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Several students are gathered in the charmitorium.
Mira Shards: What is with the sudden assembly?
Raven Queen: Hm-hm, it's top-secret - no one knows.
Blondie Lockes: I heard there's a special guest.
Apple White: Ooh, this is hexciting!
Milton Grimm: It is my honor to welcome back our most successful graduate, our beloved queen, Snow White.
Cheers erupt from the audience.
Apple White: What is she up to?
Snow White: [Chuckling.] A little bird told me that dragons have returned to my beloved alma mater. So it's time we restored the good old ways. Today, the dragon games are reinstated at Ever After High!
The dragon games are tough, yet elegant. And I want my Ever After riders dressed accordingly. I've hired the creative team of Lizzie Hearts and Ashlynn Ella to design all-new dragon wear.
On queue, the O'Hair twins appear onstage dressed up in new styles.
Lizzie Hearts: These looks are lightweight, flexible, and fashion-forward.
Ashlynn Ella: Not to mention fireproof, ice-proof, and explosion resistant.
To demonstrate, Holly's baby dragon blows a puff of fire at Holly, but her wear deflects it from affecting her. Poppy's baby dragon tries breathing ice. Poppy's wristcuffs take the hit, but the ice disperses quickly. The crowd oohs and ahhs at them.
Snow White: Adorable! Now, I can't very well bring back dragon riding in an old dilapidated arena! If you'll all follow me outside... [They walk outside.] Allow me to present the new Ever After High dragon center!

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