Captain Greenbeard is the captain from the ship which leads the students from faraway kingdoms to Ever After High. He leads Meeshell Mermaid in Fairy Tail Ending.



He is a very kind captain, who likes the passengers who don't get seasick.


He is a rugged-looking fellow, with deep lines around his eyes and mouth.



He is on good terms with his crew and passengers. He became a good friend of Meeshell during the trip.

Fairy Tale

He is related to the Bluebeard pirate folklore.


Ever After High (II)

Meeshell Mermaid was one of his passengers. She created a little wave with her magic and aimed it at the boat stern. The wave never crested, rather, it continued to push them along. Greenbeard had been grateful for her help. The narwhal he usually employed to pull the ship on calm, windless days was on vacation. Later, he asks her if she wants one of the crew to fetch her coat. She shakes her head, for she doesn't own a coat. He is surprised to learn that she has never been on a ship before, even though she does not feel sick. He said something about sea legs, and so she became confused. He offers his fish chowder, but she denies. So after some talk, he saw Ever After and hollered "Land, ho", and then they arrive at one of Ever After's beaches. Fairy Tail Ending

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