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Quotation1 I've learned my lesson. I've made up for my crimes by doing community service! Quotation2
Courtly Jester in "Way Too Wonderland: Courtly Pleads Her Case"

Courtly Jester is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is the daughter of the Joker Card and is closely affiliated with Wonderland High, the main high school in Wonderland, as the student body president, which by Wonderland rules, also makes her said school's vice principal and principal. She was held in Wonderland Prison, doing her time to make up for the chaos that she's evoked upon Wonderland.[1] Later, she was released and sent to Ever After High as a student with a legitimate destiny. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Rebel side because she wants to be a queen. It is, however, not fully known if she is a Royal or a Rebel because she does not have a doll with a doll merchandise box that comes with a story-card diary bookmark that says Royal or Rebel on it; in fact, she does not come with a diary at all, such as a booklet.


In English, she is voiced by Paula Rhodes.
In Latin American Spanish, she is voiced by Diana Alonso.



Courtly is the type to have an aggressive and assertive, power-hungry exterior and an insecure interior, often referring to herself as "lowly Courtly Jester". Her Joker heritage also makes her mischievous and a liar. She has no trouble twisting others' words. In "Way Too Wonderland", she is the head of a conspiracy against the Queen of Hearts, planning to overthrow her. As principal and vice-principal of Wonderland High and chief of prosecution at the school court, she has huge power over a significant part of Wonderland, as even the royal herald goes by her rules.

However, a lot has changed since then. In her time at Wonderland Prison, Courtly claims to have rewritten her ways and promises to be good and make more friends.


Courtly has short, blonde, pastel purple and blue-streaked hair styled in a one-sided fringe, covering her right eye. A portion of it is braided down the left side of her head. She has scarlet pink eyes and a white diamond painted around her left eye. Courtly has pale skin and sports an eccentric look.


Courtly enjoys playing croquet in the fields with her friends and she is said to be a natural at it.

Fairy tale

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She is the daughter of the Joker Card.


Duchess Swan is considered Courtly's best friend. She is also well acquainted with Raven Queen and Lizzie Hearts. She and Kitty Cheshire share an interest in pranking, and they like to team up to prank others.


She has her eye on Alistair Wonderland.



  • Courtly's entire name is a pun on Court Jester, otherwise known as a Joker. Her name Courtly is also based on the word "court" and the name Courtney. Also, in the novel Alice's Wonderland Adventures in Wonderland it is explained that all the cards are loyal servants and based on their symbol (Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond) they are assigned a role.  It is explained in the book that the spades are gardeners, clubs are soldiers, hearts are members of the royal family and diamonds are courtiers (which is another play on her name and the fact that she has a diamond mark on her face as well all throughout her outfit, making her not only a joker card but a diamond one too).



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