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The cartoon continuity is one of the three main Ever After High continuities, told through the weekly-to-biweekly webisodes and occasional TV specials that make up the Ever After High cartoon series. The cartoon continuity lightly overlaps with the diary continuity, in that most storyline events are either confirmed to happen in both or implied to happen in both. However, those events do not occur in exactly the same way or in exactly the same order between the continuities, which causes them to be separate continuities.

The webisodes are divided in chapters, and the cartoon continuity's storytelling angle differs per chapter. Chapter 1 focuses on introducing the Royal/Rebel conflict, along with familiarizing the viewer with the supporting and main cast. Few Chapter 1 webisodes tie in with one another, as it is not really a main feat. Instead of webisode plot, Chapter 1 normally features gags in their webisodes.

Chapter 2 shines light on the aftermath of Legacy Day, and consists of more webisodes with cliffhangers, the majority of the webisodes looking into the characters' everyday lives or their time at school. Chapter 2 oftentimes gives more screen time for other characters, instead of the central cast Apple and Raven as Chapter 2 fits a greater variety of characters and ideas into one webisode. Deeper in, new characters are introduced and the Wonderlandians are being more heavily-focused on.

Chapter 3 emphasizes the origins and backgrounds of the supporting characters, along with adding new ones significant to the plot. Unlike Chapters 1 and 2, Chapter 3 has webisode continuation and more cliffhangers present, also known as webisode arcs, that tie in with the merchandise. Chapter 3 starts off with an introductory webisode, then branches out to two arcs, the first one being the Through the Woods arc and the second one being the yearbook arc. Though the latter does not have cliffhangers, the yearbook arc ties in with Raven and Apple's disagreements as the class's yearbook editors, a more slice-of-life segment from the Chapter 3 webisodes.


Although years and dates aren't really mentioned in the cartoon, Chapter 1 could be classified as the start of the students' legacy year and they pledge at the start of their new school year. It was noted that some of the Chapter 3 webisodes were chronologically before their respective TV specials for the plot to make sense.

"Way Too Wonderland: Courtly Pleads Her Case" is the aftermath short after its TV special, showcasing Courtly doing her time in Wonderland Prison after causing so much trouble. She gives a short persuasion speech to the viewer, to vote for her freedom, making her attend Ever After High.

Continuity errors

From Chapter 2 onward, Chapter 2 and 3 have had slight anomalies time-wise and/or continuity-wise:

  • Chapter 2 could be interpreted as a filler chapter as it is unknown where on the continuity timeline some of the webisodes from that series would be placed in-order. For example, the new students Poppy and Holly O'Hair were introduced later in the series, around in the middle of the students' schoolyear in all likelihood. This speculation does not properly tie in with the book continuity and the diary continuity as the O'Hair twins weren't meant to be new characters or students.
  • In "Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party", Madeline Hatter was the only Wonderlandian who appeared to be aware how to fix the grove, when in both the books and diary continuities Lizzie Hearts was the one who tended to the grove and created it.
  • Chapter 3 also does not appear to have proper chronological order. Similar to Chapter 2, Ginger Breadhouse was only introduced at the beginning but it doesn't make her a lower-year student, as her appearance in her debut webisode "Ginger in the BreadHOUSE" was sudden. Firstly, in the yearbook arc (the second arc), each webisode portrayed a different time when Apple and Raven were editing, making it unknown if the students have already progressed to their third year as eligible students for the task. Considering the time jumps, it is unknown at what period of time of year the yearbook arc occurs. Secondly, it is noted above that some of the webisodes were chronologically incorrect as they were posted after the TV specials. It was announced by a Guru Studio worker that "Save Me, Darling!" and "Sugar Coated" were created before "Spring Unsprung" and "Way Too Wonderland".[1] For one, "Sugar Coated" features Raven attempting to help her friends by producing more gingerbread but she loses control of her powers, accidentally leaving her friends in disarray. Ever since "Way Too Wonderland" however, Raven had gained control over her powers. As well, Darling Charming's Chapter 3 webisode was meant to be her debut webisode in the series, though she already debuted in "Spring Unsprung" as the girl under the White Knight's armor, though that hadn't been confirmed until "Way Too Wonderland" was released.

Chapter 1


True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - It's the first day of the students' second year at Ever After High. Things are told from Apple's perspective.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - It's the first day of the students' second year at Ever After High. Things are told from Raven's perspective.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Headmaster Grimm organizes an intervention for Raven to reconsider her good intentions.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven accidentally curses Apple's magic mirror and tries to make it up to her, however Apple knew all along and supports her "evil" actions.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Maddie runs for student council president against Apple.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Rumpelstiltskin gives his students a test the next day to study for which stretches over the chapters the students have studied. Briar decides on throwing a study party.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Cupid transfers from Monster High to Ever After High as the school's new matchmaker. She help Hoppers woo Briar.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Ashlynn's shoe store is under a crisis as she is unable to unbox the shoes before the shop opens. By the last minute, Hunter crashes into the pile of unboxed shoes and saves her store right before the doors open.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Cerise's family secret is found out by Kitty, who plans on revealing it to the entire school. Raven saves Cerise by making up an excuse for her.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Being unable to make tall tales up, Cedar is uncertain what she should write for literature class. Professer Jack B. Nimble advises her to find real life stories. Cedar finds Hunter and Ashlynn having a romantic picnic in the woods.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Dexter tries asking Raven out to Briar's party but is flustered. He coincidentally finds Raven, who ends up asking him in the end.

TV specials

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven publicly refuses to sign the Storybook of Legends, leaving Apple in tears.

Pre-Chapter 2

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The Royals and Rebels have a food fight in the cafeteria over Raven's decisions on Legacy Day, the day before. True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - To make Apple happy, Raven decides on finding a better replacement for the Evil Queen role.

Chapter 2

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The headmaster assigns Blondie to prove that school legends are always true to convince students to follow their destinies and not get influenced, although he rigs a few to prove his point.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Cupid finds a True Hearts Day book in the library and plans on re-celebrating the holiday and bringing the tradition back. The headmaster disagrees with her ideas. Duchess and Sparrow find Ashlynn and Hunter's secret romantic rendezvous and threaten them that they'll reveal their secret. Dexter confesses to Cupid that he has a crush on Raven and follows her advice on writing a love letter to Raven.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Ashlynn and Hunter seek the advice of Cedar, who tells them to tell everyone the truth. That being said, they make their relationship officially public, which upsets Apple. After being pressured to make the right choices for herself, Ashlynn breaks up with Hunter.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - A secret party is being celebrated in Book End and Duchess intends on crashing it by telling the headmaster. They look for the party at a decoy location, leaving Duchess with a detention. Meanwhile, Hunter and Ashlynn get back together as Ashlynn declares herself a believer of her own heart over destiny.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven signs up for Princess-ology, while Apple signs up for Home Evilnomics. Apple finds that being evil is harder than expected, and she passes the class with a D minus-minus.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven bakes a cake for Apple, who is disappointed that she isn't trying to poison her. Briar tries adding poison to the cake to make Apple feel better.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Cedar signs up for a beauty pageant and is let down at how it does not celebrate the true meaning of beauty.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The students have an online-only test and Rumpelstiltskin purposefully shuts down the connection to ensure everyone fails.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven signs up for a talent show and wants to prove to Sparrow that practice makes perfect.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Scared that her family's tea shop might be criticized negatively by Blondie, Madeline decides on turning the tea shop plain and boring. Turns out, it was fine the way it was.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Worried that she might be called out for not being true royalty, Blondie reveals the truth behind her family's heritage for her class assignment.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - A new student named Poppy O'Hair transfers to Ever After High. As she is the younger O'Hair twin, she doesn't have a destiny. Although she's pressed to choose a side, Poppy decides on being a Roybel - a mix of both.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Poppy discovers that her birth certificate has been mixed up with Holly's, revealing that she was meant to be the next Rapunzel and not Holly.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - To save Wonderland Grove, Maddie proposes on throwing a wild, Wonderland-style tea-party to liven the grove up and bring it back to life.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Daring goes out with Lizzie to win a bet, however they end up liking each other.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Apple shows that although she's living easy, she tries to live proactively and tries her best to help others.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Briar tells Lizzie that she shouldn't be bound by her mother's rules and change her attitude for the better.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Duchess, along with Hunter and Ashlynn save her beloved lake by shutting down the Marsh King's polluting business.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Cerise has a picnic with her family, however Hunter believes that she's been captured by Badwolf.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The narrators try to uncover if Kitty's a Royal or a Rebel.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Despite her crush on Dexter, Cupid tries to tell Raven and Dexter that they have crushes on each other. To do this, she switches places with Raven so she would end up with Dexter for their assignment.

TV specials

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - As it is the time of Thronecoming, Raven is presented by a vision that Ever After will be in chaos if she doesn't sign the Storybook of Legends. So, she finally agrees to signing. Cedar discovers that the book is a fake, so Raven intends on retrieving it. Instead of retrieving it, they set Giles Grimm free from his babble spell and the Grimm Brothers reunite. Briar finds the real Storybook of Legends under her floorboards, so she throws it down the Well of Wonder and it ends up in Wonderland river.

Pre-Chapter 3

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The Thronecoming votes have been counted and Raven wins as Thronecoming Queen.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Humphrey helps Duchess with her Muse-ic assessment by recording her dancing to music, giving her an A plus.

Chapter 3


True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Ginger tries to get her message across that she's not the evil girl with luring, poisonous treats everyone expects her to be.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Ashlynn's step-sisters take over her fashion show, but as soon as the clock strikes noon all of her clothes revert back to rags and they get the blame.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Ashlynn gets invited to the Blue Moon Forest Fest and is allowed to bring a friend with her, which catches Faybelle's attention. To convince Ashlynn, Faybelle acts as a worker in Beanstalk Bakery and makes a free cup for her. The coffee machine plugger is away from his post, so the shop becomes flooded.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Dexter asks Raven out on a date, upsetting Cupid. Ashlynn chooses Cupid to go to the Forest Fest with her to cheer her up.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven goes to Blondie for perfect date advice. Blondie is distracted and instead focuses on running her show.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Faybelle switches the signs and leads the girls to the Forest Fest down the wrong path, into the Dark Forest.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The girls try finding the location of the Forest Fest, however accidentally enter the wrong locations and are scared out wherever they go.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Dexter and Raven's first-date jitters get the best of them. They go to the multi-hex theater together.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The students suspect that the four girls are lost in the Dark Forest. They go out to find them.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - On their way to the party, Faybelle gets an imp to lead the girls to another party - a troll named Biggle Waggle's party. Poppy stands firm and decides on giving him a makeover, which releases them in the end.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - After the four girls are found by the students, Faybelle confesses to everyone that she was the one who caused all the trouble. Having said that, she apologizes and a forest fairy leads them all to the Forest Fest.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Apple and Raven sign up together as the class's yearbook editors.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - As an attempt to save the fall bake sale, Raven tries lending a hand by producing gingerbread, but she accidentally turns the gingerbreadmen to life.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Duchess and Poppy have a skating contest to see who's the better skater. They end up getting into deep trouble, but Poppy saves them.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Hunter accidentally fires Cupid's love-seeking arrows, which throws Ever After High into a love-struck disaster. Cupid fixes everything by distributing mood roses.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - For the yearbook, Apple tells Bunny to get information on the chess club from Alistair. Brooke is insistent on bringing the two together, but Kitty says otherwise.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Raven and Apple are still bickering over who the better yearbook editor is. To settle the score, Lizzie declares a croquet battle.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Darling finds a suit of armor and disguises herself to act as Daring. She saves her Damsel-in-Distress class from a dragon.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Rosabella finds that Faybelle is using animals to do her detention work. True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Courtly is released from Wonderland Prison and officially transferred to Ever After High.

TV specials

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Bunny and Alistair try bringing the real Storybook of Legends back to Ever After, but their plans are thwarted by the Cheshire Cat who switches it with a riddle book. Students get their hands on it and accidentally engulf themselves in a topsy-turvy curse. Apple, in particular, is greatly affected and plugs up the Well of Wonder as part of her evil plan. Kitty does what's right and confronts her mother to revert Ever After back to normal.
True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Lizzie gets a birthday invitation from her mother but is unable to attend her celebration due to the separation of the worlds. Raven transports them to Wonderland by accident, and they end up at Wonderland High under the tyranny of Courtly Jester. Courtly is determined on stealing Lizzie's destiny, so she crashes the Queen of Hearts's party and leaves the girls imprisoned forever in detention. In order to free themselves, they are to take on Chase Redford in a swordfight, but the White Knight defends them and the girls escape. When they arrive, they go to the presents room and Raven is forced to sign the Storybook of Legends to defeat Courtly. In the end, Raven's inherited powers makes her strong enough to lift the barrier between the two worlds and discard of the real Storybook of Legends as it isn't safe anymore. Briar also confesses that she threw it down the Well of Wonder.

Pre-Chapter 4

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - Apple and Raven plant the E-corn to commemorate their hard work over their year as it comes to a close.

Chapter 4

TV specials

True Hearts Day Part 3 - camera crew - The dragon games are back at Ever After High and the Evil Queen is released from Mirror Prison by Apple White's hand. She takes up a disguise as a student but is found out by Snow White. The Evil Queen concocts a plan to take over the school by turning all the staff members into teachers. Faybelle works under the Evil Queen's wing as a minion to prove her evilness. She makes Faybelle switch the booking glass with a fake, the booking glass eventually in the hands of Daring, who sends himself into the Mirror Realm by accident. The Evil Queen finds out that Raven has escaped to the Enchanted Forest. She turns the school into an evil school out of a fit of rage. The Evil Queen makes Faybelle do her dirty work such as follow Apple to the Enchanted Forest and make her eat a poison apple, though does not give her credit. Apple eats the poison apple and is stuck in eternal sleep. So, her friends create a funeral for Apple. When Daring is freed, he attempts kissing Apple awake but finds out that he is not the true Prince Charming of his story. Raven is convinced that all hope is lost so she consults her mother and plans to turn herself into evil so that she can repel the evil from her friends and Ever After if they go someplace else. Darling gives Apple CPR and realizes that she is Apple's Prince Charming. When Apple is awake, she sends a team of students with her to fly back to school and send the Evil Queen back to her mirror prison. With the help of Raven, the booking glass does so perfectly and everything is back to normal.


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