Dexter Charming and Darling Charming, along with the rest of the family are prompted to go on a Charming Family Ball. Dexter overhears his parents discussing (and hoping) on his fate as the possible next Beast as Rosabella's prince, but he wishes to be with Raven instead. As they arrive, Dexter is greeted by Grandpa Auspicious and Grandma Alluring, along with many other cousins who are eager to play games with one another. At that time, however, one of his cousins, Charity, catches the eye of Dexter as he spots strange indications such as glowing yellow eyes and strange, bare brown dirty footprints.

Dragged into a closet suddenly by a strange figure, Dexter and it have a brawl and knocks Dexter unconscious. Discovering that it is a changeling, as in a fake Charity by the strange symptoms, Dexter lies in a strange cell, correspondingly next to Charity's, who is cooped up in her book and isn't really concerned about anything else currently. Completely bored, Dexter waits around to be rescued, but in that spare time, Charity suggests for Dexter to knit using one of their grandmother's tools. Using the crochet hook, Dexter picks at the lock several times and sets himself free.

Finding Dexter at last, Daring announces that to the family who rejoice, not because it's Dexter, but because he is holding the special Aunt Arachne hook. Dexter sends a message to Darling that Charity is still down there as she goes down to fetch her. Knowing that she's not a damsel in distress, Dexter hopes himself not to be underestimated.


  1. Daring Charming
  2. Dexter Charming
  3. King Charming
  4. Queen Charming
  5. Darling Charming
  6. Courageous Charming
  7. Fairest Charming
  8. Beauteous Charming
  9. Breathtaking Charming
  10. Beloved Charming
  11. Cherished Charming
  12. Changeling
  13. Gordon
  14. Alluring Charming
  15. Auspicious Charming
  16. Fearless Charming
  17. Charity Charming