The children of Lion and Unicorn

The children of The Lion and The Unicorn are wonderlandian background characters who appeared in Way To Wonderland TV special.


They are the son and daughter of Lion and Unicorn respectively. They also are Wonderland High students, and attend to the Queen of Hearts birthday party.


The Lion's son is a brown-skinned boy with curly and white hair. He wears a shirt with shades of blue and an orange jacket. He also wears a lanyard with a lion's head pendant and lion's paws on his shoulders.

The Unicorn's daughter is a girl with brown skin, with long curly white and blue hair at the top. She wears a blue, mustard yellow and green dress with a unicorn theme. She wears a bracelet and tiara with a unicorn horn, and a unicorn head ornament on her shoulders. She uses makeup based on blue.


As Wonderlandians they tend to be "mad", and both seem to be friendly and kind persons.

Fairy Tale

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Unlike their parents, they are are good friends


They are the son and daughter of Lion and Unicorn respectively.

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