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The girls and their new fully-grown dragons prepare for the upcoming match.
Male narrator: What an unhexpected development! For the first time in a generation, full-sized dragons have taken the field!
Blondie Lockes: Coming to you live from the grandstands - not too hot, not too cold...
Justine Dancer: Yay! Dragon games! [Farrah takes a selfie with Justine and Blondie.]
Farrah Goodfairy: My wish has come true!
Blondie Lockes: And there you have it! This day has turned out to be just right!
Snow White: [To her team.] Have fun and play safe - remember, this is just a game.
Evil Queen: [To her team.] This isn't just a game! You're here to win by any means necessary.
Ashlynn Ella: Huh?
Evil Queen: Victory is all that matters! Take your positions.
The referee blows his whistle. The disc shoots out from the ground and Melody retrieves the disc first before Poppy, who scowls. Flying near the jewels, Darling tries cornering Melody by blocking her. Melody decides on letting the disc fly off behind her. To Melody's luck, Apple catches it.
Melody Piper: Great catch. Go for the ruby!
Apple White: [Apple and her dragon fly through the ruby.] That's worth fifty points if I can get it in the goal!
Apple flies straight and rotates a bit to her right, throwing the disc perfectly through the goal. Down at the stands, Raven is spectating the match.

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