The beloved queen, Snow White announces to the students that The Dragon Games are reinstated at Ever After High! Check out the newest in dragon wear fashion!


Snow White holds a special assembly and proclaims that the dragon games are officially back in session. She showcases her design team who will be designing the armor for the games and takes the students outside to their new Dragon Games arena.


  1. Dexter Charming
  2. Apple White
  3. Mira Shards
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Madeline Hatter
  6. Hopper Croakington II
  7. Blondie Lockes
  8. Milton Grimm
  9. Cedar Wood
  10. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  11. Snow White
  12. Lizzie Hearts
  13. Ashlynn Ella
  14. Holly O'Hair
  15. Poppy O'Hair
  16. Hunter Huntsman
  17. Darling Charming