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Late at night, Apple walks over to her magic mirror and talks to it.
Apple White: Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is life so unfairest after all?
Evil Queen: [The Evil Queen enters.] I spy doubt, and doubt makes room for the worm to get into the apple. [She conjures up a magic apple and passes it through the mirror.]
Eerie voice: Follow me; follow me.
Apple White: [Shakes head.] What? [Apple follows the magic apple.]
The apple floats to a tree growing at the end of the room, opening up a portal which Apple goes into. There, she finds herself in a new room with one mirror. She grabs the apple with her hands and it immediately loses its magic.
Evil Queen: [The Evil Queen appears from smoke in the mirror.] You poor thing. [Apple abruptly gasps.] Tell me your troubles.
Apple White: [Inches back.] I can't talk to you!
Evil Queen: Oh, Apple. We have so much more in common than you know.
Apple White: W-what do you want?
Evil Queen: The same thing you want - I could help you, you know. I can restore things to the good old ways, steer Raven on her course of evil, so you get your Happily Ever After. But, I can't do it from inside the mirror.
Apple White: Even if I trusted you, I can't let you out of the mirror, that would be wrong! [She turns her back to the mirror.]
Evil Queen: Oh I'm sorry, I thought maybe you were like your mother. When her time came, your mother embraced her fairytale destiny! She did whatever it took!
Apple White: [Angered.] I am not afraid! I will do whatever it takes! And I am like my mother, and my destiny is mine!! [She throws the apple in her hands to the mirror, shattering it.]
The Evil Queen proudly steps out of the mirror, leaving a shaky Apple standing in awe of what she'd just done.
Evil Queen: [Cackling.]

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