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Courtly Jester was trademarked on May 19, 2014. As of October 01, 2015, her doll number totals 0 and makes up 0% of the Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of her is available.


Way Too Wonderland

Doll stockphotography - Courtly Jester Profile art - Courtly Jester

Doll: Courtly has peach skin and short curly, bobby blonde hair hid behind her large joker's collar. It has several purple streaks on a layered fringe on the right side of her face. A white diamond shape is drawn on her left eye. She has arched purple eyebrows, purple eyes, smoky gray eye shadow and bright red lips accompanied with a smile.
Clothes: Courtly wears a large magenta joker collar with bells on each end. She has translucent pastel purple sleeves with glitter, and a multicolored mini dress. Courtly wears a red jester belt with golden chains and multicolored stockings. She has midnight blue boots with a mismatched length, and midnight blue wrist cuffs. Her gloves are colored the same.
Accessories: She accessorizes with a classic red fool's hat, and red diamond-shaped earrings.
Extras: Gold stand and brush. Additionally, this doll comes with a card diary.
Notes: In the stockphoto, Courtly doesn't come with a diary. Each doll of her seems to have a unique dress pattern and on some of the dolls, the color of her leggings vary from left and right.