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Male narrator: Love triangles at Ever After High can get, ooh... [Dexter and Raven meet each other at the doors of a classroom and smile awkwardly at each other. Dexter escorts her inside and accidentally exposes his MirrorPad background of her face.]
Female narrator: [Cupid appears as they both walk together.] Awkward.
Male narrator: Yes, awkward.

Rumpelstiltskin: [Points to Raven.] Raven! Your lab partner for this week's assignment is: Sparrow Hood. [Points to Sparrow.]
Sparrow Hood: [Sparrow appears next to Raven.] Sweet. [Strums on his guitar.] You can do all the work, while I rock and ROLL!!!
Raven Queen: Hexcellent.
Cupid is crossing her fingers hardly.
Rumpelstiltskin: And Cupid, you are with Dexter.
C.A. Cupid: Yes! [She hugs Dexter.] I mean, uh, [Backs away.] 'cause you're so know, Dexter, he's so smart. [Nervous laughter.] That's what they say, haha...heh.

Dexter is mixing his potion and on the other side, Raven sneaks a peek at him as Sparrow messes up their project. She keeps her glance and slightly smiles at Dexter until the potion Sparrow's been pouring in explodes in his face.
C.A. Cupid: [Sigh.] I know what I have to do.

Raven is walking outdoors and her phone rings.
Raven Queen: Hey, Cupid! What's wicked?
C.A. Cupid: There's something really important I wanna tell you, about Dexter...
Briar Beauty: [(From above on a parachute.)] Ahh!
Raven Queen: What in the kingdom?! [She drops her phone as soon as finds Briar and runs after her.]
C.A. Cupid: [Alarmed.] Oh! It's nothing bad...
Raven Queen: [Raven finds Briar.] Briar! What happened?
Briar's parachute is caught in a tree.
Briar Beauty: I tried dragon riding! Heh, good thing I was wearing my parachute.
C.A. Cupid: ...It's just, I wanna switch lab partners, 'cause, uhh...Dexter has a crush on you! [Ends call and dials up Dexter.]
Dexter is in the Mirror Labs with Humphrey.
Dexter Charming: [Picks up call.] Hey, Cupid!
C.A. Cupid: This won't take long! I just called Raven and told her that you―
Dexter Charming: Oh, no! [He runs to Humphrey as he is being shocked by electric wires.]
C.A. Cupid: No, it's okay! She's really happy about it.
Dexter Charming: That was a close one. [Fixes Humphrey's glasses and unplugs wires.]
C.A. Cupid: You and Raven are gonna be great together! I know it in my heart.
Dexter Charming: Dexter and Raven enter and talk together at the same time.

Cupid! What were you trying to tell me?

Raven Queen: Hey, Cupid! Sorry about yesterday.
C.A. Cupid: [Hooks her arms around both of them.] I'm so happy we worked everything out! Now, you'd better get to work! Haha, that potion isn't gonna brew itself! [She starts giggling but her giggles break off as soon as she leaves Raven and Dexter.]
Cupid is found in Raven's stead mixing Sparrow and Raven's potion.
Sparrow Hood: Cupid? Awesome. [Quietly singing as it agitates Cupid.] You're gonna mix me up a love potion, oh-whoa!
Male narrator: And so, it looks like this love triangle isn't ending anytime soon.
Raven and Dexter are standing together and the two both awkwardly (but happily) work on their project.
Female narrator: I'm guessing not forever after.

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