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Students are gathered in the dragon games arena.
Milton Grimm: First will be the choosing of the two teams and captains! Following that, since your dragons are not fledged, today, you will merely walk your dragons through their paces.
Crowd: [Groaning.]
Giles Grimm: But no fear! The Evil Queen will today offer a masterclass demonstration of dragon riding.
Crowd: [Happy cheering.]
Snow White stands with the Evil Queen while Giles performs a coin toss. The Evil Queen's eyes glow, controlling the coin to land in her favor.
Giles Grimm: Dark wins, you may choose first.
Evil Queen: I choose...Apple White.
Apple White: [Gasp.] But no, I should be on my mom's team!
Evil Queen: Let me tell you a little story: when I was released from my mirror prison⎯
Apple White: No! [Chuckling.] I mean, yes! I'll be on your team. [To her mother.] It's just a game, right? Let's mix it up. Your turn, mom.
Snow White: I choose Darling Charming as captain of "light".
Darling Charming: Yes!
Crowd: [Cheering.]
Darling winks at Apple.
Milton Grimm: Captains, choose your teams.

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