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  • Ever After High staff - The staff and associates of the titular high school, regardless whether they teach or fulfill another function, regardless when they were associated with Ever After High, and regardless of the fiction they appear in.
  • Other adults - All the individual, adult characters that appear in Ever After High, but aren't related to the school.

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Ever After High staff (Cont)

Baba Yaga

Stark Raven Mad - Baba Yaga starts
Baba Yaga is a faculty advisor at Ever After High, and as such it is her job to help students who are "off the right path". With that in mind, however, she is far less strict in her view of the Rebels than Headmaster Grimm.


Cerise's Picnic Panic - Badwolf is confused
Mr. Badwolf is a teacher of villainous students and the Head of General Villainy. He encourages their evil behavior as long as they stick to the schedule. He is also Cerise Hood's and Ramona Badwolf's father.


Professor Card is an art teacher and a former guard of the Queen of Hearts.

Evil step-librarians

True Hearts Day Part 1 - vigilant evil step-librarians
The evil step-librarians are the mean librarians of Ever After High. They can make the students re-catalog a whole section as a punishment, and they tend to shush people for even the slightest whisper.

Giles Grimm

Raven's Tale - Giles is amused
Not many students know of Giles Grimm, which is not surprising; he has been locked under the school for awhile. He was preoccupied for some time with breaking a babble spell cast upon him, but has always been aware of the conflict occurring above ground, which he watches through his magic mirror. But during the events of "Thronecoming", his babble spell or curse of speaking Riddlish was broken and cast off.


Professor Gold was a faculty advisor for the Royals, recently replaced by the White Queen.


The Cat Who Cried Wolf - Grimmnastics teacher
The Grimmnastics teacher of Ever After High goes by Coach Gingerbreadman. He is strict about which sports are played and when. He is predictably interested in teaching students how to run, which is his area of expertise.

Green Thumb

Mr. Green Thumb is the groundskeeper and gardener of Ever After High.


Cerise's Picnic Panic - lunch lady
Hagatha is the lunch lady at Ever After High. She's a woman of few words.

Jack B. Nimble

Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie - Professor Nimble leaps
Professor Jack B. Nimble is a somewhat eccentric teacher of Literature or some form of Creative Writing. The students seem to like him and his outlandish stories.

King Charming

Class of the Classics - King Chaming
Dr. King Charming is the father of Daring Charming, Dexter Charming, and Darling Charming. He teaches Heroics 101 at Ever After High.


Professor Knight teaches Wooing 101 and Hero Training.

Maid Marian

Save Me, Darling - Maid Marian warning
Madam Maid Marian, well-versed in the art of waiting to be rescued, is appropriately the teacher of Damsel-in-Distressing class at Ever After High.

Milton Grimm

Apple's Tale - Milton ignores questions
Milton Grimm is the headmaster of Ever After High. He is responsible for turning out the next generation of queens and kings, heroes and villains, and consequently, ensuring the safety of the magical realm. Unlike his brother, Giles, he will not hear of any fairy tales foregoing their destinies, and would encourage anyone entertaining the notion to banish such dangerous thoughts from their heads.

Momma Bear

Professor Momma Bear is an ursine professor at Ever After High.

Mother Goose

The famous Mother Goose acts as a guidance counselor at Ever After High.

Pied Piper

Stark Raven Mad - Piper plays
The Pied Piper is an enthusiastic man and a professor of Muse-ic at Ever After High. His flute-playing always causes a flurry of rats to appear, usually at his expense.

Poppa Bear

Professor Poppa Bear is the Beast Training and Care teacher of Ever After High. The bespectacled bear is ironically gentle and polite.


Briar's Study Party - Rumpelstiltskin laughs
One of the teachers of the school, Rumpelstiltskin is depicted as a very short man with a Russian accent. Just like in his story, he's incredibly greedy, and is more interested in scamming his students into making him money than actually teaching them.


Thronecoming - unamused Mrs. Trollworth
Ms. Trollsworth is the secretary of Headmaster Grimm and she is very strict towards students, as she almost never lets them in the headmaster's office.

Twelve Madames

Advanced Ballet is a class taught at the Red Shoes Studio, which is managed by the Twelve Madames of The Twelve Dancing Princesses fame. The twelft is the mother of Justine Dancer and her eleven sisters. One of the Madames is the teacher of Duchess Swan in her private afternoon class, Advanced Ballet.

White Queen

White Queen-0
The new Royal advisor to princesses, Mrs. Her Majesty The White Queen, as she prefers to be called, is bossy and not above humiliating students who don't humor her Wonderlandian whims. She teaches Princessology.

Other adults

All the King's Men

All the King's Horses served All the King's Men, patrolling the campus at night to make sure students didn't try to sneak out and break the headmaster's curfew. But of equal importance, they made sure no one tried to sneak in like a village boy who'd been starstruck by Charming family fame, or an ogre who had a hankering for Hagatha's stone soup.


Blondie Barista - Just Sweet
Barista is the female barista who works at the Hocus Latte Café and the Beanstalk Bakery. Barista appears kind, friendly and seems to love her jobs serving the students.

Betty Bunyan

Betty Bunyan is the blacksmith of the Village of Book End. She's at least seven feet tall and strong built and has black hair on multiple braids. She has covered her arms with flame tattoos and has a diamond nose piercing. She is the daughter of Paul Bunyan. Darling calls her a "kindred spirit".

Billy Goat Gruff

Billy Goat Gruff
The Billy Goat Gruff is the three billy goats gruff's father, and one of the previous Three Billy Goats Gruff. He attends Career Day Spellabration in "Epic Winter".

Blue-Haired Fairy

The Blue-Haired Fairy is the fairy who turned Pinocchio into a human and cast the spell on his daughter Cedar upon the request of Pinocchio himself. Though her role is not a limited one regarding destiny, the blue-haired fairy is also known for helping Cinderella get to the ball.

Bridge Troll

Bridge Troll - True Hearts Day Part 3
The river that separates Ever After High and the Village of Book End has a toll bridge over it and underneath a male troll can be seen. To get to Ever After High, you need to cross his bridge. The Bridge Troll is the next villain from the "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" fairytale, but he is very kind and friendly and even appears to be afraid of goats.

Candy Witch

Candy Witch is an overly misunderstood witch who is the humble and loving mother of Ginger Breadhouse. Still, the people of Ever After are cautious when it comes to her oven or cookings. To please Ginger she had also played a role of Ms. Breadhouse who looked nothing like a witch so she could attend to Ginger's school activities without scaring everyone.

Captain Greenbeard

Captain Greenbeard is the captain from the ship which leads the students from faraway kingdoms to Ever After High.e is a very kind captain, who likes the passengers who not feel sick when at a boat, like Meeshell Mermaid.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the cruel pirate king of Neverland who is the Captain of the ship Jolly Roger. In the children's games is more fun being a pirate. Madeline Hatter visited him in the Yester Day holiday, but she has to arrive back at school early because of the unwelcoming nature of the residents in Neverland, and her allergy to pirates.


Caterpillar - WtW
The Caterpillar is a wonderlandian, who judges the undisciplined students of Wonderland High. He uses meaningless logic to make his judgments.

Cheshire Cat

Spring Unsprung - Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat is the mother of Kitty Cheshire. She loves her daughter very much, but pushes her to make her practical jokes as outlandish as possible. Like some, the Cheshire Cat did not make it out of Wonderland in time.


The Coachman is one of the main antagonists of "The Adventures of Pinocchio". He proceeds to kidnap the innocent children, like Pinocchio, to the Land of Toys, and so turn the children in donkeys, selling and enslaving them. He put a magical curse on Cedar Wood and her friends that turned all into puppets. He plans on handing them over to the Evil Queen.Thanks to the coachman's curse, Cedar's nose began to grow along with a pair of donkey ears.


Cook is the servant cook of the Evil Queen's family. She is one of the few remaining inhabitants of Queen Castle. She is the mother of two twins, Butternut and Pie.

Dark Fairy

The Dark Fairy is the mother of Faybelle Thorn. Despite her intimidating demeanor, she supports Faybelle's choices as her daughter, and as her descendant.

Edith Broomswood

Edith Broomswood was once a member of witchy community, but now is a high powered literary agent to stars who might get her published.She's publishing agent for Yarns and Nobles, and helps Holly O'Hair to publish her stories.

Evil Queen

Dragon Games - EQ escapes
Vain, evil, unapologetic. Everyone knows of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But the mother of Raven Queen is another level of villain, famous for the crimes of poisoning Wonderland and invading the kingdoms of other fairy tales. She eagerly awaits the day that her daughter continues her legacy and frees her from mirror prison.

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother
The Fairy Godmother is the mother of Farrah Goodfairy. She is known for help Cinderella using her magic powers, and also, she makes beautiful princess dresses in her own atelier.

Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of all fairies in Ever After and the mysterious organizer of the Blue Moon Forest Fest. As the queen of the fairies, she may hold higher authority and possess greater power than the Dark Fairy.

Good King

The Good King is the father of Raven Queen and has a close relationship with her. He runs Queen Castle with the few remaining servants now that the Evil Queen is imprisoned.


Fish-Footman is one of Queen of Hearts' personal servants, being lighter then the usual Wonderlandians. He is a very loyal and helpful servant, who do everything to please his queen.


Frog-Footman is one of Queen of Hearts' personal servants, being lighter then the usual Wonderlandians. He is a very loyal and helpful servant, who do everything to please his queen.

Frog Prince

20170817 203224
The Frog Prince is a fairy tale character from the story with same name. He is also known as Hopper Croakington, Sr, and he's the father of Hopper Croakington II.


The Genie is a character from the fairytale Aladdin. He signed the Storybook of Legends in a unknown time before Raven Queen's Legacy Year.


Gepetto is the father of Pinocchio and the grandfather of Cedar Wood. He is one of the few people who knows what really happened with the Evil Queen. Now he and his family lives on his cottage in a small sea-side village, living upstairs and working in downstairs.He works with his son, making and selling carved wooden creations.


The Class of Classics Goldilocks
Goldilocks is a fairy tale character from her story which is of the same name, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', called "The Three Little Bears" by her daughter in her bio. Goldilocks is nice and kind like her daughter, Blondie Lockes, and she is shown to be very understanding. She cares deeply about her friends and is always there to help. King Charming did have a crush on her in school.

Goose Girl

The Goose Girl is the main character from the fairytale with same name. She signed the Storybook of Legends in a unknown time before Raven Queen's Legacy Year.


The Grandma is Cerise Hood's grandmother and Red Riding Hood's mother. She is destined to be eaten by Ramona Badwolf, her own granddaughter. She is is the ruler of the Hood Hollow, who does anything to keep the peace between the Wolfs and the Hoods. She is distantly related to Sparrow Hood. The Grandma is the mother-in-law of Mr. Badwolf unknowingly, until Cerise saved Raven Queen and revealed herself to both the Hoods and the Wolfs in "The Unfairest of Them All".

Issle Widget

Issle Widget
Issle Widget, the Imp, is a creature who lives in the Dark Forest, and likes to play pranks and although imp pranks are meant to be harmless fun, they can still be upsetting and harmful.


The Jabberwock is the cruel Wonderlandian beast, who was once trapped in the Uni Cairn, but he is now free thanks to Madeline Hatter. He tried to transform Ever After in his own Wonderland, but he was defeated and returned back to Wonderland.

Jack Beanstalk

Jack beanstalk-0
Jack Beanstalk is the father of Jillian Beanstalk and the famous hero that climbed the Beanstalk and defeated the Giant.

Jack Horner

Ginger in the BreadHOUSE - Jack Horner arrives
The not-so-little Jack Horner is a very famous spellebrity chef. As much as he is busy, Jack always keeps an eye open for good food.

John Thumb

John Thumb is the Aesop Spellementary School Principal, who become unwelcoming to Ginger Breadhouse after on snack duty day, Ginger's mother, the Candy Witch frightened the class just by her presence and offering of normal treats

King Cole

The Old King Cole is a very happy ruler at Ever After. Apple visits Old King Cole to give her advice on how to be a good ruler, because she figured that a man that happy must hold the secret to successfully ruling a kingdom. After some jokes and laughs, Apple was sure that laughing loudly would not solve Ever After's problems, and go after other fairy tale ruler.

Lance Charming

Duchess Swan's Lake - news anchor
Always up to date, Lance Charming on the latest events happening around Ever After.

Mad Hatter

Spring Unsprung - next customer
The eternally-eccentric Mad Hatter of Wonderland is now a businessman, the owner of his own Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe in the Village of Book End. He still makes the wildest magical brews and has trained his daughter Madeline to one day fill his figurative hat.

March Hare

March Hare WTW
The March Hare is the Teatime 101 teacher at Wonderland High. He uses a laughing audio during his class, while enjoy his tea,

Marsh King

Duchess Swan's Lake - the Marsh King protests
The Marsh King can go as far as dumping pollution into lakes just to keep his establishment in order. He is feared by most people around Ever After, often appearing in the fables and folklore whenever students tread around in marshes.

Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet
Miss Muffet is a frozen yogurt shop owner who runs a business in the Dark Forest, along with the spider from her nursery rhyme. She seems to get along well with whoever she meets, making her attitude optimum when dealing with customers.

Mister Spider

Mr. Spider
Mister Spider is the giant spider fom the nursery rhyme, "Little Miss Muffet". He serves as Miss Muffet's helper, telling about free web access to customers of the frozen yogurt bar. He is a helpful spider, but is mistakenly avoided because of his appearance.

Mother Hubbard

Mother Hubbard is a old woman who is owner of Old Mother Hubbard's Corner Market, where she sells a great variety of foods, like bread, fruitcake, sardines and humble pie.

Mrs. Watersprite

Mrs. Watersprite is the dive teacher at spellementary school. She appears to be a exigent teacher and a talented diver. Duchess Swan was one of her best students.


O'Hair Split Ends - Nonna's news
Nona is the nanny of Holly and Poppy O'Hair. When they were young, she mixed up their birth certificates, meaning that it is Poppy who is the older twin and not Holly.


A narrator in the books, he or she is a mysterious unknown-gender-about narrator who often feels like he or she gives Madeline Hatter the details by mistake far too often when she asks about the story. This narrator has went to Narration School, and even had a speech illness in A Wonderlandiful World due to the Jabberwock's dark magic where Madeline had to take over. Kind, but still willing to push to keep the story going. According to A Wonderlandiful World, Kitty Cheshire is also able to hear them. They are said to have a daughter in the books, who may or may not be Brooke Page.


Constantly bickering, the Narrators often have trouble narrating the story together. The Male Narrator seems to sympathize with the Rebels, while the Female Narrator sides with the Royals. They are unknown to everyone except Madeline Hatter and Kitty Cheshire. They are the parents of Brooke Page, who they are training to follow in their footsteps as the Narrator of the Fairytale World.


Pinocchio is the father of Cedar Wood and the son of the Puppet maker, Gepetto. He now owns his father's shop which makes puppets.


Ooglot is the Evil Queen's family ogre servant. He habits the Evil Queen's Castle, and helps Raven Queen with her return to school.

Puss in Boots

The Puss in Boots is the main character from the fairytale with same name. He signed the Storybook of Legends in a unknown time before Raven Queen's Legacy Year.

Queen Charming

Queen Charming is the esteemed mother of Daring, Dexter, and Darling, as well as the wife of King Charming. Although she highly supports etiquette and poise from her children, she herself may be hiding secrets of her own.

Queen of Hearts

Way Too Wonderland - happiest queen
The Queen of Hearts is the mother of Lizzie Hearts, who, like her daughter, tends to shout her misunderstood outbursts. Even so, the Queen of Hearts has shown true compassion and kindness as a mother to her daughter throughout the years. She is described to bear a heart-shaped birthmark on her left eye, which Lizzie has to paint on daily. This is however only available in the Shannon Hale books.

Queen Pearl

Queen Pearl is Meeshell Mermaid's mother and the previous Little Mermaid. She and her husband rules the Sea Kingdom. She wants the best for her daughter.


Rapunzel is the main character from the fairytale with same name. She is the mother of Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair, and they have a very good relationship, since she knew all about the twins secret and accepts it

Red Riding Hood

Cerise's Picnic Panic - Red Riding Hood greets
Red Riding Hood is the loving mother of Cerise Hood and Ramona Badwolf and is secretly the wife of the Big Bad Wolf.

Red Queen

Way Too Wonderland - Red Queen commanding an attack
The Red Queen is the adoptive mother of Chase Redford, also known as the Red Knight.

Rose Red

The Rose Red is the main character from the fairytale Snow White and Rose Red. She signed the Storybook of Legends in a unknown time before Raven Queen's Legacy Year.

Sea Witch

The Sea Witch is the mother of Coral Witch and the previous generation's sea witch from The Little Mermaid. She is still considered the sea witch in the sea kingdom but is tired of her role and wishes to become a singing sensation. An avid collector of voices, she covets Meeshell Mermaid's voice for herself.

Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs are character from the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" fairytale. After Snow White became Ever After's Queen, she hired 700 dwarves to be her butlers. The original seven live and work in the Snow White's Castle. They are named Snoozy, Snappy, Frank (nicknamed Pouty), Phil (nicknamed Sloppy), Cassandra, Dumpy and Zelda.


She is a kind girl, who only speaks with tongue-twisters. She sells seashells by the seashore, in Cedar Wood's village.

Shoemaker and Elves

In Cedar Wood's village the Shoemaker is one of the famous artist to lives in the main street.A troop of Shoemaker's Elves are the sandwich makers in Ever After High. Shoemaker’s Elves were notoriously bad at conversation, but are very good helping to makes shoes.

Sister Goose

Sister Goose is the kingdergarden class teacher at Aesop Spellementary School. She is a very kind and protective teacher. In her class, each day after recess, a different parent brought snacks to the kingdergarden classroom.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty is the mother of Briar Beauty and she is cursed to always fall asleep at random places.She loves her daughter with all her heart, but sometimes cannot show it because she is asleep. She is also Beauty's sister.

Snow King

EW - SnowDay - SK youre too immature to rule
The Snow King is the Winter King, who lives in an ice castle on the top of the world. He is also Crystal Winter's father and Snow Queen's husband,

Snow Queen

Snow Queen
The Snow Queen is the character from the fairytale with the same name. She is Crystal Winter's mother and lives in an ice castle at the top of the world which she rules.

Swan Queen

The Swan Queen is the previous main character from "The Swan Lake" and also the mother of Duchess Swan.Thanks to her prince breaks his vow dooming, now she is permanently stuck in swan form.

Snow White

Dragon Games - Snow White
Snow White, the beloved princess from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, has achieved her Happily Ever After and is now a beloved queen. The Fairest One of All is as beautiful as ever with her iconic black hair, white skin, and blood-red lips. While her daughter, Apple White, doesn't completely resemble her, she is proud nonetheless and has raised her to be a kind ruler.

The Lion and the Unicorn

11909359 933812703358103 705292931 n
The Lion and the Unicorn are wonderlandians, who are some of many Queen of Hearts' friends who attended her birthday party. Their children are Wonderland High's students.


Thumbelina - CoC
Thumbelina is the main character in the fairy tale with same name. She is also the mother of Nina Thumbell. She signed the Storybook of Legends is a unknown time before Raven Queen's Legacy Year.


Titania along with her husband, Oberon, are the owners of Oberon and Titania's Flower Market, who is placed in Cedar Wood's Village.She is a flower fairy, who have a literally green thumb, who made her adept at growing flowers.


Oberon along with his wife, Titania, are the owners of Oberon and Titania's Flower Market, who is placed in Cedar Wood's Village. He is a tall, robust man, but had injured his leg in a fairy carriage race some years before the Legacy Year. It didn't slow him down much, though.

Tortoise and Hare

[[File:March and Hare.jpg border|left]]The Tortoise and the Hare are the main characters from Aesop Fable with same name. They are athletes who competes at Tri-Castle-On.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee-0
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are characters from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. They are also teachers of debate class in Wonderland High.

Troll Lady

Troll Girl
The Troll Lady is looking for love and likes girly things, like shoes.

Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling is the main character of the fairytale with same name. He signed The Storybook of Legends in a undetermined time before Raven Queen's Legacy Day.

Village of Book End Officials

Duchess Swan's Lake - Book End Officials
The Book End Officials are often able to step into a problem and tend to it accordingly.


  • There are some differences in occupations-depending on the media. When it comes to the staff of Ever After High:
  • In The Storybook of Legends, Maid Marian teaches Damsel-in-Distressing Class, while the Ever After High Secrets Hearts Diary and the Ever After High website's "Are You a Royal or Rebel?" quiz list her as the Crownculus teacher.
  • In the cartoon, Baba Yaga is the advisor to evil students, and in the Secrets Hearts Diary, she teaches Magicology. The Ever After High website's "Are You a Royal or Rebel?" quiz has her teaching History of Evil Spells and Spells, Hexes, and General Witchery.
  • In The Storybook of Legends, the White Queen teaches Crownculus, while she teaches Princessology in the Ever After High Secret Diary. The Ever After High website's "Are You a Royal or Rebel?" quiz has her teaching the latter and Kingdom Management.
  • While in the cartoon, Jack B. Nimble teaches some sort of Literature or Creative Writing course, the Ever After High website's "Are You a Royal or Rebel?" quiz has him teaching Geografairy. Also, in the "Read All About It" section in Once Upon a Times, Ashlynn's story has Jack B. Nimble as the Environmental Magic teacher.
  • Another thing that sets off things to accuracy:
  • In the media franchise, specifically in the web series and TV specials, there are two Narrators, one Male and one Female, which the Male sides with the Rebels and the Female with the Royals. However, in the book series by Shannon Hale, there is only one Narrator and their gender is unknown. They are said to have a daughter in The Unfairest of Them All, who may or may not be Brooke Page.

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