It's the last day of summer and Cedar Wood prepares for a new school year. She and her father, Pinocchio, along with her grandfather Gepetto have breakfast. Later in the town, Cedar buys and packs things for the new school year, however she comes across a few boys who mock her and egg her onto telling a lie. After spilling several pieces of information out to them which she herself objects to, Cedar takes off before telling her personal fears to the boys.

Cedar visits a nearby beach and finds the Blue-Haired Fairy, the first person who "blessed" her with a truth spell in the first place. Wanting to be a real girl, Cedar longs for her destiny to be fulfilled, but the Blue-Haired Fairy simply tells Cedar her time will come eventually. Their conversation is stopped as one of the boys Cedar met earlier cries for her help, because his friend gets tangled in kelp, who happens to misread the sign of no swimming. Cedar dives in and rescues him, which he is both surprised and grateful for, sternly telling him to appreciate the life he's already been blessed with as a real boy.


  1. Cedar Wood
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Gepetto
  4. Woodrow Wolf
  5. She
  6. Titania
  7. Oberon
  8. Boys
  9. Ogre
  10. Blue-Haired Fairy
  11. The Shoemaker and The Elves