Prince Charming. And now I will fulfill our destinies, and we shall live happily ever...[He kisses Apple.] after. [He brushes his nails on the side of his collar while waiting for Apple to wake up. Nothing's happening.] Huh, happily ever after. [Kisses Apple on the cheek.] Ever after. [Kisses Apple on the hand.]
Raven Queen: Daring, is something wrong?
Daring Charming: I'm-I'm not the prince of destiny - I'm not her Prince Charming! [A defeated Daring walks away.]
Cedar Wood: What does this mean?
Raven Queen: It means Apple's forever sleep really is forever after. [Raven sets up a podium as a memorial for Apple.] We're here today to honor and spellebrate Apple White. She was a Royal. She was my roommate, and she was my friend. She was kind, she was loving, and she deserved her happily ever after. I wish I was as powerful as my mother - that I had the kind of magic that could take me back to when all of this started. If I could go back, I'd tell Apple that she has a choice. We all do. We all have the power to follow our stories. And if your choice is to follow your pre-determined destiny, you have to trust that it will happen in its own time, and you don't have to make a deal with evil. [Quietly.] Make a deal with evil... I-I have to go. [Raven steps off the podium and shocked gasps and murmuring in the crowd watching follows.]

Raven gets Nevermore.
Darling Charming: Where are you going?
Raven Queen: To make sure the rest of my friends don't end up like Apple.
Darling Charming: You're going to see your mother, aren't you? Raven, you can't!
Raven Queen: It's the only way! I know what I'm doing! [Hands the booking glass to Darling.] Here, you're gonna need this.
Darling Charming: The booking glass? But-but we don't know how⎯
Raven Queen: Trust me. Somebody is about to have a change of heart. [Takes off with Nevermore.]
Darling Charming: [Gasp.] What are you up to, Raven Queen?

Raven arrives by the Evil Queen's throne with Nevermore.
Evil Queen: Hello, Raven.
Raven Queen: We need to talk.
Evil Queen: Attention, subjects. Attention please!
Justine Dancer: [Gasp.] The Evil Queen is on my MirrorPhone!
Farrah Goodfairy: Mine too!
Evil Queen: Just thought you'd be hexcited to know that I'm leaving Ever After High and this kingdom, forever after.
Students: [Gasp.]
Evil Queen: Yes, that's right. Your cursed little lives have all been spared, because, well just let's say mother's day came early this year. [She gestures to Raven, who is dressed in evil attire.]
Ashlynn Ella: [Gasp.]
Evil Queen: My daughter, Raven Queen, has agreed to join me. To become evil and take over other lands with me!
Students: Raven, no! Raven joined the Evil Queen? Raven is going to be evil?

Back at school.
Evil Queen: Let's see here... [Opens a map using magic.] What land shall we take over first? We could take another crack at Wonderland. Or, we could conquer and rule over gingerbread land! Or-or, hear me out now, the land of the giants!
Raven Queen: [Monotonously.] Those all sound great, mom. I'll go anywhere you want. As long as it's not here.
Evil Queen: Oh, I'm too excited to pick! My wicked little blackbird has flown home! Mother-daughter evil selfie! [She pulls Raven over using her magic and she takes a picture of them.]
Faybelle Thorn: Oh my fairy godmother! I've spent all this time fluttering around, doing your evil bidding without so much of a "hey, thanks Faybelle! Hex of a job." And now, little miss [Mocking.] "I'm gonna choose my own destiny" comes waltzing in and you actually believe she's going to be evil?!
Evil Queen: [Politely, to Raven.] Will you excuse us for a moment? [She stomps over to Faybelle and puts a sound barrier around them. She turns to Faybelle.] That is my daughter you're talking about.
Faybelle and the Evil Queen: [Muffled arguing.]
Raven glances around, confused.
Faybelle Thorn: Whatever after, I'm telling you, she's up to something. You don't honestly think she's "evil" now!
Evil Queen: She's going to be just like me because I gave her no choice! All of my plotting and planning has finally gotten me what I want! Don't you understand? I won!
Faybelle Thorn: All of this was about Raven? But, what about me?
Evil Queen: [Jokingly.] What about you? [To Raven.] Now, where were we? Oh! What about the sea kingdom? We could rule over the mer-folk! Ooh, we could get paddle boats!
Angry tears trickle down Faybelle's face. She rips off her magic satchel and flies off.

Melody plays sad music for Apple.
Daring Charming: [Nods sadly.] Oh, yes. This is what feelings sound like.
Daring Charming: [Darling grabs Daring's arm.] Hey! What the hex? Can't you see I'm trying to wallow?
Darling Charming: All this pouting - not a good look on you. It's time to turn the page, brother.
Daring Charming: Oh, that's easy for you to say. Don't you understand? I just lost my destiny! [Darling rolls her eyes.] I'm not Apple's Prince Charming! [Rocks Darling on the shoulder.]
Darling Charming: And I'm not a damsel-in-distress! Some of us aren't going to follow our original destinies.
Daring Charming: Raven did. Nobody ever thought she would but look what happened!
Darling Charming: [Facepalms.] Raven did what she had to to save her friends! She had a choice to make, and so do you.
Daring Charming: I was so sure I was Apple's Prince Charming! [Sigh.] If my kiss can't wake her then, I don't know what can.
Briar Beauty: [Gasp.] Apple, wake up!
Apple takes a big inhale for one moment and sits upright but falls back down and stays unconscious.
Darling Charming: [She gasps and runs over to Apple. She checks for her pulse.]
Briar Beauty: Darling, what are you⎯
Darling Charming: Breathe, Apple! Breathe!
Students: [Gasp.]
Darling Charming: [Realizing gasp.]
Darling gives Apple CPR.
Apple White: [Takes a deep breath and opens her eyes.]
Students: Apple's back, she's back! Darling did it! She's awake! Yay yay yay!
Apple White: What-what happened? Did...[Flutters lashes.] Daring wake me up?
Daring nervously glances away.
Apple White: Wait, where's Raven?
Briar Beauty: Uh...
Apple White: Unhexceptable! The Evil Queen cannot be allowed to win like this! We have to do something.
Ashlynn Ella: I'm sorry Apple, but I think we're too late.
Apple White: You don't understand. This is all my fault. I set the Evil Queen free; I thought keeping her secret was going to be good for Ever After High, good for all of us. But look at all the trouble it led to! And Raven joining sides with her mother? That's not the happily ever after she wanted! Please, help me fight back. Help me save Raven! We have dragons, we have the booking glass. We just need the passcode!
Darling Charming: We've tried, Apple. But it's not like we can guess the combination. Daring just got lucky when he got captured!
Daring Charming: Lucky? I wouldn't put it that way! [Gasp.]
Faybelle Thorn: I would! [She is riding on Legend and the two then land.]
Students: [Gasp.]
Faybelle Thorn: Let me guess. [Flies off Legend.] Don't know how to unlock the booking glass? [Snatches it off Darling's hand, who gasps.] One, two, three, four! That booking glass is locked no more! [The booking glass gleams.] What shall I capture? Hmm, what about a sandwich? [She holds the booking glass closer to Sparrow's sandwich. It gets captured before he can take a bite.]
Darling Charming: I don't understand. Why are you switching sides?
Faybelle Thorn: This dark fairy is just out for revenge. I worked my wings off for that ungrateful queen! Let's see how well her wicked plans go without Faybelle in her corner!
Darling Charming: What are you waiting for, people?
Apple White: Dragon up!
Students: [Cheering.]
The students get on the dragons.
Darling Charming: "Somebody is going to have a change of heart." That's what Raven told me before she left.
Apple White: What does that mean?
Ashlynn Ella: It means, that she knew Faybelle was going to get angry at the Evil Queen and switch sides!
Madeline Hatter: This was part of her plan all along! She's playing her mother.
Darling Charming: And she knows that we're coming with the booking glass.

Back at school.
Evil Queen: And we'll need some dragon tears, a little fairy dark robe - oh! And my other dark robe. Almost finished packing! [To Raven.] Why do you keep doing that?
Raven Queen: Doing what?
Evil Queen: Staring ominously into the distance. What are you looking for?
Raven Queen: Nothing, I'm just really hexcited about being evil and conquering the world, and stuff...
Evil Queen: Prove it. [Releases a portal on the wall.]
Raven Queen: [Gasp.]
Evil Queen: You're on the path to become evil now, dear. Toss Snow White and the other teachers into the void.
Snow White: Raven, pleasssse! Help ussss!
Raven sends a blast of magical energy to her mother instead. The Evil Queen deflects it easily.
Evil Queen: [Chuckling.] Nice try birdie, but I'm much more powerful than you! [Blasts at Raven.]
Raven falls down a floor and the Evil Queen traps her in a force field.
Nevermore: [Whimpering.]
Evil Queen: I know you're just doing this to save your little friends out there!
The Queen inches closer but Nevermore guards Raven by enlarging in size.
Nevermore: [Defensive growling.]
The Evil Queen attaches chains to Nevermore and pulls her aside.
Raven Queen: Nevermore!
Evil Queen: You may not be evil now, Raven Queen, but mark my words - you will learn!
In the distance, Raven hears a dragon squawk and she gasps after realizing that her friends are coming to save her.
Raven Queen: Apple! Apple's awake!
Evil Queen: Yes, and it seems somebody showed her how to use the booking glass. You! You were behind this! You played with Faybelle's jealousies and tricked her into joining your friends! You manipulated little chip off the old glass slipper! [Transforms her dress into pants.] It takes a truly wicked scheme to concoct a scheme like that! Oh you have so much potential! It's too bad I have to go destroy your friends now. Spell you later! [She runs off the building and mounts an evil dragon.]
Evil dragon: [Roaring.]
Darling Charing: Alright everyone, listen up! Apple has to get as close to the Evil Queen as she can. Let's cover her back and make sure that she gets there. Hang onto your crowns! [Whips the reigns on her dragon to go faster.]
Darling, Cerise, and her dragon go head-to-head with the Evil Queen and her dragon. Darling's dragon lets out a blast of ice and the Evil Queen's dragon blasts out dark magical energy.
Raven Queen: No, I have to help them. I have to help my friends and defeat my mother! [Her hands start glowing.]
Giles Grimm: Raven, please help us!
Milton Grimm: She can't do it, she doesn't have the strength.
With a grunt, Raven releases her magic and breaks her force field. She runs over to Nevermore.
Raven Queen: Nevermore!
Nevermore: [Whimpers.]
Down below, the Evil Queen is deflecting each blow that the dragons give her. She chases after Apple and Faybelle, then shoots at them. Faybelle dodges and flies off, Cedar and Poppy's dragon sweeping her away. As soon as the Evil Queen flies in the front of Apple, she tries positioning her booking glass but the Evil Queen takes a dive. Apple follows. Daring, Dexter, and Hunter are being chased by two evil dragons. Darling's dragon shoots ice at the dragons' heads.
Darling Charming: Woohoooooo!
Dexter Charming: Thanks, sis!
Blondie's MirrorCast is still going on in the school.
Blondie Lockes: Blondie Lockes here, reporting from the front-lines of the most spellbinding dragon battle ever after! Apple White is leading a team of students in a royal campaign to stop the Evil Queen and send her back to the Mirror Realm! More to come as the pages continue to turn on this amazing story! [She uses a pan on her head as a shield from incoming fire.]
Ashlynn and Maddie are being chased by another dragon.
Ashlynn Ella: Maddie, use the fire extinguisher.
Madeline Hatter: [She gasps and throws it at the evil dragon who is about to fire at them. The hit knocks the dragon unconscious.]
Ashlynn Ella: Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works!
Apple is chasing the Evil Queen.
Evil Queen: [Cackling.]
Apple White: [Pulls her dragon's reigns back to stop. She notices the Evil Queen coming at her and gasps.] Capture the Evil Q⎯[The Evil Queen snatches her booking glass.] no!
Evil Queen: [Cackling.] Now I'm going to let all your friends see what it's like to spend one hundred years in the Mirror Realm, starting with you! [Holds the booking glass to Apple.] Capture Apple!
A blast of magical energy intercepts the mirror's trajectory.
Nevermore: [Roaring.]
Evil Queen: Somebody's been practicing!
The mirror plummets several feet down and Raven catches it in time. She passes it to Apple.
Evil Queen: Well, isn't this a fun little reunion!
Raven Queen: It's over, mom! We're taking back the school.
Evil Queen: You might want to think about what you're doing, Apple, you're throwing away your destiny! [Apple gasps.]
Raven Queen: Don't listen to her, Apple.
Evil Queen: Without me, you'll never get your happily ever after. Raven has made it abundantly clear that she doesn't intend to follow in my footsteps. Face it, you don't have a choice.
Apple White: Yes, I do! We all have a choice, and I'll find my happily ever after some other way - without you. Capture Evil Queen!
Evil Queen: Noo!! [Shoots a magical barrier and blast against the rays of the booking glass.] I'm not going back! [Evil chuckling.] I told you, I'm more powerful than you!
Raven Queen: Apple!
Apple White: She's weakening the booking glass!
Raven jumps off Nevermore and summons her magic. She jumps onto Apple's dragon and the two of them use their efforts and capture the Evil Queen back into the mirror.
Evil Queen: NOOOOO!!
Their capture knocks them off Apple's dragon and they both fall out of the sky. Luckily, Nevermore catches them in time. Along with the girls, the booking glass is shattered as soon it hits the ground after falling. As soon as the booking glass shatters, the land reverts back to normal.
The teachers-turned creatures then begin to change back as well.
Snow White: I'm back, it worked!

Female narrator: With the help of her friends, Apple was able to right the wrong of freeing the Evil Queen.
Brooke Page: And as for Raven and her mother, let's just say their relationship is still...Heh, heh. Complicated.
Milton Grimm: Ms. Queen, need I remind you, do not touch the glass.
Raven Queen: Oh, please.
The headmaster hits a buzzer and Raven clambers up the tower as usual.
Evil Queen: [Reappears.] There's my little blackbird!
Raven Queen: Mom.
Evil Queen: So, what's new?
Raven Queen: How are you...holding up in there?
Evil Queen: Oh, it's not so bad, I suppose. [Gasp.] Somebody left a sandwich in here! I'm...royally proud of you, Raven.
Raven Queen: [Amazed.] Seriously? After all that?
Evil Queen: You demonstrated that your powers are even stronger than before! And to orchestrate such a crafty scheme to take down the Evil Queen? The Evil Queen? [Chuckling.] You're more like me than you realize. Like it or not, you can't escape your destiny.
Raven Queen: We'll see. I have to go, mom. I'm late for a match.
Evil Queen: I'll be watching.

Raven is riding Nevermore at the dragon arena.
Apple White: Hey, what took you so long? Let's do this!
Raven Queen: Ready when you are!
The referee blows the whistle and the disc shoots out of the ground. Raven catches it.
Evil Queen: That's my girl!

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