Here Comes Cupid - playing matchmaker

Classical Mythology or Greco-Roman Mythology is both the body of and the study of myths from the ancient Greeks and the Romans as they are used or transformed cultural recepton along with Philosophy and political thought Mythology represents one of the major Survivals of classical antiquity later West culture the Greek words Mythos refers to the spoken word or speech but it also denotes a tale, story or narrative Greek myths were narrative released to the ancient Greece religion often connect with the actions of gods and other Supernatural beings and of the Heroes who Transcend human the bounds major sources for Greek myths includes the Homer's Epic that is the IIiad and the The Odyssey and the tragedy


Cupid and psyche

Once Upon a Time in ancient Greece there was a king and queen who had three daughters the youngest was psyche psyche was so beautiful the everyone in ancient Greece worship her like a goddess that they were in love with her beauty many men have tried to date her but they were afraid of her none of the people did not worship the goddess of love and beauty Venus who was angry and very jealous does she saw the people worshipping psyche as a goddess and not her she flew into a rage and she summon her son Cupid to make psyche fall in love to someone who is uglier one day the king went to a Oracle of Delphi of Apollo and they told him that his daughter must go to the cliff and be sacrificed and does she must date a hideous monster as her husband or else his kingdom will be destroyed by the Gods the king and queen and all the subjects and psyche went on top of the cliff and they left her alone psyche waiting for her monstrous husband on the cliff until the god of wind came and swept her up and send her down the cliff to a beautiful palace in the forest psyche was inside and she heard a beautiful voice that I told her that she was invited doubt she will be pampered with all the invisible servants psyche would treat like a queen in this Palace until one night Cupid come to psyche and they fell in love and slept together because Cupid struck himself with his own Arrow because he was in love with her that morning psyche discovered that she was pregnant with a child one day her sisters came to the Palace and you were glad to meet her they talk they had a feast and and you also have fine beautiful clothes and jewelry the older sister's tell psyche that she never met this monster is boyfriend of hers her older sisters gave her an idea to take a knife and a candle to the bed and if she saw this monster she would kill it so she went to the bed and when she kneeled down and saw that it was no monster it was really Cupid the heart West candle fell on Cupid shoulder and he began to scream Cupid flew out the window and the palace began to disappear psyche was left all alone psyche went to the Palace of the Goddess Venus and ask for forgiveness the goddess said that she must pass a lot of tests and psyche did what she was told East test was harder and harder but it was more easy when psyche got help so Venus gave psyche a magic box and told her to go to the underworld and give it to Persephone so she can grant it with something so psyche went to the underworld and gave the box to Persephone and when she did she took it back on the ferry boat and went back to the land of the living beside you was curious to see what was in the Box she open it and fell asleep when Cupid was healed he went back to psyche and gave her a kiss Cupid took Psyche on top of Mount Olympus and Jupiter make psyche immortal psyche gave Venus the Box and she accepted it and then psyche and Cupid got married and had a daughter whose name was pleasure


Cupid : C.A. Cupid

Psyche: Unknown

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