When Dexter asks Raven on a date, Ashlynn tries to cheer up Cupid by offering to bring her to the exclusive Blue Moon Forest Fest.


Ashlynn Ella has trouble finding the best possible pair of shoes to wear to the Blue Moon Forest Fest, which takes place at night. There, she finds a glass hiking boot on a pedestal and proposes to wear that pair for the Forest Fest. Hunter acknowledges that Ashlynn is acting stressed, which she is since she has no one to go with. Obviously Hunter would go with her, however he promised his friends they would watch a scary movie together. Out of the blue, Sparrow erupts out from underneath the pile of shoes, who claims he was just shopping for ladies' shoes. After he's gone, Hunter tries to reassure Ashlynn. Straight after, Dexter walks in. Ashlynn suspects that he's requesting the shared invitation to the Forest Fest, but Dexter is rather clueless on the matter. Instead, he's asking for directions regarding where Cupid might be. As of late, Ashlynn hasn't seen her. However she would suggest he look in Hocus Latte.

In the said place, Cupid sits on her own and dreamily sighs over a few full-screen pictures of Dexter. As soon as Dexter finds her, he walks up to her. Cupid promptly shuts her laptop and chucks it away sheepishly. Though Dexter is not confident with discussing the matter, Cupid gives him advice to "come out and say it". Cupid is excitable as it sounds like Dexter is asking her out, however he is talking in a MirrorPad video call, calling with Raven. Cupid is utterly upset and sinks back in her seat. Ashlynn enters the Hocus Latte and finds Cupid, admiring her boots. She spots Cupid, who is rather forlorn after talking with Dexter. In spite of this, Ashlynn invites Cupid to the Forest Fest. This instantly cheers Cupid up and they laugh it off.


  1. Hunter Huntsman
  2. Ashlynn Ella
  3. Sparrow Hood
  4. Dexter Charming
  5. Lizzie Hearts
  6. Kitty Cheshire
  7. Bunny Blanc
  8. Alistair Wonderland
  9. C.A. Cupid
  10. Raven Queen



  • Since "Spring Unsprung", Bunny and Alistair's visit in Ever After appears to be contemporary, as they are spotted in Hocus Latte.
    • Bunny is in her rabbit form.
  • This webisode aired on a Friday instead of a Tuesday as well as the previous webisode, which is not in the regular uploading schedule.
  • The next webisode will continue the series of events occurred in this one.