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The students are in Jack B. Nimble's creative writing class.
Jack B. Nimble: [Peeks out from the table.] And so, there I was, [Stands up.] Professor Jack B. Nimble, about to [Jumps over the table.] jump over the candlestick, when I realized it wasn't a candle at all, but a nest of fire-breathing baby dragons!
Class: [All gasp.]
Jack B. Nimble: Your assignment is to come up with a tall tale of your own!
Cedar grimaces.

Cedar is out in the halls talking with Professor Nimble.
Cedar Wood: See, it's just that since I'm cursed to never lie, I'm not real good at stretching the truth.
Jack B. Nimble: Well, then, why don't you try to find a real-life story that is so dramatic that it sounds like a tall tale?
Cedar Wood: Perfect! ...Wait, where am I gonna find one of those?

Ashlynn Ella: [(From far away.)] My, what big muscles you have!
Hunter Huntsman: [(From far away.)] All the better to hug you with. [Cedar pokes around and finds Hunter and Ashlynn.]
Cedar Wood: Wait a splinter! [Appears between Hunter and Ashlynn.] You two are dating!
Ashlynn Ella: What?! No, that's silly, of course we're not!
Cedar Wood: Romantic picnic, um, heart-shaped cupcakes? [She holds up Hunter and Ashlynn's linked hands.] Really, guys, come on!
Hunter Huntsman: These aren't romantic, my... uncle made them.
Cedar Wood: What about this? [Runs up to tree with their initials carved in a heart.] Your initials, inside a heart?
Ashlynn Ella: Oh, we didn't do that. Must have been that... uh... [Points to the woodpecker.] woodpecker! Bad woodpecker! [The woodpecker burps as it pecks at the tree bark.]
Cedar Wood: Ok, well, what about this? [Reading.] 'Ashlynn, I'm so glad we're secretly dating. [Ashlynn is touched.] Love, Hunter Huntsman.' I mean, come on!
Ashlynn Ella: You wrote that for me?
Hunter is chewing on peanuts loudly.
Cedar Wood: [Gasp.] When Professor Nimble asks me if anything dramatic happened today, I'm gonna have to tell everyone about you guys! I can't lie!
Hunter Huntsman: [Muffled.] What are we gonna do? Everybody's gonna know.
Cedar Wood: Wait a splinter! I think I have an idea.

Cedar Wood: Well, I was out walking in the woods, and I saw something pretty amazing... [She starts eating the peanuts. She continues muffled.] I saw Hunter and Ashlynn holding hands at a picnic...!
Hunter Huntsman: That girl is a nut.
Ashlynn Ella: In all the right ways. [Wink to Cedar.]
Cedar Wood: [Muffled.] It's so obvious. I mean, come on! [Wink to Ashlynn.]

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