Darling Charming lies on her balcony but is dangerously spotted by bystanders, for she prepares to attend the Charming Family Ball. At the end of their ride, Darling does something her mother considers unladylike, to her dismay. Later, Darling is horded by several younger girl cousins and Grandma Alluring, who proposes in a few games with the girls. Kick-starting the games, Alluring declares a Damsel-in-Distressing hide and seek version. Darling is sent to hide in the metal box on the east roof. As it is an objective of the game, Darling locks herself tight in the metal box and stares up at the sky full of stars instead. From the corner of her eye, Darling believes that she saw a cat scampering across the roof by her. Continuing down her gaze, she finds the swimming pool below her and spots Auspicious fall into the pool. Taking a closer look, Darling finds the hinges of the metal box gently push open, despite her sure that it was locked a bit ago. Ignoring that, Darling slides off the roof and onto the gutter, swinging down and landing back onto her feet soon after. Finding the pool, Darling comes across a sword sitting at the bottom of the pool, along with a thrashing eel. With only her alone, Darling catches it above water as it flails around. Trying to fetch the sword for a second attempt at the bottom without distractions, she does so, however the eel breaks free from its net straight before she gets out of the water. Darling hides the sword and tiptoes away.

Stating to everyone that cousin Good-Enough was the initial discoverer of the Soaring Sword instead of her. Good news of Dexter finding the Crochet Hook of Arachne also surfaces. As Dexter is being cheered on, he signals Darling to find Charity and rescue her from her cell, and Darling does so. Charity promises not to tell anyone of Dexter's defeat of the changeling, Darling's brave rescue of her and her success in finding the Sword.


  1. Darling Charming
  2. Butler
  3. Farmer boys
  4. Ogre
  5. Dragon
  6. Daring Charming
  7. Dexter Charming
  8. Queen Charming
  9. King Charming
  10. Auspicious Charming
  11. Alluring Charming
  12. Caring Charming
  13. Fragile Charming
  14. Elegant Charming
  15. Bountiful Charming
  16. Good-Enough Charming
  17. Gallant Charming
  18. Glorious Charming
  19. Gutsy Charming
  20. Gracious Charming
  21. Gorgeous Charming
  22. Errant Charming
  23. Charity Charming