Dexter Charming and the Trouble with Jackalopes: A Little Mr. Cottonhorn Story is the first pet-centric companion book of A Semi-Charming Kind of Life and the fifth pet-centric companion book of the Ever After High book series. It was released on June 06, 2015.


Dexter Charming is enjoying his life at Ever After High. He reads a chemistry book in the common room with his pet, Mr. Cottonhorn - a rabbit with antlers called a jackalope. Unlike most animals, Mr. Cottonhorn is an overly intelligent pet, currently reading a fairytale alongside Dexter. In the corner of his eye, Dexter spots Raven Queen riding on Nevermore outside. Moments later, Raven storms in the room and explains to Dexter her problem with Nevermore's flying. In Mr. Cottonhorn's eyes, he realizes that Dexter is smitten for Raven.

The next afternoon, Dexter is in his room studying for the periodic table of elements. Raven comes knocking, and Dexter is caught by surprise. She enters his room and consults him about her Magic-ology spell issue. Her spell being a multiplication spell, Raven implies that she should try to redeem herself by multiplying an animal to make up for her fairy-fails in the past. When she mutters the spell to herself, magically thirty-five Mr. Cottonhorns appear in the dorm. Raven is unable to destroy the creatures because she perceives it as pure evil. Dexter formulates an idea in which Raven agrees on doing, which is gathering the jackalopes and letting people in the village adopt them. Before they can say or do anything, the notice that thirty of them are gone. A few students don't notice that they've run down the hall, so Dexter and Raven proceed in their pursuit. They find that they've entered Green Thumb's garden shed leading out to a vegetable garden. They find that the jackalopes are chewing up all the crops and try to pick them up. From high above, Nevermore spots the site below and looks hungry. She swoops down and Raven is unable to restrain her. Alarmed, the jackalopes are frantic until Mr. Cottonhorn lets out a loud noise which catches their attention. The jackalopes gather into baskets which Raven and Dexter use for carrying them to the village.

Before they leave, Raven tries to cast a multiplication spell to the vegetable after all the damage its inflicted. Apparently, the vegetables multiply so much that there is nearly no dirt visible. Much to Dexter's expectations, they are served vegetable soup that night.


  1. Dexter Charming
  2. Mr. Cottonhorn
  3. Nevermore
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Green Thumb
  6. Apple White
  7. Holly O'Hair
  8. Briar Beauty

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