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Dexter Charming was trademarked on May 14, 2013 as "Prince Dexter Charming" and on May 16, 2013 as "Dexter Charming". His first doll came out in Mid May, 2014. As of October 01, 2015, his doll number totals 2 and makes up 2.24% of the entire Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of him is currently available.


Signature - Royals

Doll stockphotography - Signature Dexter Profile art - Dexter Charming Profile art - Signature Dexter Charming
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Doll: He has slicked back brown hair and crystal blue eyes.
Clothes: Dexter wears gray jeans and a blue plaid blazer with gold embellishments. Under this, he wears a black sweater with golden leaves and curls and a white shirt with the tails untucked. He wears a white-and-blue striped muffler and black shoes.
Accessories: He accessorizes with a pocket chain of the Charming crest, a crown and a black school bag, again with crest, as well as black hipster glasses.
Extras: Gold stand, brush and diary.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto. This doll was re-released in 2015, but without his scarf and his school bag.

Date Night

Doll stockphotography - Date Night Dexter and Raven Profile art - Date Night Dexter and Raven

Doll: Dexter has his usual features: slicked back hair and glasses.
Clothes: He wears a formal black Ever After High jacket with blue trim and a pale gray shirt with a Charming C in the center. His blue shorts have a black and light blue plaid pattern. He wears a pair of baby blue shoes.
Accessories: Dexter accessorizes with a pair of glasses and a princely crown.
Extras: Silver brush, stand and a diary.
Notes: Dexter was only available in a 2-pack with Raven.


The tale of Legacy Day - Dexter claps Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party - Dexter juggles Thronecoming - Dexter points
  • Dexter has a Legacy Day design, though it isn't confirmed to be made into a doll. For his pledge, he wears a regal gray military jacket, periwinkle blue shirt and blue tie. He also has a blue cape and larger crown.
  • Dexter has a Hat-Tastic Party design, though it isn't confirmed to be made into a doll. He wears a cuffed pure white shirt with a long blue bow tie. On top, he wears a dark gray buttoned vest. He wears a star-pendant chain which is tucked into his upper layer of vest. He wears blue pants.
  • Dexter has a Thronecoming design, but it's not confirmed if it's to be made into a doll. His hair is slicked back and he wears a navy blue suit with a bright blue collar with deer antlers on it. Underneath his navy blue suit is a stripy blue vest and a white shirt and orange tie. Dexter accessorizes with a small orange honeyflower and golden chains that serve as buttons.