Hunter Huntsman tries to save Cerise Hood and her mother from the Big Bad Wolf when he unknowingly stumbles upon their family picnic in the Enchanted Forest.


Cerise Hood is in an unusually good mood. Despite all the negative commotions happening around her, she still remains upbeat because her family is having a picnic. Cerise tells Raven Queen about her family outing, but Raven reminds her to stay cautious in case anyone spots them. The girls speculate Mr. Badwolf growl at Hunter Huntsman, despite Hunter's friendly greeting. Hunter complains of how poorly Badwolf has been treating the students. Cerise attempts calming him down, but alas, he gets the wrong idea.

Cerise proceeds into the Enchanted Forest and finds her mother and father already set up the picnic. As she catches up with them, Hunter cuts in their reunion and vows to protect Cerise. Not wanting to get in trouble, Cerise and her mother play along. Convinced that his work is done, Cerise pushes Hunter out of the scene and her parents initiate the picnic.


  1. Humphrey Dumpty
  2. Three billy goats gruff
  3. Cerise Hood
  4. Kitty Cheshire
  5. Duchess Swan
  6. Lizzie Hearts
  7. Male narrator
  8. Dexter Charming
  9. Hagatha
  10. Female narrator
  11. Raven Queen
  12. Hunter Huntsman
  13. Badwolf
  14. Red Riding Hood



  • Hunter being pushed away after providing help is a running gag earlier used in "The Shoe Must Go On".