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Cinderella Castle is Ashlynn Ella's home. It is located on a very high mountain and it is the keeping spot for the Spring Rose. It appears in "Epic Winter".

Within the Castle

The castle can be reached by a very long staircase. However, since Cinderella never wanted to lose a shoe again she changed it to escalator.

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The Entrance Hall.

The Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is a big open room with a grand staircase leading to the first floor. Many windows from the second floor look at it. Large marble pillars hold a stained glass dome in form of a clock.

The Kitchen

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The Kitchen

The kitchen is located just down the hall and this is where Rosabella and Daring fall in love.

Cinderella's Shoe Closet

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The Shoe Closet.

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The famous glass slipper.

Cinderella owns a very large shoe closet of various levels and a locked vault where she keeps her most prized possession; her glass slipper.

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