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Ashlynn is in The Glass Slipper with Hunter, trying to find the perfect shoes to wear to the Blue Moon Forest Fest. Hunter Huntsman is sitting on a pile of shoes and boxes.
Ashlynn Ella: No, not these ones. [Throws a few shoes at the shoe pile and accidentally hits Hunter with one of them.] These won't work either! The Blue Moon Forest Fest is tonight! How can I hike into the Enchanted Forest for the biggest party of the year, if I can't even find the perfect shoe? [Gasp and takes the glass boot.] There it is! The glass hiking boot! Stylish, but sensible - a good choice. [Shows Hunter the shoe.]
Hunter Huntsman: It's totally you. [Gestures at Ashlynn.] But is everything okay? You seem a little stressed.
Ashlynn Ella: [Sigh.] I guess I'm just distracted. Everyone wants to go with me, and I can't decide who to invite. [Sits down.]
Hunter Huntsman: Well, you know I'd come. [Scratches head.] But, I promised the guys I'd go see a scary movie at the Multihex tonight. [Gets down on one knee and holds Ashlynn's hands.]
Sparrow Hood: [Bursts out of the shoe pile and starts playing his guitar.] Jill Ted! Jack and Jill Teeeeed!
Ashlynn Ella: [Crosses arms.] How did you even get in here?
Sparrow Hood: I was just shoppin' for ladies' shoes! [Walks out of the shop while playing his guitar.]
Hunter Huntsman: Relax, Ashlynn. [Hugs Ashlynn.] The perfect person will turn up. You're gonna have a great time, I'm sure. Catch you later, sweetie. [Leaves the shop.]
Ashlynn Ella: [Giggles.]
Dexter Charming: Ashlynn! [Enters the shop and waves.] Awh, just who I was looking for!
Ashlynn Ella: Don't tell me, you want to go with me tonight.
Dexter Charming: Oh, what? No, I'd feel super awkward at a Forest Fest. [Scratches head.] So much forest and festivity, ugh. [Flinches.] I'm looking for Cupid! Have you seen her?
Ashlynn Ella: Not lately. Did you try Hocus Latte?
Dexter Charming: Oh, uh, thanks. I will. [Leaves.]

Cupid is sitting in the Hocus Latte, browsing through pictures of Dexter on her laptop.
C.A. Cupid: [Sigh.]
Dexter Charming: Oh, Cupid! I really need to ask you something.
C.A. Cupid: [Closes laptop quickly, throws it out and giggles sheepishly.]
Dexter Charming: Well, you see, it's kind of personal and so I'm a little nervous, and...
C.A. Cupid: I find that at times like this, the best way is to just... come out and say it. [Stands up.]
Dexter Charming: Okay! Will you go to the movies with me tonight?
Raven Queen: Oh! S-sure. I'd love to—umm, I'll see you at eight?
Dexter Charming: Great! I'll see you then... [Giggles.]
C.A. Cupid: [Sits back down and sighs sadly.]
Sparrow Hood: Jack and Jill Ted!! [Whispering.] The sequel!
Ashlynn Ella: These boots are great. [Admires her boots.] Cupid! There you are! [Waves at Cupid.]
C.A. Cupid: You can see me? Huh. From talking to Dexter, I was starting to wonder if I was invisible. [Lays head on the table.]
Ashlynn Ella: I'm sorry, but I have good news! [Takes out tickets to the Forest Fest.] I think you're the perfect person to bring to the Forest Fest! What do you say?
C.A. Cupid: You know what, I seriously need a break from all this romance business.
Ashlynn Ella: Great - let's find you some new shoes.
Ashlynn and Cupid: [Laughing.]

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