The "Castleteria" is the Ever After High version of the Monster High Creepateria, and is the fairytale version of a cafeteria. It is a fairytales' school lunchroom or cafeteria for fairy-tale character students and nursery rhyme sons and daughters of nursery rhyme characters and fairytale characters. It is quite large, and near the large tower clock as it has a large window. The Castleteria also has large trees growing out of it near the seat benches. It is ran by the lunch lady Hagatha who has an unknown fairytale but is unknown if she had one, but judging by her appearance, she is probably a witch. The Castleteria is where the students at Ever After High eat both breakfast and lunch, considering it is a boarding school. But Ever After High being a boarding school where they live, they probably eat dinner there, also, but this is unknown. It is large in the cartoon series, but unknown of appearance in the books and series 2 books.



  • Unlike Monster High'Creepateria, the Castleteria has one named lunch lady (Hagatha), which Monster High has two unnnamed lunch servers. Also, Ever After High's lunch lady is not a monster, although she might be a monster, because she might be a witch.
  • It might serve healthier or less healthy foods than Monster High's Creepateria. But judging by what the Suzanne Selfors books say about Ever After High Casteleteria's food, it might be less healthy and more disgusting than the food at the Creepateria in the Monster High franchise. 


  • According to as shown in the Ever After High "Beginning" special which was NOT the second episode or secod to pilot of the cartoon series, or second episode of Chapter 1Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel, the Ever After High Casteleteria serves cupcakes, as shown when Dexter Charming reached out for a cupcake, but a green goblin-like clawed-fingered hand reaches out and snatches it from the poor Charming.
  • It serves poor food, unhealthy foods specifically according to the books by Suzanne Selfors.


  • It is run by Hagatha, the lunch lady. In the webisodes, Hagatha appears to be an old woman with grey hair and a mole on her face, with a hairnet and a usual scowl upon her face. 
  • Hagatha appeared in "And the Thronecoming Queen is..." as to have her food tested by Blondie Lockes. (Which, only resulted in rejection).
  • Though Blondie Lockes loves porridge, especially in the books, Hagatha's porridge may be an acceptance for Blondie to hate because it consists of literally-added lumps.

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