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Cerise along with a few other students are walking together in the forest.
Male narrator: Cerise Hood was in a wonderful mood.
Cerise and Dexter: [Both of them gasp as they bump into each other. Dexter's glasses fly off and Cerise catches them along with the flower she was holding.]
Male narrator: [Cerise hands Dexter back his glasses and walks off. He smiles at her in thanks.] Not even a nearsighted prince could set her off today.

Female narrator: She let the Billy Goats Gruff cut in front of her at the castleteria.

Male narrator: And she even let Raven Queen try to fix her MirrorPhone.
Cerise blows the ashes of what's left of her MirrorPhone away.
Cerise Hood: No worries, Raven. [Puts a hand on her shoulder.]
Raven Queen: Whoa. I don't think I've ever seen you this happy.
Cerise Hood: [Whispering.] My parents and I are going to have a picnic in the Enchanted Forest after school!
Raven Queen: That's wicked! But...what if someone sees you? That would kind of "blow down" your whole secret.
Three billy goats gruff: [Crying in fear.]
Hunter Huntsman: [Waving.] Hi, Mr. Badwolf.
Badwolf: [He snarls and turns into a wolf.] Out of my way! [He turns back into a human and growls at Cerise and Raven, but he winks at her.]
Cerise winks back.
Hunter Huntsman: I know he's a professor, [Folds arms.] but that is not right! He thinks he's so big, and bad...
Cerise Hood: It's okay, Hunter.
Hunter Huntsman: [Determined.] As a huntsman, I am sworn to protect helpless damsels! [He hooks his arms around Raven and Cerise. They elbow him in the ribs and walk away.] Ugh! Were you offended by "damsels", or "helpless"?

Cerise is walking in the rendezvous point set up with her parents cautiously.
Red Riding Hood: Cerise! [She and Badwolf wave to her. She walks up to Cerise and hugs her.] My, how you've grown! [Badwolf also hugs her.]
Hunter Huntsman: Let go of her, fowl beast! [He points to Badwolf.]
Badwolf: "Fowl"?
Hunter Huntsman: [Pushes Cerise behind him.] You will not terrorize this fair―but not helpless―Riding Hood!
Cerise Hood: [She sighs and acts, dryly.] It's the Big Bad Wolf! Save us, Hunter!
Red Riding Hood: [She joins in with her daughter.] Oh, yes. Save us!
Behind Hunter, Cerise is signaling him to act vicious.
Badwolf: [Unenthusiastically.] Arrrrrghhh...
Hunter Huntsman: [Aggressively and wholeheartedly.] Yaaagh!
Badwolf: Don't hurt me, heroic...[Reaches in picnic basket and sneaks a sandwich.] huntsman. Ahhhh. [Disappears.]
Hunter Huntsman: The beast has been vanquished!
Cerise Hood: [Pushes Hunter away.] Thanks, you're the best!
Hunter Huntsman: All in the days' work for a hunts―[He ends up behind a bush.] man! ...And now I'm here.
Badwolf: [Pokes his head out from behind a tree.] He's gone?
Cerise Hood: Oh, yeah. [The family gathers.
Badwolf: [Sits down.] Did you remember the bacon potato salad? [Sigh.] I love that stuff.
Badwolf, Cerise and Red Riding Hood: [Laughing.]
Cerise Hood: I love you guys. [She hugs them.]

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