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The "children of Jack and Jill" are two 2014-introduced an

Jack and Jill son- Spring Unsprung

d cartoon-only characters. They are part of Jack and Jill as the next titular characters. It is unknown where they stand in the destiny conflict.



They are a tad clumsy and regularly injure themselves as a result.


Jack and Jill have light brown skin. They have brown and blonde locks and the daughter wears glasses.

Fairy tale

Main article: Jack and Jill



They are the children of Jack and Jill or either. Due to their alike appearances, they are most likely siblings or cousins, but such is not confirmed.


Chapter 2


The children fall down a well and only get out thanks to Apple's help. She also bandages them up and calls for a medic. Apple's Princess Practice

Son of Jack and Jill

TV specials

The son attends various parts of the Thronecoming ceremony. Thronecoming They attend the Spring Fairest. Spring Unsprung


  • June 06, 2014: The children of Jack and Jill make their cartoon debut in the Spanish release of "Apple's Princess Practice".
  • August 05, 2014: The children of Jack and Jill make their cartoon debut in "Apple's Princess Practice".

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