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The Caterpillar is a wonderlandian, who judges the undisciplined students of Wonderland High. He's the Caterpillar from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". He uses meaningless logic to make his judgments.



He is a judge who values student discipline, even if his judgments are meaningless, and that distorts the "guilty" speeches.


He is a fat caterpillar, who wears classic judge clothes and a white curly wig.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



It's unknown if Kitty Cheshire's caterpillar pet, Carrolloo, is related to him. A trademark of Cari Pillar was requested. but it's don't be a character yet.


He is one of Courtly Jester's loyal functionaries.


In Wonderland, Lizzie Hearts and her friends are being led to court by the card guards. Their judge unreasonably questions them, agitating them further. A now-angered Apple takes a stand and complains on about how Courtly is the reason why they're stuck there in the first place. Her remark shocks the crowd and right on the dot, Courtly walks in and would like to swiftly end it by sentencing the girls guilty as charged. As the vice-principal, she personally twists things up and charges the girls with unruliness if found innocent, and graduated if found guilty, following their lifelong detention sentence - making this a win-win situation in her perspective. Later he attends the commemorative party.Way Too Wonderland

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