Clara Lear is a 2013-introduced and book-only character. She is part of King Lear as the next King Lear—or rather, Queen Lear. She is a new student at Ever After High and it is unknown where she stands in the destiny conflict. She is royalty and acts the part, but she does not like her future and is convinced that means no one will like her. Madeline Hatter's kindness and patience have eased her insecurities a bit though.



Clara is the kind of person who translates their shyness into haughtiness, though the armor is easy to pierce. She is insecure about her story's importance, the grimness of her destiny, and if her red hair won't make her a target for ostracism.


She has red hair and light brown freckles. She dresses in all-gray and her posture is noticeably stiff.

Fairy Tale

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King Lear is Clara's father.


She is a friend of Madeline Hatter and likely of a girl described as having dark hair and blue wings.


It is Clara's first year at Ever After High and everything is new and weird to her. On the last day of summer, she visits the Village of Book End, but is unable to find any much-needed peace and normalcy in her new environment. She receives help from Kitty, who assures her the Mad Hatter of Wonderland's Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe is the most normal place in all of Book End. Clara thanks her and enters the establishment. Kitty Cheshire's Story She haughtily orders "regular" tea and insults Wonderland when the waitress, Madeline, notes that no one in Wonderland would ever drink regular tea. This shocks Maddie into obediently looking for any regular tea in the kitchen, but when she finds it, she decides it's not what Clara needs. Having been alone a year ago too, Maddie understands that Clara's rudeness is an expression of her anxiety and therefore brings her charm blossom tea. Madeline comforts her, which gets Clara to open up, and then helps her meet a potential friend. At the end of it all, Clara finally smiles. Madeline Hatter's Story