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It's early in the morning, and the scene opens with a griffin cawing.
Raven Queen: [Yawning as she eyes Apple walking by.]
Apple White: [Glances at Raven.] Raven.
Raven Queen: [Returns her glance.] Apple.

Raven and Apple brush their teeth together. Apple rinses to speak and Raven follows.
Apple White: Raven.
Raven Queen: Apple.
Female narrator: Apple and Raven had a problem; as co-editors, the girls would have to agree on a shared vision for the yearbook.
Male narrator: And lately, they couldn't even agree to disagree.
Raven Queen: [Eyes Apple.] Apple...
Apple White: [Pretentiously.] Raven.
Madeline Hatter: Why can't you two figure out how to be friends?! There has to be a way!
Lizzie Hearts: [Lizzie enters.] There is a way! In Wonderland, we would have a duel - a croquet duel!
Students: Oohhhh!
Lizzie Hearts: Whoever wins the game becomes the senior editor. [Distributes croquet mallets to Apple and Raven.] The other must relinquish power.
Raven Queen: I'll do it, if you will. [Holds out mallet defensively.]
Apple White: You're on. [Repeats Raven's gesture.]
Lizzie Hearts: Mallets at dawn!
Fade to next morning, where students are gathered to the croquet fields to watch the anticipated match between the two girls.
Lizzie Hearts: Apple, Raven, you know the rules. I make them up as you go along. Maddie, you are Raven's wicket keeper; Bunny, you are with Apple. The ball must pass through the wicket to score. Now turn, walk ten paces, and swing your mallet! [She blows a whistle signalling the commencing of the match.]
As a first attempt, Raven and Apple hit their balls in the wicket at the same time, both landing in perfectly. They exchange unsatisfied looks.
Apple and Raven: Hmm...

Next, Apple hits her ball through a bush which collides with a squirrel, still scoring nonetheless. It squeals in alarm.
Raven hits her ball across a lake and it bounces on the headmaster's head. He grunts in surprise, but it also passes through the wicket on the other side.
Ashlynn and Hunter clap for Raven.

With a pegasus in its nest, Apple stands on top of the pegasus and hits the ball off its head, landing on a branch and passing through the wicket.

Raven hits her ball up to the top of a winding, rigid hill and it lands squarely through the wicket.
Bunny and Madeline: [Cheering.]
Apple White: Nicely played, picture perfect. Too bad you wouldn't want a shot of that in the yearbook. [Raven rolls her eyes at Apple's remark.]

Students have gotten their MirrorPads at the ready as they find Apple attempting a shot through her wicket, on top of Rumpelstiltskin's tower of hair.
Rumpelstiltskin: Apple White!!
Apple takes her shot and the ball shatters a window in the process.
Students: [Gasp.]
Raven Queen: Well, if you ask me, this [Lifts up her MirrorPad screen.] is more memorable.
Rumpelstiltskin: DETENTION!
Fade to night time, where the students are all tired out from following Raven and Apple around, waiting to know who the winner is.
Apple White: [To Raven.] It's all about showing us at our best, like this shot of our faithful wicket keepers. [Shows Raven a shot of Bunny and Maddie.]
Raven Queen: More like wicket sleepers. [Takes a picture of Maddie and Bunny, who have also gotten tired.]
Apple White: Well, the winner will decide. [Readies her shot at a faraway croquet pole.]
Raven Queen: Fine. Let's finish this. [She and Apple both take their shots - the balls hit the pole at the same time, both hitting perfectly in the center.]
Lizzie Hearts: [Runs over.] A tie!
Fireworks begin erupting from the croquet pole, and exploding, waking everyone up.
Lizzie Hearts: Presenting the yearbook co-editors: Apple and Raven!
Tired and somewhat unsettled with the results but too tired to care, the students muster up all the energy they have left in them and cheer loudly for the last time.
Students: Whoo, a tie!! [Frantic clapping.]
Daring Charming: That's it, I'm off to bed. See ya!
Madeline Hatter: I knew you could work things out! With you guys in charge, [Hugs Raven and Apple close.] it's going to be the best yearbook ever!
Raven Queen: [Happily.] I'll do it, if you will.
Apple White: You're on. [She takes out her MirrorPad and takes a selfie with Raven.]
Female narrator: Perhaps the girls still don't see eye-to-eye...
Male narrator: ...but at least they're on the same page.

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