Cook is the servant cook of the Queen family. She is one of the few remaining inhabitants of Queen Castle. She is the mother of two twins, Butternut and Pie.



She is a very kind woman, who worries about Raven's health.



She's the mother of Butternut and Pie.


She is cook and friend to the Queen's family, especially to Good King and Raven Queen.


Ever After High (I)

The Storybook of Legends Raven flung open the huge dining room doors and announced, “I’m here!” Years ago her mother hosted hundreds of guests at that dining table. Tonight, as usual, the only diners were Raven, her father, Cook, and Cook’s four-year-old sons. Raven asks Cook to make sure that the Good King gets outside, goes sailing and fishing.

“Of course. Now dinner. I made roast duck,” Cook said hopefully, lifting the platter.

“I’ll just have a princess pea–butter sandwich, please,” Raven said while playing peekaboo behind her napkin with Butternut.

Cook rolled her eyes but handed Raven her usual sandwich.

“Thank you,” Raven said, and then winced automatically.

“My meat is cold,” said Butternut.

“I can warm it up for you,” Raven said, wiggling her fingers as if preparing to cast a spell.

“No!” both Cook and the king said at once, lunging to their feet.

Raven laughed.

“Oh my, you had me for a moment.” The king pressed his hand to his heart and sat back down.

A couple of years before, Raven had tried to reheat her father’s meal and ended up setting the entire table on fire. She wouldn’t make that mistake again. Dark magic + good intentions = catastrophe.

After the plum pudding, the Good King said, “Cook, thank you so much for a perfect dinner. Raven, would you…?” He inclined his head toward the door. Raven Queen's Story

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