Raven and Dexter overcome their wicked nerves to enjoy an enchanting first date at multi-hex theater.


With their qualms at hand, Cupid, Ashlynn, Blondie and Poppy are still lost in the Dark Forest and they are gathered around a fire. Wanting a happier mood, Ashlynn encourages her friends to think of something else. Blondie suggests thinking of boys, but with her crush on Dexter and his date that night, Cupid was actually planning to not think about it. Ashlynn tries to be positive for Cupid's sake and believes that perhaps that maybe the date wouldn't go as well planned as they believe.

In the dorms at Ever After High, Raven's first date jitters started to erupt as she notes that this is her first one. As Dexter comes knocking, Raven nervously answers the door and is greeted with flowers. Passing them to Raven, she accidentally wilts them with her magic and voluntarily brings them inside, insisting on putting them in a vase, however spills the water on the ground, apologizing straight after. Dexter follows apologizing and they hesitantly walk out the door continuing so. Raven's roommate wishes her luck.

At the multi-hex theater, Raven and Dexter awkwardly enter and instead of standing around, Raven suggests they sit down in the theater and wait for the movie to start. However at the theater, Raven is constantly distracted by the people around her who are acting romantic with one another as Dexter babbles on about getting snacks or not. In this haze, Raven snaps and freezes the other people around her and confesses to Dexter about her nervousness about this date. Dexter follows and they laugh it off. With a snap of her fingers, Raven unfreezes everyone and they all proceed to watch the movie.


  1. C.A. Cupid
  2. Ashlynn Ella
  3. Blondie Lockes
  4. Poppy O'Hair
  5. Raven Queen
  6. Apple White
  7. Dexter Charming
  8. Daring Charming
  9. Bridge Troll
  10. Troll Girl



  • Throughout the time when Dexter arrives at Raven's dorm room to present her with flowers onward, his crown simultaneously switches from his 'Signature - Royals' crown and his 'Date Night' crown.


  • The opening of the movie that Raven and Dexter are watching is based off the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer opening.


  • This webisode promotes the 'Date Night' doll series.
  • This webisode aired on a Friday, continuing the events from the last webisode.