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The four girls are gathered around a campfire as it is now turning dark in the Dark Forest.
C.A. Cupid: We definitely should've found the Forest Fest by now.
Ashlynn Ella: Let's all just take our mind off of our situation, and, think about other things!
Blondie Lockes: Ooh! [Sits upright.] Boys.
C.A. Cupid: That's exactly what I was trying not to think about! [Slumps down.]
Ashlynn Ella: I forgot Dexter was taking Raven to the movies tonight; who knows? Maybe it won't go very well...

Back at Ever After High, Raven is in her dorm with Apple preparing for her date.
Raven Queen: [She brings her jewelry box over to the windowsill.] I think I'll wear this bracelet. [Opens jewelry box.] Or, um, maybe this ring [Takes out ring.]—oh, this necklace would look nice. [Takes out necklace.]
Apple is applying blush to her face, facing the mirror.
Apple White: It's a night at the movies, Raven, not a final hexam!
Raven Queen: I know, I know. [Exhales.] I'm way move nervous than I hexpected. [Puts hands on hips.] I mean, this is my first actual date. [Grabs full-body mirror.] With Dexter... He's here!
Raven turns and runs for the door as she hears Dexter knocking.
With his eyes closed, Dexter accidentally knocks on Raven's head a few times as soon as she opens the door.
Dexter Charming: [Hides flowers behind his back.] I'm sorry I didn't realize that wood was your head! [Points to Raven.] I-I mean, the door was your head—I mean—have some flowers! [Awkwardly passes a bouquet to Raven.]
Raven Queen: Thank you, [Takes flowers.] they're um—beautiful! [Her magic wilts them. Raven runs back into her room.]
Dexter Charming: I forgot - Dark Queen, flowers. [Groans and walks inside the dorm room.]
Dexter walks in and finds Apple. He greets her and finds Raven attempting to put the bouquet in the vase.
Raven Queen: That's okay - I-I'll just put them in some water. [Spills water on the ground.] I'm so clumsy! I am so sorry, Dexter. [She looks down and spills more water.]
Dexter Charming: [Holds hands out.] No, no, I'm so sorry, it's my fault!
Raven Queen: [Puts the vase and bouquet down.] It's totally my fault, really! I'm so sorry. [She walks over to Dexter.]
The two proceed to walk out the dorm room, still apologizing.
Dexter Charming: I am so, so sorry that you're sorry.
Raven looks back to Apple, expecting a form of encouragement. Apple gives her a thumb's up and a smile, but loses it straight after she darts out.
Apple White: Huh.

Dexter and Raven make it into the movies and it is past evening time.
Dexter Charming: This place is...really fancy. And, um...
Raven Queen: Maybe we should just go sit down. [Awkwardly points to the theater.]

Raven and Dexter walk over to the theater area and find that the place is packed. They try not to step on anyone and make their way to their seats.
Dexter Charming: Watch your feet.
Raven Queen: Ow!
Dexter Charming: How did I even do that! [Couples around Raven and Dexter are romantically interacting.] Should I get some snacks? I should get some snacks... [The pair sit down and Raven scans the room.]
Female bystander: [Giggling.] Aww...
Dexter Charming:, no, no, I should stay [Raven finds the trolls kissing each other.]—no, I should probably get some snacks...
Raven Queen: [Nervous chuckle.]
Dexter Charming: ...want snacks? I want snacks.
Raven Queen: Ummm...
Dexter Charming: Now I need to go to the bathroom. Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Raven Queen: [Raven snaps.] ENOUGH! [She lets out a freezing spell.]
Dexter then realizes what's been going on around him and notices that it has made Raven uncomfortable.
Dexter Charming: Raven?
Raven Queen: [She takes her hand off her mouth.] Dexter. I've got a confession to make. I am like, really, super nervous.
Dexter Charming: You're nervous? But I'm nervous.
Raven Queen: We've got something in common! Hahaha. So really, there's nothing to be nervous about! Let's just be ourselves, and enjoy the evening. [She snaps her fingers and everyone returns back to normal. The movie immediately starts screening after that.]
Dexter Charming: But, Raven—
Raven Queen: Shh. [Holds a finger up.] It's starting, I can't wait to see what comes next. [She holds Dexter's hand and they both watch the movie together happily.]

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