When Raven Queen decides to sign up for Princessology, Apple White decides to flip the script and sign up for Home Evilnomics to spite her roomie. Though, she may get more than she bargained for...


It's time for students to pick elective classes and Raven tells Maddie that because she can now take control of her destiny, she will sign up for a class she's never thought of taking before: Princessology. Apple, who is standing nearby and overhears, insists that it isn't right for Raven to choose such a class. To prove her point, Apple decides that if Raven takes Princessology, she will sign up for Home Evilnomics, in spite of Raven.

Soon after, Apple has her first Home Evilnomics class and is slightly intimidated by the frightening surroundings and her classmates. Her first Home Evilnomics assignment further drops her resolve: each student is to go into the Enchanted Forest, find an animal, and then turn it evil. The other students have no trouble with any part of the project, but Apple can't bring herself to turn the little beige rabbit she found evil. At first, she tries to reason around the final part of the project by arguing that, since the rabbit is munching on a carrot very quickly, it will surely get an "evil" tummyache. The teacher, Baba Yaga, doesn't consider it good enough and tells Apple to try again. For her second attempt, Apple creates a mask of Baba Yaga's face and makes the rabbit wear it, but the sorceress doesn't buy it. She tells the princess that she gets one more chance to turn the rabbit evil or she will fail the assignment. Apple returns to the Enchanted Forest, pondering over what to do, as woodland creatures flock to her. Among them is a billygoat, which appearance gives Apple an idea.

Back in Home Evilnomics, Apple presents the class with her rabbit before pulling a curtain in front of herself. From behind it, she claims to be casting her spell, while in reality she is attaching bunny ears to the billygoat she secretly brought along. Lifting the curtain, Apple reveals her creation. Though still not impressed, Baba Yaga lets Apple pass with a D minus minus. Elated, Apple meets up with Raven at her locker to proudly announce her success in an evil class, but her mood changes when she learns that Raven dropped Princessology only a few minutes in. As Raven leaves, Apple wonders what to do with Home Evilnomics and the class's current project: growing evil plants, with hers possessing terrible manners.


  1. Ashlynn Ella
  2. Hunter Huntsman
  3. Pied Piper
  4. Baba Yaga
  5. Rumpelstiltskin
  6. Gingerbreadman
  7. Jack B. Nimble
  8. Cedar Wood
  9. Raven Queen
  10. Madeline Hatter
  11. Apple White
  12. Lilly-Bo Peep



  • Why would Raven say she is technically a princess when her mom, the Evil Queen, is still a queen?
  • At the beginning scene when Apple turns around, telling Raven she can't get Princessology, Apple's earrings change color from golden to red and when it is shown her faced at the front, they are gold again.