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Chase Redford in "Way Too Wonderland"
Way Too Wonderland - Chase Redford

Chase Redford is the person in the armor of the Red Knight and the adopted son of the Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. He serves as the Wonderland High attendance officer.


In English, Chase Redford is voiced by Josey Montana McCoy.
In Latin American Spanish, Chase is voiced by Carlo Vázquez.



Chase has a loyal and devoted personality; he is also quite friendly with everyone he meets. Though, Chase is a dutiful and dedicated stickler to the rules and training he's been given as a knight.


Chase has black hair with red highlights, black eyebrows, dark blue eyes and pale skin. He is normally wearing his Red Knight suit of armor on. While he is never seen without his suit on the art director did state on his Tumblr that, without the suit on, Chase would wear very preppy clothing; a school uniform with some hard detail elements.

Fairy tale

Main article: Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There


He is the adopted son of the Red Queen.


Chase is loosely acquainted with Raven, Apple, Lizzie, Maddie, Kitty, Darling, and Briar. He has shown admiration particularly for Darling Charming's fighting skills as a knight.


TV specials

As the attendance officer of Wonderland High, Chase leads the six girls to the school where they will proceed with the classes prior to walking on school grounds freely without a hall pass. He has a dance-off against the White Knight, but possesses a limited amount of knowledge to dancing because he is uneasy by the fact that he hasn't trained for dancing. After letting loose, he accidentally falls off the dance floor, securing a win for the White Knight. Later, he is called in by Courtly Jester to her office, receiving a temporary status promotion to acting vice-principal of Wonderland High while she goes to crash the Queen of Hearts's birthday party. Removing his Red Knight's armor helmet, Chase gives kudos to the person behind the White Knight's armor. But to his surprise, Darling is the one who beat him. Way Too Wonderland



  • W. Scott Forbes has shared his view that if non-armor wear for Chase would've been designed, it would've been "very preppy - school uniform with some hard detail elements".[1]


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