Coral Witch is a 2013-introduced and book-only character. She is part of The Little Mermaid as the next Sea Witch. It is unknown where she stands in the destiny conflict, but she appears to have Rebel sympathies.



Coral is a helpful and likable girl. She is not keen for her story to start one day because of the gruesome end to it and how the role of the villain doesn't fit her.


Coral is described to be a young girl, a few years younger the Meeshell and almost old enough to attend Ever After High. She has pale blue skin and flowing dark blue-black hair. She has delicate features, a red tail like her mother as described in Fairy Tail Ending.


Main article: The Little Mermaid



Coral is the daughter of the Sea Witch.


Coral is likely friends with most of the sea creatures. Cedar appears to be familiar with her. She also appears to be on good terms with Meeshell.



When the Rebels need a way to get the Legacy Day Ball Madeline gets the idea of summoning fish from the narrator, and they run into Coral. She says she respects Raven's decision and admits it has given her something to think about as she's also unsure of her role as a villain. In gratitude she summons sea creatures to help the Rebels get to the Ball. The Storybook of Legends

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